Chapter 30

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Li Siyi hugged Wu Hanwen and howled to the sky.

“Study Committee President! Study Committee President ah-!”

Wu Hanwen, who was being hugged finally couldn’t bear the ultrasound attack of Li Siyi and pushed him away, “I’m not dead yet!”

Many students were doing the same thing as Li Siyi, so Wu Hanwen couldn’t even get angry with him. Everyone was hugging each other, as if it was the last day they would see their friends. Some parents even bought flowers to congratulate their children who just finished their exams.

Outside of the examination hall was chaotic, students and their parents were seen celebrating everywhere. The sunlight was pouring on them like melting lava, but no one seemed to even care for it, they were completely immersed in the joy of finishing the exam. Mr. Bao seemed he hadn’t yet recovered from the aftermath of the college entrance exam. He shouted to the crowd of the students from his school, “Don’t crowd here! All the students of Class 9, come this way-!”

Bai Lu was slow in packing up all of her things. After finally finishing packing everything with the speed of a snail, she left the classroom.

As soon as she came out, she was shocked by the scene of the entrance.

“Bai Lu–!”

Someone called out to her, Bai Lu looked and saw it was Wu Hanwen. He was bouncing up and down with his hand raised high as he shouted, “This way, this way!”

Bai Lu walked over to Wu Hanwen, he had been waiting outside the examination hall all day and was covered in sweat.

“How was your exam?” He asked as soon as she reached him.

“As usual.” Bai Lu replied indifferently.

The physics teacher was standing next to them. Hearing her replying so indifferently, he couldn’t help but exclaim, “As usual! I don’t think even a veteran can say that. No matter how good you are in study, when you are nervous, even the most intelligent student can’t give their best.”

Wu Hanwen smiled at the physics teacher. Bai Lu didn’t commented on the teacher’s speculation and said to Wu Hanwen, “I have to go, my mother is still waiting for me.”

Wu Hanwen looked around before asking, “Where’s auntie?”

“Outside. It was crowded inside so I didn’t let her in.”

As she was talking, she heard Mr. Bao’s voice coming from behind them. The past two days were like fighting kung fu. Everyone was tired both physically and mentally. So, Mr. Bao’s voice now sounded like sand being grinded in their ears.

“Attention! Students of Class 9! Come to school in a couple of days to match your answers with the teachers! You have to be sure how much points you can earn! After going home, don’t be too busy playing all day! Write down your answers on a paper! All right, you can all go now!”

The students were all tired but they still patiently heard their teacher’s speech. After getting the permission to leave, they heaved a sigh of relief as they walked away. Bai Lu also took the chance to greet Wu Hanwen goodbye, “Then I’m leaving too.”

“Hey.” Bai Lu just turned around to leave when Wu Hanwen pulled her arm. She raised her brows at him and gave a confused stare. He hesitated a little before opening his mouth, “That, can you give me your phone number?”

“What for?” Bai Lu asked with her head tilted.

“That ……” Wu Hanwen scratched his head, his face behind the spectacle turning a little red in embarrassment, “I Just, just want to chat with you.”

Bai Lu nodded and told him her phone number. Wu Hanwen happily saved her phone number in his phone, his mouth curling up in a smile no matter how much he tried to restrain it. He didn’t want to let Bai Lu think that he was stupid, who became happy just because she gave him her number. But Bai Lu didn’t seem to care about it, she just waved her hand with a “Bye” and left.

It was not that she wasn’t excited for finishing her exam. But her body and mind was too tired to join with the excitement of others. After returning home, she slept the whole afternoon and only opened her eyes at sunset.

The moment she opened her eyes, she felt something was wrong. It was not that the ceiling had changed, neither because she remembered that she was home. She felt the walls were closing at her and it was becoming hard to breathe. Bai Lu finally understood what she was feeling actually.

She was feeling claustrophobic.


The answers came out sooner than expected.

The students who had already taken the college entrance examination went to the school once again. But this time, without wearing uniforms. The campus became colourful at once with a scene of flowers and greenery.

The leaves were greener as the flowers were blooming and dancing in the wind. The gentle breeze caressed their faces as it blew.

After a few days of rest, everyone regained their spirits again. Holding the answers in one hand, teacher Bao came to the class and said in a calm tone, “I’m now going to tell you the answers. Do not need to discuss with others, first match your own answers. Don’t mess anything up, you hear me?”

“Yes!” The students all replied in unison.

Wu Hanwen who was sitting next to Bai Lu whispered to her, “Did you write down all your answers?”

“Hmm.” Bai Lu nodded as she put a few large erasers on the table.

It was a common way to match the answers of the questions of the entrance exams. Teacher Bao first read out the answers of each question and told everyone to match the answer with them. If the students got it right, they would write ‘check’ beside the answer. If not, then cross the answer.

It was the only quick way to match the answers. In fact, many senior students have their own unique way of scoring their papers after a year of practice, and most students have already figured out their scores the moment they finished the exam.

“It’s about the same as I estimated.” Bai Lu put down her pen and looked at Wu Hanwen who had been staring at her intently. “Six hundred and one, I think.”

“Not bad, not bad.” Wu Hanwen nodded in appreciation and started to help her pick up the college, “Have you decided which university you want to enroll in?” He seemed more enthusiastic than Bai Lu who needed to choose a university as soon as possible. He took out a big book from his school bag and pushed his glasses before showing it to her, “I will help you to decide. Let me see, hmm….” He said as he started looking for a suitable university from the book for Bai Lu before she could say anything.

“With your score, you can enroll to Beijing Chemical Industry, China Media, Dalian Polytechnic. There are some other colleges too, it depends on what kind of profession you prefer. Have you discussed it with your parents?”

“I will discuss today.”

Actually, Bai Lu already discussed with her parents but didn’t say that to Wu Hanwen. Because she knew that he would surely oppose her choice. And she didn’t want to hear him nagging her, so she simply didn’t let him know.

After the college entrance examination, students all became a little lazy. It took a week for everyone to discuss about their majors and choosen universities before finally sending application.

Bai Lu also discussed with her parents for the last time and finalized the college and major before applying.

Wu Hanwen followed her all the way to the teacher’s office, eagerly waiting to know her choosen major and college.

“Which one did you choose?” Finally, he couldn’t help the bubbling curiosity and asked.

“Hangzhou.” Bai Lu replied calmly.

Wu Hanwen froze, then he immediately stopped Bai Lu who was about to enter the teacher office, “Wait, you what?”

“Hangzhou.” She replied again.

Wu Hanwen just dumbfoundedly stared at her for a while before slowly pulling out his phone from his pocket and typing something. After getting the desired information, he stiffly looked at her and said, “You have to sit on high-speed train for one hour to reach Hangzhou.”

“Really? Never rode on a high-speed train before.” Bai Lu replied smiling.

Wu Hanwen took a deep breath, he could clearly understand that she had already decided. Still, it didn’t stop him from opposing her choice, just as Bai Lu imagined. His face couldn’t help but redden as he said, “Listen, don’t go there. You can choose better college than the one there. Why don’t you……”

Wu Hanwen tried to reason with Bai Lu to change her college, but she refused to listen. She did what she had planned beforehand, no matter how much he nagged in her ear.

It was true that her score was quite higher than the average score, and so admission was secure to any good university. But she choosed the one in Hangzhou, because she wanted to study somewhere far.

And run away from the past she left behind.


After everything was settled, the summer vacation finally came. The students of Sixth Highschool was used to study all day even after the school finished, so their vacations also passed in blur and the school opened before they knew. Since the exam was over and no one had to study or go to school now, the vacation seemed longer.

After the application of majors and colleges and choosing the path to everyone’s career was finished, it was time for the last task; the Thanksgiving banquet.

Bao Jianxun had been their homeroom teacher for three years. He taught each students with dedication and determination, and forced them to centered everything on academics. In doing this, he had to be harsh towards his students sometimes but still didn’t let anything effect the overall performance of the class. He also sometimes scolded and punished his students for slacking off in study.

Even after the college entrance examination, his solid thick tendons still hadn’t loosen up.

“Don’t think you can do anything on Thanksgiving. Try to keep everything simple.”

Mr. Bao advised but the class president did not listen to his request. It was their day to enjoy, besides, they weren’t even the students of the school anymore. So after discussing with others, they finally choosed a seafood restaurant.

The time was arranged at noon.

“Why don’t you come early?” Wu Hanwen asked Bai Lu who was about to go home.

“What’s the point of going early?”

“To arrange foods.” Wu Hanwen said proudly as he patted his chest, “The task fell on my head, so you come and help me if you want.”


Bai Lu arrived at the restaurant an hour early as she promised and helped Wu Hanwen to arrange the foods.

After the college entrance exam, the boys in the class was like they had won a war, they became completely lawless. Wu Hanwen said the boys basically soak in the Internet cafe every day after the exam. They would go there in groups and pack almost half of the cafe and waste the day away, only leaving when it was dark.

“They also went to the game arcade, ha ha, you know, Fang Xiaochuan was the one who played the most. He was a model student in the school but he actually knew how to play these games.”

Bai Lu was a little surprised, Fang Xiaochuan was the representative of P.E class, his results were also as excellent as Wu Hanwen and was known as a weak scholar. She didn’t expect him to play video games.

“I saw him playing fighting games the most, he seems pretty good at it.” While talking, Wu Hanwen pointed to a fish, the waiter immediately fished it up from the tank and weighed it. “You can’t judge a man by his appearance. ……”

After weighting the fish, the waiter brought the fish over, “Three and a half pounds.”

Bai Lu reached out, picked the fish while Wu Hanwen paid.

At 1:30 p.m., students came to the hotel one after another, the dishes had already been ordered, but the boys were demanding for wine.

Teacher Bao tried to stop them. But thinking that they were not his students anymore, he reluctantly agreed and ordered a case of wine.

“Okay, you won’t care what I say now.” The teacher said with a sigh. Now the students have grown up and couldn’t help but take the opportunity to experience the adults’ world.

“Forget it, it’s your last day, just have a drink.”

Some good male students filled up the girls’ glasses as well, since they were hesitating.

“Come on, come on, don’t be reserved, you’re in college now, who so apprehensive?”

The glass in front of Bai Lu was also filled. Wu Hanwen who noticed this came over and secretly told her, “If you can’t drink, don’t drink, I’ll change it to iced tea for you later.”

“It’s okay.”

“Come on, come on, let’s cheer ah!” The class president stood up and shouted to both tables at the same time, “Thank you to our dear and lovely teacher Bao Jianxun for his careful teaching over the past three years! While teaching us, he likewise told us how to behave-“

Someone next to him whispered, “The class president speaks so naturally at a young age. Just imagine what can he do when he goes to college.”

At the end of the class president’s five-minute speech, class teacher Bao Jianxun stood up.

“Now that the college entrance exam is over, you have also decided release the sheep*, but know your limits, pay attention to safety. I heard that some students went to the gaming arcade as soon as the exam were finished, is it true?”

[T/N: losing their self-restriction. in other words, celebrating.]

The boys lowered their head, because what the teacher said was hundred percent true.

But to their surprise, teacher Bao Jianxun didn’t scold them. Rather, he just gave another sack of advice, “You must remember that the college entrance examination is only a stage of life, definitely not the end! There are many students who start to slack off once they pass the college entrance exams, and don’t study properly in their freshman and sophomore years of college. Playing games and skipping classes every day, and only when they finally graduate do they realize they have learned nothing. University is the most crucial period that determines your future destiny!”

The students heard him but didn’t think of caring. They were young who never cared about future and only thought of enjoying the present. The moment teacher Bao’s speech was over, they started to shout again.

“Let’s eat, teacher! Let’s eat!”

“I’m starving to death ah-!”

Teacher Bao also knew they wouldn’t listen. He could only sigh and let them be, “All right, let’s eat.”

With the permission of the teacher, everyone picked up their chopsticks.

The atmosphere became lively in an instant, boys and girls all chatted away before the students took turns to fill Bao Jianxun wine to celebrate.

Mr. Bao was also aware that this was there last get-together, so he didn’t restrain them. Whoever came to cheers with him, he did it with open heart.

Finally, it was Bai Lu’s turn to toast with the teacher. She was about to go over when Wu Hanwen pulled her back, he looked at the cup of wine before asking, “Are you sure?”

Bai Lu just smiled and walked towards Bao Jianxun.

“Teacher, let’s cheers.” Bai Lu said with her soft voice.

“Hey.” Bao Jianxun already had three or four bottles of wine, so his face was as red as a tomato and his conscience was also fading in and out. Because he was too drunk, he didn’t notice at first who came to toast him.

Bai Lu clinked glasses with Bao Jianxun, then tilted her head and gulped the glass of wine down. Surprisingly, she felt it was much easier than what others said about it.

“Yeah, good.” Bao Jianxun finally noticed it was Bai Lu and was surprised. He praised her before suddenly letting out a tsk and said, “I really can’t drink anymore.” After another pause, Bao Jianxun raised his finger to point at Bai Lu and said decisively, “You are a good girl and very smart too.”

Bai Lu smiled shyly, she bowed to Bao Jianxun and thanked him before returning to her position.

While drinking wine, the atmosphere became different than the time they were having dinner. All the students became courageous with the effect of the wine, some of the male students even lit cigarettes.

Although teacher Bao Jianxun was drunk, his senses were still as sharp as an owl. He immediately noticed them smoking and shouted at them.

“I knew you boys could smoke!”

“But we didn’t smoke at school!” The boys tried to wash them clean.

“You are ying!” Teacher Bao didn’t fall for their lies and shouted back.

The boys became a bit surprised but they still tried to prove their innocence, “Yeah, we did. But we didn’t smoke that much-!”

The whole class laughed out loud.

After another three rounds, Bao Jianxun finally got heavily drunk. Not only him, many students were also drunk.

It was more like a state of intoxication, rather than the state of drunkness.

Bao Jianxun drank with an open heart and open arms. He was too drunk to care for image and stood up with a glass of wine.

“I’ve brought you guys for three years!”

He patted his chest and said proudly, “I taught you as if I made a commitment to myself! I’ve been responsible for you! So on a day like today, I want to eat and drink with you openly and honestly! I can tell you about the future without any doubt! Many people say that the best memories of life are the days of college, but I say no! It’s high school! Teenage years are the age of beauty and purity! You have to learn to struggle and thrive in your life in this stage. If you don’t work hard, you won’t achieve anything in the future! Let the cleanest and purest feelings of your life bloom here!”

In the confusion of drunkenness, the teacher slapped the table hard and then raised his hand, pointing in some unknown direction.

“I know that each and every one of you has tried their best! Although not all of you can be successful in life, but at least you tried to with the best of your ability and did the utmost! Now look straight at my eyes and tell me! Do you have any regrets from your three years in high school-!”

Almost without hesitation, the students at both tables shouted in unison.


All the waiters and people who came to dine in the restaurant looked over.

They were loud, but no one could bear to interrupt.

Bao Jianxun seemed like wasn’t satisfied with their answer. He strained his voice as he shouted one more time.

“Do you have any regrets!?”


All students’ eyes were flooded with tears.

There was no way to look back into the mistakes they made, in this moment of youthful chaos –

Bai Lu couldn’t think of particularly anything or anyone.

It’s just that when he mentioned regret, she got a little teary-eyed. Her heart was more honest than her brain, and it accurately pin-pointed her pain. Bai Lu was scared that her tear would overflow, so she quickly hid her face and hardened her heart one more time.

Li Siyi was crying in the opposite of her, he was crying until he started hiccuping and almost fainted. Wu Hanwen patted his back while comforting him.

Bai Lu lowered her head amidst the noise, clutching her hands into a fist.

The flowers bloomed more vividly as the birds flew with the gentle breeze.

Time passed in a flash. And it was already the day of the first day of college.

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