Chapter 29 (Part 1)

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After realizing that even if Jian Xingzhi was knocked into the earth like a ball he would still be so happy, Qin Wanwan suddenly lost interest in this activity of taking revenge. She lay down on the ground, all the exhaustion suppressed by anger instantly surged up and she felt extra exhausted. She remained unmoving as she thought, just let me lie down and buried in the sand.


Jian Xingzhi, who was still buried in the sand, got out of it and broke the ropes binding him. He walked up to her, and poked her with his sword as he urged, “Get up, I smelled water vapor in the wind, there should be an oasis not far away. Let’s go there and rest, I’ll catch you some fish.”


Qin Wanwan was still lying on her stomach and had her eyes closed without moving an inch, as if she had really died. Jian Xingzhi squatted down and continued to poke her with the sword: “You just ran two hundred miles and are unable to move. You’re too delicate.”


Qin Wanwan didn’t say anything, she didn’t have the strength to respond to Jian Xingzhi’s nonsense. Jian Xingzhi looked at her unmoving figure and turned her over from the yellow sand, wanting to reprimand her. Only to see Qin Wanwan’s white, clean face was covered with yellow sand and her empty eyes staring dead ahead like a corpse.


Jian Xingzhi shook his head and clicked his tongue in helplessness as he muttered.


“Too weak.”


Saying this, he still picked up the unmoving Qin Wanwan, carried her on his back, and began to walk in the direction of the oasis.


While Qin Wanwan was carried by him, her mind was empty. Jian Xingzhi carried her to the oasis, made the bed, put the fire up, cleaned and roasted the fish and handed it to her. Only then Qin Wanwan finally slowly came back to her senses, she grabbed the fish, lowered her head and began to mechanically eat the fish. Jian Xingzhi also began to ate beside her and asked, “Is your divine sense still connected with Nan Feng?”


Qin Wanwan listened to him and took a moment to realize what he was talking about before numbly nodding her head.


‘Bai Suiyou’ opened a teleportation array from the Sword Mound directly to this desert. Both of them fell down into the teleportation array but Nan Feng wasn’t able to follow them. But Qin Wanwan wasn’t particularly concerned about him because she knew he wouldn’t be in danger, considering his previous title of Illusion Ant King.


“He is still in the Tian Chen Sect.” Qin Wanwan said one sentence and lowered her head to eat the fish again.


Jian Xingzhi nodded, not at all surprised to hear about Nan Feng’s location.


“With us suddenly gone, Xie Lutang would protect him well.”




Qin Wanwan did not have the strength to speak, and answered somewhat dazedly. Jian Xingzhi saw her tired look and did not bother her anymore. He began to chat with the system in his mind and calculate how many points were accumulated today. While doing so, he also checked Qin Wanwan’s martial arts proficiency. Seeing today’s martial arts proficiency has only increased by 2000, he frowned.


“You will still have to practice some more tonight.”


He immediately made a decision.


Upon hearing this, Qin Wanwan’s movements stiffened as she listened to Jian Xingzhi’s serious analysis, “You have to practice your basic martial arts proficiency to 100,000 points within a month. You only had 30,000 points before, 70,000 a month. Every day, you have to increase it by at least 2334 points, but I want you to work a little harder and complete at least 3000 points a day so that you can grow faster. It’s only 2000 today, so you still have to work hard tonight.”


“Practice ……” Qin Wanwan’s eyes stared straight ahead. She lifted her head and mumbled with an unfocused gaze, “Can’t practice …… ”


“Don’t worry,” Jian Xingzhi looked at her tired face and thought she was worried about her deficiency as he hurried to comfort her, “wait a moment until I pass you my two secret methods of cultivation. One is the method of turning spiritual energy to physical strength and quenching the muscles. It will ensure that you will be tired, but wouldn’t feel it much. As long as you are strong-minded and have a healthy body, you can practice whenever you want.”


Hearing this kind of method, Qin Wanwan’s eyes widened in horror.


How could there be such a perverted mind technique?


Feel tired, but not drained. Then would she not even have the excuse to faint and rest?


“There is also a set of mind techniques called ‘Spring Birth’,” Jian Xingzhi introduced another ‘perverted’ method to her again, “specifically for repairing broken bones and internal organs. Unless it is tempered with spells or poisoning, under this set of mind techniques, ordinary injuries would not be a problem at all. If you use this mind technique, the broken bones can be relocated and the injured internal organs can be repaired very quickly.”


“That …… I heard that cell division is life or something, and it seems to have an upper limit. Repairing bones and muscles unnecessarily is prone to cancer ……” Qin Wanwan took a bite of the fish and evaluated. Her brain was confused, but she still tried hard to use science to dissuade Jian Xingzhi’s crazy idea, “It’s not good to keep hurting them ……”



“I can’t understand what you are saying.” Jian Xingzhi’s words make Qin Wanwan wail inwardly in despair, “I started learning these techniques from childhood, and am completely used to it now. Small or large fights, they are no problem to me at all.”


“But aren’t you still in this position?” Qin Wanwan raised her eyes and stared at him from top to bottom as she restrained herself from mocking him and said with a grim expression, “and still saying it’s not a problem?”


His brain has developed wrongly, right?


“No problem!”


Jian Xingzhi gestured at him and emphasized, “Look at me, isn’t my physical quality particularly good? Let me analyze for you, your biggest problem now is that your character is not strong enough. Your body is too delicate, your willpower is too weak, and you have no fighting spirit at all. You have to pull yourself together a little bit, just like me, your Master, do you understand?”


Qin Wanwan looked at him blankly, feeling his gibberish couldn’t even be chewed. She couldn’t understand a word, so she declared in the end, “I’ll sleep first, tomorrow I’ll earn 2700 martial arts proficiency points to make up for it, okay?”


“Are you sleepy?” Jian Xingzhi looked at her and asked her thoughtfully.


Qin Wanwan hurriedly nodded: “I’m super sleepy.”


“Then let’s practice ‘Spring Birth’ first.” Jian Xingzhi immediately made the decision, and before Qin Wanwan could refuse, he pressed his palm on her chest.


Qin Wanwan froze, she lowered her head and looked at Jian Xingzhi’s hand on her chest and then his face that hadn’t changed a little bit, as if what he was touching was just a piece of cloth. She was about to rebuke him when she felt a sharp pain coming from her chest which made her instantly wake up and scream out, “Ahhhhhhhhh!!!”


“Just now I broke two of your ribs,” Jian Xingzhi quickly grabbed her hand and opposed her palm, “hurry up and follow my spiritual power to guide them together. Listen to my recitation and learn to stop the pain as quickly as possible.”




With that, Jian Xingzhi immediately began to recite the spell of ‘Spring Birth’. Qin Wanwan was in so much pain that she thought she would go crazy. She didn’t dare to be a bit sloppy. Bracing the pain and cold sweat forming on her head, she immediately began to recite after Jian Xingzhi. As if some magic was done on her, the pain began to subside little by little.


Within a few moments, she felt the pain vanishing completely and the bones in her chest began to heal.




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