Chapter 27 (Part 2)

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Jian Xingzhi carried Qin Wanwan for a day in the desert and walked around. Qin Wanwan was injured and slept all the way, when she woke up at night, she found herself sleeping on a pile of hay with a fire next to her. Jian Xingzhi was sitting on a dead tree, drinking water. Seeing Qin Wanwan wake up, he turned his head to look over: “Awake?”

Saying this, he brought the water bag to Qin Wanwan and squatted in front of her as he offered, “You want to drink water?”

Qin Wanwan weakly nodded and was about to take water when Jian Xingzhi suddenly said, “I’ll feed you.”

Qin Wanwan was late to react, Jian Xingzhi in the meantime opened the water bag and drank her two mouthfuls.

After feeding the water, he looked at her excitedly and asked, “Do you want to eat?”

“No.” Qin Wanwan responded and shook her head, “I’m not hungry.”

Saying that, she looked around and found that they seemed to be in an oasis in the desert. Not far away from them was the broad field of yellow sand, only some grass and water were growing here.

The moon was high in the sky and the stars were twinkling beautifully, Qin Wanwan’s mind was filled with system prompts.

Congratulations on the successful completion of Task 2 ‘Search for a sword at the Sword Mound and display your talent’. You have obtained a spiritual sword ‘Yuan Ning’.

Reward: +2000 points.

Total obtained points: 2535.

You have opened the system stall where you can exchange items with points. Please continue your efforts, for a future with beautiful men, make an effort!

Excessive task: accumulate 100,000 martial arts proficiency within one month and go to Guicheng. Reward: +1000 points.

Do you accept?

Task 3: Meet ‘Bai Suiyou’ in Guicheng and get back the Linglong Jade.

Reward: +2000 points.

Do you accept?

Again, there was no option for ‘No’ at all. Qin Wanwan resigned herself to pressing “yes” and slowly came to her senses and asked Jian Xingzhi: “Where are we now?”

“I don’t know.”

Jian Xingzhi gave Qin Wanwan a coat and sat back by the fire, roasting the fish he had just caught.

Qin Wanwan felt better after waking up and started to sort out what happened before she passed out: “Where’s Bai Suiyou?”

“Escaped.” Jian Xingzhi said, “Oh, the real Bai Suiyou was long dead. He may have probably been the one who possessed the real Bai Suiyou when we entered Qian Liu’s lair.”

Qin Wanwan nodded, “Then he’s coming for me.”

“Why would he come after you?”

Jian Xingzhi looked at Qin Wanwan, who looked pensive and put her hand on her stomach.

Jiam Xingzhi’s movement paused, Qin Wanwan raised her eyes to look at him and gestured to her stomach, “For this.”

“You ……” Jian Xingzhi’s face turned blue in astonishment as he exclaimed, “You’re pregnant with his child?!”

“It’s the Longdan!”

Qin Wanwan instantly burst at Jian Xingzhi’s nonsense. Hearing her, he sighed in relief and nodded, “Oh, I remember now. You have a Longdan in your stomach.”

“Previously ‘Qin Wan’ met that Qinglong in the Secret Realm that was raised by this ‘Bai Suiyou’. It must be an accident that the Qinglong escaped. At that time, the Qinglong was seriously injured, in order to heal, either it ate Qin Wan, or Qin Wan ate it. Fnally, after a battle of life and death, Qin Wan killed the Qinglong and swallowed its Longdan.”

Hearing these words, Jian Xingzhi was a little perplexed. He sorted out the information in his head before opening his mouth, “I have a few questions.”

“Go ahead.”

“First, why did he raise the Qinglong? What is the use of the Longdan?”

Qin Wanwan knew that the matter of the Deng Xian Gate was not clear to Jian Xingzhi. Because at that time, he was busy digging the mountain. She repeated what Xie Lutang had said to her from the beginning. Jian Xingzhi listened to her explanation, sorted out the new information in his mind and speculated: “So, ‘Bai Suiyou’ was an old demon who could not ascend to the Immortal Realm. So he was planning to use the Deng Xian Gate to ascend. In order to stop his ascension, the Heavenly Dao may have given hints to the Tian Chen Sect and other clans that if they let such people who are not tolerated by the Heavenly Dao get away with ascending, the Heavenly Dao will completely cut off the path to immortality in order to punish the people of the Cultivation Realm. So the Tian Chen Sect and other clans planned to work together to grab the Linglong Jade and completely destroy the Deng Xian Gate.”

“That should be the case.” Qin Wanwan nodded, “Jun Shu and the others, on the other hand, may have heard that the Deng Xian Gate has reappeared on the Cultivation Realm and wanted to snatch this opportunity to ascend.”

“The conditions for ascending to the Immortal Realm through Deng Xian Gate are: First, they have to have a Qinglong or dragon physique, so ‘Bai Suiyou’ raised a Qinglong. But the Longdan was eaten by you, so he is not willing to let you go. Second, you have to have the Linglong Jade, which is the fastest way to ascend. Now all these information mean one thing; we can’t let him have him the Linglong Jade, neither can we let him go.”

Jian Xingzhi speculated the whole thing and nodded in understanding, “I understand ……”

“He can’t be killed now.” Qin Wanwan immediately reminded him, afraid that he was going to come up with some unthinkable opinion again, such as going straight to kill this boss.

Jian Xingzhi looked at Qin Wanwan with an expression as if asking, “Do you think I’m a fool?”

“What are my cultivation levels now? Do you think I don’t know? How can I possibly go and kill him now? I’m not a fool.”

Qin Wanwan: “……”

“What I’m trying to say is.” Jian Xingzhi said with a solemn face, “although he can’t be killed, he can be beaten.”

Qin Wanwan: “……”

Sorry, I’m the one who ignored your evolution.

“Ahem.” Qin Wanwan coughed lightly, feeling a bit embarrassed thinking about the next question, and turned to ask, “What else did you want to ask just now?”

“Oh, I just wanted to ask you, why do you know so many Heavenly rank spells?”

“This ……” Qin Wanwan raised her eyebrows in question, “Didn’t you say you knew?”

“I know what I know.” Jian Xingzhi frowned, “but how come the kitten know so many high-ranking Heavenly spells but still staying here?”

“What do you mean here?” Qin Wanwan couldn’t understand. Jian Xingzhi gestured at her, “I mean you are here and still haven’t ascended to the Immortal Realm.”

Listening to Jian Xingzhi’s words, Qin Wanwan froze. She suddenly understood something as she asked, “You think that the kitten is ……” she hesitated and held her words for a while before completing the whole sentence, “the kitten of this world? “


Jian Xingzhi was surprised, Qin Wanwan nodded in understanding and said, “I see, the kitten and the puppy probably came from the same realm.”

Hearing this, Jian Xingzhi sucked in a breath of cold air: “you have long ascended to the Immortal Realm but your strength is still at this level here? What kind of waste kitten is it?!”

Qin Wanwan heard him and held her fist tightly. The urge to punch him was strong but she still held herself and restrained her emotions. Behave yourself Qin Wanwan, think with your brain. You can’t punch him now. Otherwise, what would be the difference between you Jian Xingzhi?

“Okay.” Jian Xingzhi thought about it, it seemed they are both from the same realm. He has to be cautious to gain the ‘Emotional points’ then, since they might one day meet in the Heavenly Realm in the future. He isn’t willing to pay the price of playing with her feelings.

“You still have a long way to ascend. You have great talent and good heart, so I will help you. We have a long adventure on our way so we must have an identity between us. Have you thought about my previous offer?”

“Which offer?” Qin Wanwan’s face scrunched up in confusion. Jian Xingzhi stood up straight, placing one hand in front and one hand behind, he stood like a quite serious man and said, “recognize me as your father or master, you have to choose one.”

“Must …… must I choose one?”

Qin Wanwan asked him blankly, Jian Xingzhi nodded: “In order to let you quickly advance, I will pass my gong methods only to my disciple. No relative would have the opportunity to learn them. Besides, you are a woman while I’m a man, we must have an identity between us so that it wouldn’t harm your reputation while we work together.”

Qin Wanwan didn’t think too highly of her reputation. But since this Long Aotian took the initiative to mention it, she thought it was really important.

Qin Wanwan thought about it, being his daughter has no advantage at all. Besides, she already has a father who isn’t as vicious, arrogant and prideful as he is. So it’s better if she became his disciple.

“Okay.” Qin Wanwan made up her mind, “Although the kitten’s status is a bit high, but she’s not ungrateful towards someone who saved her countless times. I recognize you as my master. If you could really help her ascend to the Immortal Realm successfully, whether here or the Immortal Realm, the kitten will be properly filial to you.”

“You have a good heart, as my disciple, you will definitely not lose.” Jian Xingzhi smiled, “later, I will ensure that you can walk in the Immortal Realm with your head held high.”

Qin Wanwan: “……”

It was just a normal relationship, but he could still brag so much. Qin Wanwan couldn’t help but began to admire this Long Aotian’s nonsense making quality.

Seeing Qin Wanwan’s speechless look, Jian Xingzhi laughed inwardly.

He has to wait to reveal his true identity later, otherwise, he is sure she should be frightened to death.

“Now, pay respect to your Master first.”

Jian Xingzhi sat down on the dead tree and gestured towards Qin Wanwan.

At the same time, he asked 666: “Today, she is officially going to recognise me as her master, now can I reveal some truth to her?”

“100 points.” 666 sighed, “I’ll apply for you, anyway ……you have almost said everything. What shouldn’t be done is already done.”

Jian Xingzhi spent 100 points to get the right to tell the truth, so he felt very comfortable in his heart.

He raised his head and looked kindly at Qin Wanwan, waiting for Qin Wanwan to come forward and respect him as her newly appointed Master.

Although Qin Wanwan was a little uneasy, but after a moment of hesitation, she still went forward and knelt down in front of Jian Xingzhi in a respectful manner and kowtowed three times. After that, she said in a clear voice: “Humble Master, please accept this disciple’s obeisance.”

“Good.” Jian Xingzhi nodded in satisfaction. Unfortunately, he didn’t have anything in hand to present her as his disciple, so he took a roasted fish from the side and handed it to Qin Wanwan, “since you already recognised me as your Master, this fish is given to you as my appreciation. Later, I will present you something big.”

Qin Wanwan had no expectation of ‘worshipping the Master ceremony’ anyway. She held the fish with an expressionless face, “This disciple thanks the master.”

“My clan was originally in another small realm, named as ‘Shangji Clan‘,” Jian Xingzhi looked at Qin Wanwan who was kneeling on the ground and began to introduce his clan, “The disciples within the clan are rarely seen and known. The laws regulating the clan are strong and rigid. The methods taught by my sect are the strongest and most outstanding. Paving the way by fighting and stopping killing by killing.”

Qin Wanwan’s heart trembled as she listened to his Sect’s training method.

Why does it feels so familiar……

“Since you’ve joined my Shangji Clan, you need to remember a few things.”

“I will listen to the Master’s command.”

Qin Wanwan answered respectfully.

Jian Xingzhi suddenly felt the thrill of having a dutiful disciple and was very pleased.

“First, you have to have a just and pure heart, along with a pure body. I believe you can do it very well. You said before that the strong helps the weak. It is exactly the first important point of the Sect so,” Jian Xingzhi stressed, “if you don’t see achieving any good things out of any fight in the future, do not fight.”

Qin Wanwan: “……”

The three views of the Sect don’t sound quite right.

“Second, focus only on practicing the sword and cultivating. The less you get entangled in the worldly affair, the better. But since the kitten in the book is a big female protagonist, there must be some emotional entanglement between us. Just take it as a calamity, and after ascension, forget about it.”

“What if I can’t forget it?” Qin Wanwan is curious.

Jian Xingzhi thought for a while and replied: “Then we will become married.”

This sect is quite moral ……

Qin Wanwan was somewhat relieved, but hearing Jian Xingzhi’s next words, she wanted to facepalm, “The reason I told you this rule is not only for this.”


“I am cautioning you.” Jian Xingzhi said seriously, “to not fall in love with me, I only have swords in my heart.”

“I understand.”

Qin Wanwan resisted the urge to deceive her teacher and smiled through clenched teeth, “Don’t worry, I’m not interested in you at all. You must also not fall in love with me.”

“That’s good.” Jian Xingzhi put the worry in his heart down and breathed a sigh of relief, “Before, I met some female cultivators who were too terrible. They didn’t cultivate properly, nor did they practise swords. Everyday, all they could do is block my way and send me things to marry them. I beat several of them up before they finally stopped.”

Saying this, Jian Xingzhi thought something and again said with a solemn face: “Also, another most important point is to respect your Master, and think of your Master’s enemy as your enemy. If you meet any enemies of mine in the Immortal Realm,” Jian Xingzhi raised his hand, diagonally swiped his neck and commanded, “kill without amnesty.”

“Who is your enemy?”

As Qin Wanwan heard it, she immediately straightened up and spoke solemnly, “Master’s enemy, is my enemy.”

These words sounded very smooth to Jian Xingzhi, who nodded in satisfaction and took out a portrait from his sleeve.

Qin Wanwan frowned, pondering who this person could be for them to be so strange-looking. They had two eyes, but one was small and the other was big. Their nose was crooked and hair messily scattered everywhere. She looked up at Jian Xingzhi, expecting to get a little information. But the other party only gritted his teeth and said, “This painting was painted by me with the help of my memory. This demon girl is the reason why I’m here.”

“Master, this ……,” Qin Wanwan politely reminded him, “this portrait is a little, not quite understandable …… “

“It doesn’t matter. Her name, I’m sure you have heard of her name.”

Jian Xingzhi looked at her face and said with scrunched brows: “She has the same face you have now.”

Qin Wanwan smiled as her heart let out a loud thump. She barely held her smile as she asked stiffly, “may I know her name?”

“She is the top beauty in the Immortal Realm, comes twenty-first in the Battle Power Ranking, the Lady of the Silent Mountain,” Jian Xingzhi finished solemnly, “Qin Wanwan.”

Qin Wanwan was silent as she looked at the portrait in front of her and maintained a smile with difficulty, “may I ask …… what this beautiful lady has done to Master? I heard that she is beautiful, gentle and kind, she shouldn’t be a bad person, right?”

“Don’t you dare speak good of her!” Jian Xingzhi shouted in rage, “She is a demon, if it weren’t for her, how would I be here? I was just going to have a square duel with her, but she went so far as to backstab me and get me here to start my training all over again. What a vicious heart! Qin Wanwan,” Jian Xingzhi looked at Qin Wanwan in front of him and spoke excitedly, “After you ascend, you will become the strongest female immortal in the Heavenly Realm, and then you and I will join forces to kill her in her own palace, Jishan. “

Qin Wanwan who was still kneeling on the ground listened to these words with an expressionless face.

Seeing her reaction, Jian Xingzhi frowned: “Why aren’t you saying anything?”

“Master,” Qin Wanwan had a cold face as she asked, “Is Long Aotian really your real name? What exactly are you called in the Immortal Realm? Who were you before you were sent here?”

Hearing this, Jian Xingzhi stiffened, but after thinking about it, he thought it was okay to reveal his identity to her. After all, they have already founded a master and disciple relationship. They were bound to see each other again in the future, and he also didn’t want to hide it. Didn’t he just spend 100 points for this? Just so that he could reveal himself without fearing being electrified?

“My name, I’m sure you’ve heard of it. Just don’t be too excited after knowing it and stay calm.”

Saying that, he straightened his posture, stood up and looked up at the moon.

Like his master did back then, he made an immortal gesture as he introduced himself.

“My Daoist name is Sui Heng, given name Jian Xingzhi. My heart and soul are dedicated to cultivating the way of the Sword. I have no interest in worldly affairs. The Jiangzhou people call me Long Aotian.”

Qin Wanwan smiled, even after hearing his majestic introduction.

She clenched her fists, completely unable to restrain her raging heart and trembling hands.

Very well.

She got it.

She knew exactly who this stupid asshole was.

The author has something to say:


[Small Theatre-1]

Jian Xingzhi: He dared to have 40 ‘Favorable impressions’ towards my wife? See if I don’t blow his head off!

[Small Theatre-2]

Jian Xingzhi: My lifelong dream is to smash my wife’s mountain and her palace. So that my wife’s mountain has the opening for the chickens and dogs staying there to escape. When she becomes a loner, she will also have the heart to cultivate the sword and I can guide her, Oye. (^o^)

Qin Wanwan: No need to do so, because I don’t want to see you.

Jian Xingzhi: If you wanted to see me, would I still need to say such things! I have no choice but to chase away the chickens and dogs of Silent Mountain!

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