Chapter 29

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“……Do you want that?”






Hyazelki, who was staring blankly at the wish dolls, was surprised by Kael’s voice.








Hyazelki, who replied reflexively, smiled as Kael squinted his eyes.




“I just… I stared at it because I thought the dolls were somewhat strange.”


“I’ll help see you up close.”


“Oh, wait…….”




Kael immediately turned around.


The two took the lead and approached the wish doll seller, followed by Lihan, Albert, Yuri and Owin.


The owner, who was selling the doll, seemed a little nervous as a large number of people suddenly approached.


In addition, it was a group that somehow gave off an unusual atmosphere.


“Little children, take a look! This is a doll wishing for rain, this is a doll wishing for the sun, and this is a doll wishing for happiness.”




‘Wishing happiness…’




At the man’s explanation, Hyazelki’s eyes were fixed on the moon-biting wolf doll.




“It’s a wolf, but it’s cute.”’




She inadvertently reached out her hand because she thought it would be soft and fluffy, but soon retracted her hands.




“Should I buy you one?”




When Kael asked in a friendly voice, Hyazelki shook her head reflexively.




“Didn’t you watch it as if you wanted it?”


“My wish is to stay happy in the castle with Papa and everyone. Let’s go.”




As Kael asked again, Hyazelki quickly grabbed Lihan’s hand and left the spot.


Kael immediately followed her and spoke in a low voice to someone.




“The one who bites the moon.”


“Yes, My Lord.”




Of course it was Albert who moved.


Albert, who purchased the wish doll, stopped walking when he tried to return to the group waiting a little further away.








He looked around with a curious face, but there were only people who looked excited as they passed the street.


When he turned his eyes to Owin, he also looked around with a sharp look on his face.


A persistent gaze that even Albert could feel. It was being felt everywhere. The butler, who trembled with goosebumps, hurried up to Kael.




“My lord.”


“……I know.”




Kael answered calmly when Albert called him in a small voice without Hyazelki knowing.


Darkness lurked in this vibrant city.




“I don’t intend to leave it alone.”


“……Yes, My Lord.”




‘These bug-like things.’




Kael looked around once with an uncomfortable face.




* * *




“As we get closer to the square, there will a lot of people.”


“Hold on tight.”


“Yes, Papa.”




It was fine because Owin was walking firmly behind her.


But before long, it was no longer possible to enter the square.



“Oh, my baby……! Where are you…!”


They saw a person looking around with a white face.


Among the people looking up at the sky waiting for the fireworks, a few people were looking around with their heads down.




“……We can’t be here any more.”




“Master, this place will stand out.”




Kael frowned and sighed at Albert’s startled and dry voice.


Then he grabbed Hyazelki’s hand and took a step back.


He walked back the way they came.


At Kael’s hardened expression, both Hyazelki and Lihan closed their mouths.








However, a woman approached and grabbed Lihan, and their steps stopped.


She grabbed Lihan by the arm and called him another name. And soon after checking the child’s face, her face distorted.




“Hey, what happened?”






When she asked the woman with a worried look on her face, Kael stopped Hyazelki.


Hyazelki couldn’t figure out why he was blocking her, so she looked up at him with a curious face, and the woman opened her mouth.




“My child… He’s gone.… I’m sorry.”


“Your son’s name is Martin? What does he look like?”




“Why? Rather than looking for it alone, if several people search together…….”






Facing Kael’s red eyes, Hyazelki blurred her words and soon closed her mouth.


Kael let go of Hyazelki’s hand, which he had been holding on to. Then he covered his eyes with his hands as a wave of fatigue rushed to him.




“Oh my god!”




It was then.




Firecrackers were fired at the same time as a scream was heard.


The firecrackers made a huge roar in the sky to mark the beginning of the fireworks display. But Hyazelki’s gaze did not turn to the sky.




‘Now, I’m sure…’




Kael’s hand, which covered his eyes, fell helplessly.


Now his face is distorted.




‘Its nauseating.’




In an instant, Hyazelki grabbed Kael’s sleeve with a face stained with anxiety.








After taking a deep breath, Kael gently held Hyazelki’s hand once again.




“Let’s move to a deserted place first.”




* * *




“No! Why are you in such a complicated city!”


[Kael was going to show Hia the Summer Festival.]


“But how did this happen?”




Jiel frowned at once.




“To ruin my Baby’s first Summer Festival…….”


[It is impossible to judge on the spot because of the crowd. Do your best to find out.]




Jiel, who was talking to the messenger bird with red eyes, sighed deeply.




“Why don’t you have a priest like Hiel to help you? Don’t you think it’s too much to ask me to come every time?”


[Is there anything you are busy with?]


“I have my own work to do.”


[Call me when you find it.]






Jiel, who shouted out loud, stared at the messenger bird that flew into the sky.


He got annoyed and messed up his hair.


“I hate it when there’s a lot of people…….”



Pop. Bang.


Colourful fireworks were engraved in the black sky.


Jiel, who stretched his arms out, called the messenger bird.




“Let me know once you find a location in the sky.”




Jiel, who sent the messenger bird into the sky, soon entered the city where a colourful festival was in full swing.




* * *




“Owin, Lihan, and Yuri. You guys keep Hyazelki here. Albert, you follow me.”


“Yes, My Lord.”




Albert bowed his head with a short answer.




“Papa, where are you going?”




Looking back at the anxious-faced Hyazelki, Kael said with a grumpy face.


“As you said. I’m thinking of finding the lost child.”




Hyazelki looked quietly at Kael’s back as he moved away through the alley.


Bang, bang. 


Fireworks were in full swing in the sky.


But not once did Hiazelki look up at the sky.




‘……the one before…… It was definitely like a scream.….’




‘Did Papa go to check it out?’


The sound of fireworks were hitting her ears, and people were busy looking up at the sky.








“It’s all right.”




Lihan, who approached the anxious Hyazelki, gently grabbed her hand. The warmth and stability slowly spread from the hand and reached her heart.




“Yes……thank you.”




There was another roar in the sky. But at the same time, Hyazelki heard another faint scream.


The direction of turning the startled head was the opposite of where Kael headed.


As she was staring at the other side of the dark alley, the pocket watch around her neck rang as if it were resonating.


She reflexively grabbed the pocket watch she had hidden in her clothes.


‘What if someone is desperate for help? What if, like me in my past life, someone who can’t fight it with her own power is crying for help?’


When the thought reached there, Hyazelki couldn’t help but take a step forward.




“You can’t move from here, Miss.”




Looking up at Yuri blocking her way, Hyazelki pointed to the other side of the alley with a trembling hand.




“I heard a scream over there…….”


“Then you shouldn’t go even more. Stay here, Miss.”


This time, even Owin blocked her.


Holding her watch, Hyazelki stared at the end of the dark, invisible alley.




“Then I’ll go with Owin.”




“So that I won’t be in danger. And if someone needs help, Owin will be more helpful than I am.”




A strong and experienced knight would be better than her, who had just started training.


Owin seemed to agonize for a moment.


The orders from Kael were to follow and protect Hyazelki. In other words, it was right that neither side moved.


There, on standby, he had to guard Hyazelki. But if she moves, Owin has to follow.


Owin sighed with an anxious face and looked around once.




“I’ll accompany you.”




“I’ll go, too, Master.”


When Lihan came forward, Yuri held her forehead.




“For me, no matter what happens, I’ll put your safety first, so know that.”




And in declaring so, Yuri took a step.


The alleys of the city where the night came were several times more gloomy than the corridors of the castle that she wandered around in the middle of the night after waking up because of a nightmare.


She felt like the moonlight was hidden in the building. A damp, sticky darkness was lurking everywhere.


There was a continuous roar from the sky, and people’s cheers were heard from the square side.


The scream had already disappeared.




‘Which way was it?’




After walking forward a little, it was difficult to know the direction any more.


It was a faint scream in the first place.




“……No, please……!”




Then, a faint tearful voice mingled with other noises was heard.


Owin immediately turned his head. After confirming it, Hyazelki moved to the direction the knight looked at casually.


With the addition of impatience, the pace became faster and faster, and as the roar of the square became more blurred, the crying voice could be heard more clearly.






“I can’t do it. You should be quiet for now. No matter how crowded it is, we don’t know where people are standing.”




The weeping voice calmed down with a dull sound.


But at the same time, Hyazelki, who was panting in the alley where things were happening, arrived.




“What are you doing now…… Whoo, what are you doing!”




The man, who was trying to carry the drooping child on his shoulder, found Hyazelki in the alley and put the child back.




“You came here on your own”.


The man held up a blunt instrument that appeared to have struck the child.




“Miss, step back.”


“Yes, yes. With such a high-quality appearance, it’s no wonder there’s an escort.”


“Hey, you’re not an aristocratic girl, are you? That’ll make things bothersome.”




At the words of another man who appeared from behind, the person with the blunt instrument tilted his head.




“As far as I know, there is no aristocrat in the kingdom who looks like her. You saw that face, too.”


“But she has an escort. It is possible that she is not a commoner. Don’t bother them.”


“It’s already been talked about upstairs. All we have to do is capture. This will be handed over to the Empire.”




Owin’s face hardened harshly during the unpleasant conversation.




“I’ll finish it quickly.”


“Miss, please come this way.”


Yuri led Hyazelki, who had a worried face, to the back.


Owin gave a brief look to the limp child on the floor.


When he pulled out his sword, the two men looked between themselves and rummaged through their arms.







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