Chapter 30

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There was another roar in the sky, and at the same time a screaming noise rang out.


Having no difficulty predicting what the action meant, Owin immediately jumped at the two men.


At the same time as the knight wielded his sword, Lihan stood in front of Hyazelki.


Lihan’s back, which had grown quite a bit over the past few months, was enough to block her view.









It was good that Lihan blocked her view, just hearing the sound seemed to give her goosebumps from her toes to the tip of her hair.


One of the men fell to the ground, and another who rushed soon fell at Owin’s hand.


The sound of flop and fall startled Hyazelki. She felt with her skin that this was what Kael meant, a sword is meant to hurt people.


The sound of a deep breath made Lihan reach out and grab her hand.




“What about the kid?”


At Yuri’s question, Owin looked at the fallen child.




“We’d better leave it to Bayern’s security forces.”




In response, Owin hugged the child.




‘…… I saved him.’




She rescued a child in need.


She rescued a child who was helpless like herself in the past.


Feeling relieved that she didn’t let himself be, Hyazelki let out a long sigh.


And tried to follow Owin out of the alley.




“You may take that little boy with you, but I want you to leave the girl here.”




Owin stopped walking at the voice heard from the end of the alley.


Even when they saw the two fallen men, they laughed at them and passed them



Dozens seemed to have come there hearing the noise and blocking both mouths of the alley.




“……it’s all right.”




When Hyazelki grabbed Lihan’s hem tightly, he whispered softly.


Owin carefully put the child he was holding back on one side.




“Don’t move from there, Miss.”


“…Yes, Owin.”




As soon as Hyazelki’s answer fell, a man with a blunt sword jumped into the alley.


Several people rushed to Owin, who immediately drew a sword.




“Oh, he’s rushing to deal with me, a woman.”




Yuri murmured low when she found a man loitering at another entrance in the alley.


Then she immediately kicked the ground, jumped up, and kicked the man in the head.


“I think they are outstanding as a knight.”


“……I think so, too. They are amazing.”


“You think so, too, right, Lihan?”




One kick of Yuri knocked the man to the ground.


Yuri was quick to move her body which proved she was a member of the Euston family.




“Hia, let’s move this way.”




But dealing with the majority alone has a disadvantage.








It was Yuri who was being pushed backward.


She was a member of the Euston family, but she was not raised as a knight, and she just had basic knowledge and physical strength.


It was great to endure this much.




“Lihan, what do I do……! Yuri got hurt…….”


“I’ll protect Hia.”




Lihan further hid Hyazelki behind his back.


“Should we take both of them? They are in pretty good condition, too.”


“Do as you please. But I will definitely catch the girl. She is something worth sending to the Empire.”




Their hands were getting closer and closer and closer.








Yuri and Owin’s voices were heard overlapping.




‘Move, I have to move!’




The training that she had received for a few days was in her head, but the actual situation was different from the training.








Hyazelki closed her eyes tightly, and it was when Lihan moved.




* * *




Moving to the place where the scream came, Kael looked at the scene in front of him with cold eyes.




“Yes, My Lord.”




Albert, who moved immediately at his call, looked at the woman lying in the alley.


Then, he shook his head little with a stiff expression.






“I’ll call the security guard.”


“I’ll leave it up to the security forces to take care of it. It’s just that I have to take care of the sinners personally. I can’t leave this to human law any more.”


“Yes, I’ll deal with it that way.”




As Albert left his place straight away, Kael turned to the side where the woman was lying.


His red eyes shone lightly, and it was clear what had happened. And where they’re headed after they’ve finished.


Kael slowly followed them along.


He followed the red footprints left on the ground to the end, and before long, he came a long way from the crowded square.


A man with the other two along with him and a limp child on their shoulders.




“Hey you, trash.”




Kael murmured softly, and they stopped after hearing the voice.




“Who’s this?”




The grim-faced man turned threateningly.




“Don’t worry about it and let’s go.”




The child that was picked up was dropped, and the man approached Kael.




“What did you just call us…….”




The man who approached could no longer speak when he faced Kael’s red eyes.




When the man fell down, his companions rushed over.


Kael had no intention of letting all three go anyway.


When he reached out his hand, a red chain soared from the ground and immediately trapped three men.


But these couldn’t be all.


Kael red eyes glowed as he figured out which direction they were moving and why they were going that way.


Then they were bound with a red chain. A scream was heard not far away.




“I can’t let you die peacefully. You will live the rest of your life feeling pain every moment. It may be the pain of wanting to die, but even death is not allowed.”




The cold voice stuck in their ears like a sharp awl.




“You won’t be able to sleep properly because of the pain, and when you will open your eyes in the morning, your eyes will feel like a ball of fire, and you will want to dig those eyes out. The air you breathe will become a needle, stabbing all over the skin, and stabbing the hidden guts that you inhaled. Your feet will feel like stepping on an awl at every step, and no one will help you even if you reach out.”


Curse-like words crumpled their faces, but at the same time terrified them.


Kael looked around once.


It was a deserted place, but it was not a place where there were no people at all.


The judgment must be done behind everyone’s eyes, because it’s problematic to stand out. But there seemed to be more than one sinner.


He soon reached out and summoned the messenger bird.


The red lights clumped together and a black and red bird appeared.




“Bring Albert in.”




The messenger bird cried and flew into the sky in an instant.


After a brief sigh, Kael turned his head, and the men trapped in the chain were struggling to escape.


Kael’s eyes shone again because he didn’t even want to hear the groaning sound. Then the face of the men turned pale.


They shut up in an instant.


Kael felt uncomfortable just standing close to them.


“Oh! Here it is!”




And soon Kael frowned more obnoxiously.




“What are you doing here?”




Jiel appeared from the direction the men were supposed to head.




“Ciel asked for help. I was taking care of it and suddenly I saw a red chain, so I thought you were nearby. Are you alone?”




The appearance of him looking around clearly indicated who he was looking for.




“How could you have brought her to a place like this?”


“Oh, yeah. But are they all?”


“There must be more.”


“Then I’ll have to find it.”




He wasn’t usually very happy with Jiel, but now that he thinks about it, he thought his presence would be quite useful.






“Wait here for Albert…….”




Kael, who was taking steps and talking, blurred the end of his words feeling the sudden energy.




“Hey, this….”




Jiel also tried to say something, but before the words were over, Kael kicked the ground and flew away.




* * *




Hyazelki admired Owin’s ability again.


The knight, who wielded his sword quickly, almost flew around. He overpowered not only the men in front of him but also those who approached Hyazelki.


In addition, when Lihan came forward, no one could touch her.


Hyazelki clenched her fist.




‘…me too.’


She wanted to be strong. She didn’t want to see bloodshed, but she didn’t want to make anyone suffer either. She didn’t want to be protected.


It’s even more so when someone gets hurt to protect her.


Men continued to flock despite the overwhelming difference in skills between them and Owin.


However, as the damage continued to increase, they finally began to use vulgar methods.




“Don’t move!”




Owin, who was constantly wielding his sword, stopped moving.


A man was shouting while pushing a knife to the neck of the unconscious child.




“Move or I’ll kill him!”


“Hand that girl over here. Then I’ll save his life.”




Owin stared at them with a look of bewilderment. Rather, it was Hyazelki who was restless.




‘Do I have to go?’


To kill a child in front of them, just thinking about it made her face turn white.


As Hyazelki took a step away without realizing it, Lihan quickly grabbed her.




“It’s all right. Stay still.”


“Hey! Can’t you hear me? Why aren’t you moving?”




Regardless of what they said, Lihan hid Hyazelki behind his back.




“Heh, I will get my stuff.”




A short word was heard from the men, and one of them approached.


When Owin immediately tried to move, he pushed the knife closer to the child.




“It’s not nice to see a child get killed. Don’t move.”


“Owin, don’t move, Owin…….”




Owin’s expression cooled at the frightened words of Hyazelki.




‘Wow, he’s going to die’…….she heard Yuri muttering softly.


As the man approached, Lihan immediately grabbed her hand.










The man raised his knife high and threatened, but Lihan did not budge.


But Hyazelki, who was only afraid of the situation, grabbed Lihan’s hem tightly.




“If you don’t move out of the way, I will kill him. Because all we want is the girl.”




Men with knives on both sides threatened.


The side that took the child hostage raised the knife high as if to stab him at any moment, and the other side was also about to swing the sword at Lihan.


Owin looked at the situation with a frown. The child in front of his eyes, and Lihan. One of the two had to give up to protect the other.


It would be possible to stop the sharp metal before it fell toward the children, but after moving, others would rush in.


In the tense situation, Hyazelki felt scared.


No one wanted to be hurt. She didn’t want the child she saved to die, or Lihan to get hurt.








With her eyes tightly closed, Hyazelki held the watch in her hand. Owin was poised to leap any minute.


Life is precious, but the first thing he has to protect now is Hyazelki and Lihan.


Just as the knight was about to kick the ground.


And just as the two blades were each about to face the little ones.




“I don’t want to anymore.”




‘I didn’t want to be so helpless.’


Hyazelki cried, holding the watch she always had in her hand. The spell, which she decided she wouldn’t ever have to use and refused to think about it anymore, rang in the alley.














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