Chapter 28

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They spent the morning looking around or watching puppet shows.

Hyazelki’s eyes shone when she heard that there would be a fireworks display at night, and they decided to go back after seeing it.

By lunchtime, Albert moved quickly.

There were already quite a crowd by the lake, so Kael frowned.

But one corner was guarded by a few neatly dressed people.

Albert led the party there.

Kael’s expression also eased a little because he was able to keep a minimum distance from others.

“The lake……it’s pretty!”

Hyazelki, who saw the lake for the first time in her life, enjoyed the view of the lake for a long time.

All the way until Albert and Yuri quickly opened the basket and finished preparing the meal.

When Tim took out the lunch he had prepared in advance, Hyazelki smacked her lips.

Everyone watching her smiled because it was cute. Except for Lihan, who has never shown a smiling face yet.

They had lunch looking at the lake shining in the sun.

“It’s hotter than I thought.”

“It seems like it’s warm outside the Northern land.”

Yuri and Albert wiped their hands lightly. Having stayed in the north all the time, the cold was now more familiar.

Hyazelki smiled when she heard about the two.

“Yuri, Albert.”

“Yes, Miss.”

“Come here.”

Holding onto the two’s sleeves and dragging them, she approached the lake and took off her shoes.


“Let’s wet our feet! This is cool!”

“Oh, My Lady! Wait, your clothes are getting wet!”

Regardless of Yuri’s fuss, Hyazelki led the two to try to dip their feet in the lake.

“It’s very hot here. Let her stay here just a little bit?”

Yuri and Albert looked at each other with troubled faces.

Splash, splash.

Then they heard the sound of water from the side and turned their heads.

“Come here, Hia. I’ll hold you.”

With his shoes off and his pants rolled up, Lihan went knee-deep into the water and reached for Hiazelky.

Hiazelky grinned and grabbed his hand.

“Miss, just stay a little while, okay? It’s not good to go into the water because it hasn’t been long since you finished eating.”


Nodding to Albert’s request, Hyazelki joined hands with Lihan and splashed her feet.

In the end, only Hyazelki and Lihan went into the water, but just looking at the two children seemed to make them feel cool.

“Look, I told you you’d get your clothes wet, right?”

“It’s just a little wet underneath.”

The two children played in the water for a long time, splashing around, and wetting their clothes. But it wasn’t as wet as Yuri making a fuss.

It was Hyazelki who thought it would be okay because it was summer and the weather was warm, but Yuri’s idea was different.

In fact, it must not have been too cold because they had been in the water for a long time, but she thought they would catch a cold.

“I think you’ll catch a cold if you stay like this…….”

Kael rose to Yuri’s murmur full of anxiety.


“Yes, My Lord.”

“I’m going to buy clothes for Hia and Lihan. Show me the way.”

“Yes, My Lord.”

“It’s all right…”

Hyazelki said it was all right, but no one listened to her. It was because Yuri constantly refuted that it was not okay.

Under Albert’s guidance, they entered a boutique that would only be visited by aristocrats.

There were some customers inside, but when they saw their appearance, they began to whisper and glance at them.

It was no wonder because the black dragon was beautiful.

A man with long black hair who is beyond human reach, and two pretty children.

It was enough to attract attention.


Kael cleared his throat with an uncomfortable face, and the butler moved quickly at his expression.

Albert called the boutique staff and held out a heavy pocket.

“I’m sorry, but please send all the other guests out.”

“What? I’m sorry, but I can’t…….”

“Whether it’s an aristocrat or a royal, I don’t want anyone to stay here.”


“Just call the manager or the owner.”

“……wait a moment.”

The employee looked around with a slightly troubled face, and disappeared into the boutique, saying he would check and come back.

‘Well, is that even necessary…….’

Hyazelki looked inside the store with a slightly embarrassing face.

Those who wore all the expensive-looking things on their bodies frowned as if the butler’s words were offensive.

When she glanced at Kael, he had his gaze fixed on one side with an unpleasant face.

Soon, the owner who runs the boutique appeared with an employee.

“I’ve heard about the situation. We don’t want to offend our customers just for money. If you don’t mind, can you tell me why you want me to send them out?”

Looking at the owner with his red hair hanging down, Albert took something else out of his pocket.

“I’ve heard your story many times, Medil. I heard you’re very satisfied with the deal. But…… If it’s difficult to send others out, let’s make a deal with something else that will help you in the future.”

What Albert presented was the seal of the Humphrey family.

Medil, the owner who confirmed it, hurriedly sent out other guests out with an apologetic face.

Maybe this will make the guests feel offended. Nevertheless, he could not treat the Humphrey family recklessly.

This boutique is this big, and even the process of his completion of his design studies in the first place, was because he borrowed the power of the Humphrey family.

No customer was half as good as Humphrey’s.

Although he has stepped down from politics now, his wealth has never declined.

Kael relaxed his expression as if he was satisfied with the quiet room.

“What clothes would fit these two children?”

At Albert’s words, Medil’s eyes turned to Hyazelki and Lihan.

‘Oh…… I think he’s troubled.’

Medil had a visibly troubled face.

In response, Hyazelki scanned the ready-made dresses inside. At first glance, they were mainly dresses for aristocratic women.

“If you give me a little time, I’ll get you something ready in a minute. Do you want a specific design?”

“Oh, please allow me to help.”

Yuri, who had been standing behind quietly, stepped out.

“Well, I’ll show you to the drawing room.”

“Their clothes are wet, so please prepare something for them to change first.”


Medil whispered something to his staff and gave them instructions.

Then, he led the party into the drawing room inside the boutique.

He immediately called in a few more people to measure Hyazelki and Lihan.

The people who took the measurements quickly disappeared, and other people entered to serve refreshments.

Suddenly, quite a few people were coming and going, and everyone seemed to be in a hurry.

Soon another person appeared and brought a change of clothes for Hyazelki and Lihan, saying it was the smallest size.

“Well, if you wait, I’ll get it ready as soon as I can.”

Yuri left the drawing room with Medil.

Hyazelki, who was smaller than the dress she wore looked at the sleeves, which had completely hidden her hand, and said,

“It’s going to dry quickly anyway because it’s very sunny today..….”

“No, Yuri is right. You may catch a cold, so listen to me.”

Hyazelki moved her hand, rubbing her cheek and shaking her too long sleeves.

Then she turned her head and looked at Lihan. She was against trying to buy new clothes, but it was good to see Lihan wearing the same big clothes as her.

‘So cute.’

She didn’t think she was cute, but she thought Lihan looked cute so Hyazelki smiled at Lihan.


Owin, who was standing by the window and looking outside, approached with an uncomfortable expression. The knight whispered something to Albert in a low voice.

“Is something wrong?”

Hyazelki asked, her eyes wide open as she tilted her head.

“No. The sun is setting, so people seem to be busy moving. When it gets dark, a fireworks display will be shown that you’re waiting for.”

Albert, who was listening to Owin’s report with a firm face, quickly answered with a smile.

‘It’s strange…’

She had a strange feeling.

She was so used to looking at others’ faces for any negative expression that she couldn’t fully believe the answer that it was nothing.

Hyazelki stared out the window with a troubled face.

“It’s all right.”

Lihan, who gently held her hand, whispered softly.

‘Yeah, nothing happened.’

It’s just that there’s a lot of people, so they’re more concerned about escorts.

Hyazelki, who decided to think so, sat quietly on the sofa and drank tea.

After a long wait, the two changed into clothes brought by Medil and other employees instead of clothes that did not fit the size they were wearing as a temporary measure.

“No wonder people are eager for the clothes made by designer Medil.”

“I’m flattered.”

Yuri and Medil, who seemed to be getting closer, exchanged words of blessing and looked at Hyazelki and Lihan.

Laces were overlaid on a thin dress made of summer material.

It was a knee-length design with a smooth skirt. According to Yuri, there were no suitable clothes, so the smallest size clothes were cut on the spot.

Both Lihan and Hyazelki’s clothes were made like this.

So it was an outfit that had a strange feeling.

Hyazelki didn’t think it was made for people her age.

“Next time, I will prepare ready-made clothes for various ages, so please come again.”

Albert paid for the clothes by handing over a purse to Medil, who bowed his head.

“Please send me the designs of this winter’s clothes to Humphrey Family today.”

“Yes, I will.”

Only after getting Medil’s answer did Albert leave the boutique.

After leaving the boutique, Kael sighed quietly.

“Now, when the fireworks are over, we are going back to the castle.”

Kael looked a little tired.

‘I’m sorry to think like this, but…….’

Does he hate it when there are too many people?

Hyazelki, who was contemplating with her lips closed, held Kael’s hand tightly.

She wanted to say ‘you can go back now’, but she didn’t want to.

‘I will miss him, but…….’

She wanted to see the fireworks. However, she wanted to see it together with everyone rather than seeing it alone.

Lihan, who still doesn’t smile, might laugh if he sees a fireworks display he’s never seen before.

‘But this is the last time, Papa.’

Hyazelki murmured to herself like that and walked down the street holding his hand.

They said the fireworks would start at the square, so they were going to move there.


On the way to the square, there was an object that caught Hyazelki’s eye.

“Kiwon doll?”

She tilted her head when she saw the sign.

A wolf doll with different shapes of cushions in its mouth. There were three types: water droplets, the sun, and the moon.

As the sun was setting, the moon that the wolf was biting seemed to shine.

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