Chapter 27 (Part 1)

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Bai Suiyou!

Bai Suiyou again!

Why does the villains always disguise themselves as Bai Suiyou?

At that moment, Qin Wanwan felt that she was suffering from ‘Bai Suiyou’ PTSD. She subconsciously used her divine sense to poke on ‘Bai Suiyou’s’ cultivation, but her divine sense just touched his sea of consciousness when she felt a sharp pain in her mind. Qin Wanwan sucked in a breath of cold air, as she heard ‘Bai Suiyou’ warning her like a child: “Xiao* Daoist Qin, although your divine sense is strong, your spiritual energy is low. So don’t poke around where you shouldn’t poke.”

[T/N: Xiao means small or little. By addressing Qin Wanwan ‘Xiao’, ‘Bai Suiyou’ meant he was several years senior to her.]

Qin Wanwan didn’t say anything, her divine sense experienced two hundred years of refinement in the Upper Realm. Although her divine sense couldn’t be called strong in the Immortal Realm, in the Cultivation Realm, it could still be considered better than many ascended cultivators. But this person was still able to sense she was trying to pry at the first time, which meant his divine sense was far higher than her.

Such a character, if he wanted to snatch the Linglong Jade, it was not difficult for him. But why had he been following her?

She pondered for a while and spoke tentatively: “Fellow Daoist, you have a profound cultivation, if you want to steal the Linglong Jade, you can just take it directly. Why make it difficult for a small chicken like me? Could it be that you have ulterior motives against me?”

“You are smart. The Qinglong that I worked so hard to raise was eaten by you, don’t you think you should compensate me?”


Jian Xingzhi at that moment came back to his senses and shouted at him. He looked at the 25 ‘Favorable points’ above ‘Bai Suiyou’s’ head and opened his mouth to warn him, “You old pervert, stay away from my daughter!”

“Who’s your daughter!”

Qin Wanwan wanted to distract Bai Suiyou, so she played along with Jian Xingzhi’s nonsense and exclaimed, “Don’t talk nonsense.”

“Please refrain from flirting in front of me.” Bai Suiyou also warned back and pushed the tip of of the blade against Qin Wanwan’s neck. Blood seeped out from the cut, Qin Wanwan slightly winced in pain and heard ‘Bai Suiyou saying, “Linglong Jade or your ‘daughter’? Choose one.”

Qin Wanwan didn’t say anything, but her brain was spinning fast.

It seemed this ‘Bai Suiyou’ was following her for her Longdan, which he had been cultivating for years.

But, since she got the Longdan, the system couldn’t let this opportunity go in vain. Linglong Jade must also be a part of her task, but it was weird that the task hadn’t been issued yet.

So the Linglong Jade could absolutely not be given to ‘Bai Suiyou’. Once the Linglong Jade falls into his hand, he might also immediately take her away.

She pondered and blinked towards Jian Xingzhi, hoping that Jian Xingzhi would read her sign and not hand over the Linglong Jade.

Jian Xingzhi watched Qin Wanwan blink frantically, thinking she was scared to the point of losing her mind. He immediately tossed the Linglong Jade up and down in his hand as he comforted her, “Don’t be afraid, the worst is that you will die. If that happens, I will avenge you.”

Qin Wanwan: “……”

Hearing his words, she became even more afraid.

While Jian Xingzhi was muttering nonsense, his attention was still on ‘Bai Suiyou’.

This ‘Bai Suiyou’ is the first person whose cultivation level was unseen by him, so he guessed he is a powerful figure.

There were people like him who were against the Heavenly Dao that appeared from time to time. Although their cultivation is profound, but they are not allowed to ascend. They are forever bound to the Cultivation Realm, so encountering one of the people like him wasn’t strange for him.

But, such people are usually ruthless, treacherous and evil people. If he really was such a person, and has 25 ‘Favorable points’ for Qin Wanwan, then his intention must be bigger than only Linglong Jade.

Treasure and woman, maybe neither will be spared.

Since it was time to choose either the Linglong Jade or his ‘daughter’, he thought a lot.

Jian Xingzhi threw the Linglong Jade up and down, the surrounding people’s hearts followed the Linglong Jade in his hands, staring at it like a row of ping pong balls.

When Xie Lutang saw that Jian Xingzhi seemed to be wavering, he couldn’t help but speak up: “Senior, the Linglong Jade is the future of millions of cultivators in this world. It must not be given to people who may misuse it.”

“You dare to speak up?”

Jian Xingzhi heard Xie Lutang opening his mouth and turned his head to scold him, “I told you to protect her well, did you do it?”

He had fifty points within his reach, but Xie Lutang just wasted them for nothing!

Xie Lutang stiffened, and ‘Bai Suiyou’ smiled.

“Xie-daojun is known for his righteousness among millions of cultivators, but in the end, you couldn’t even sacrifice one little thing for this little girl. You righteous cultivators ah, you aren’t even as good as this little girl, who risked her own life to wait for you in the Secret Realm, and as a result, this is how you treat her?”

Hearing these words, Xie Lutang’s face turned white. He clenched his fist as he said, “Then release Daoist Qin, except Linglong Jade, I can do give you whatever you want.”

“What can I want from you, stinking Daoist?” Bai Suiyou sneered and raised his eyes to look at Jian Xingzhi, “Xiao Daoist Long, have you thought about it? Please don’t delay this Benzou*.”

[T/N: Benzou means ‘This seat’. This honourable one. This venerable. Arrogant way of addressing oneself.]

Jian Xingzhi had already thought about it and nodded, “Okay, I’ll give you the jade.”

He said, and jumped down from the Sword Mound. Jun Shu and others immediately pounced on him the moment he landed on the ground. But at the moment, countless flower vains with sharp thorn appeared from the ground and immediately bounded Jun Shu, Xie Lutang and others, clearing the path in front of him.

Jian Xingzhi threw the Linglong Jade towards ‘Bai Suiyou’ and then immediately appeared in front of the two of them to grab Qin Wanwan.

The two of them took action in an instant, as ‘Bai Suiyou’ grabbed the jade, Jian Xingzhi grabbed Qin Wanwan and jumped to the side. But countless flower vines instantly wrapped around Jian Xingzhi, completely immobilising him.

Qin Wanwan looked at it with shocked eyes.

Not right!

This could not be the spiritual power of a living person!

Qin Wanwan immediately reacted, the person behind her was not a person at all. It was a puppet, as long as the formation on this puppet was broken, this puppet would immediately lose its ability to act.

But at this moment he was still standing behind her. With the disparity in their strength, she could do nothing to hurt him, so there was only one way.

The tip of the sword she was holding had a unique formation which she learnt while staying at Silent Mountain. She stabbed herself deeply, the sword which penetrated her body plunged violently into the body of ‘Bai Suiyou’. The formation quickly found the manipulation of the puppet’s spell and began to ward off the strings of the body overbearingly!

‘Bai Suiyou’s’ movement became stiff, at that moment, Jian Xingzhi’s sword cut off the hand holding the dagger and grabbed Qin Wanwan’s hand again.

But the ‘Bai Suiyou’ only hesitated for a moment. The moment Jian Xingzhi grabbed Qin Wanwan, he also grabbed her with his other hand. His arms were cut off, but the blood suddenly turned into light butterflies and flew towards Jian Xingzhi. The power of those butterflies that looked harmless weren’t obviously light, the spiritual energy emitting from these must be higher than the Tribulation stage. It was so majestic that Jian Xingzhi was forced to retreat. Qin Wanwan was again grabbed by ‘Bai Suiyou’ and thrown into a vortex. Jian Xingzhi’s sword cut down the light butterflies, and followed them by leaping down.

Between the wind, ‘Bai Suiyou’ was lightly rotating around Qin Wanwan like a butterfly. His hand was cut off, but the whole person was flowing like water. His blood stained clothes and long hair were softly scattered, like a pair of butterfly wings. A pair of deep and gentle eyes were as calm as the sea, but this bookish face was incompatible with his demeanor. He raised his hand to touch Qin Wanwan’s face and asked in a gentle voice.

“Little girl, is Qin Wanwan your real name?”

Qin Wanwan was feeling so painful that she was about to cry out. Gritting her teeth she replied, “It’s none of your business.”

‘Bai Suiyou’ gave a low laugh: “It’s okay.”

Jian Xingzhi, who was approaching the two of them slowly looked above ‘Bai Suiyou’s’ head where the 25 ‘Favorable points suddenly turned to 40. He shouted anxiously and swung his sword, directly cutting ‘Bai Suiyou’s’ other hand and neck in one clean sweep. Before the other party’s blood could splash on Qin Wanwan, he kicked his body away. He held the sword still inserted in Qin Wanwan’s stomach and pulled it out with one tug. After that, he held her waist and helped her land steadily on the ground.

Thousands of butterflies instantly illuminated the whole area, carrying a wisp of divine consciousness that slowly disappeared. Amidst the chaotic atmosphere, the voice of ‘Bai Suiyou’ was heard echoing in the air: “The mountain is high and the water is long*, Miss Qin, see you later.”

[T/N: it’s an idiom which means ‘we have a lot of time/chance to meet each other’.]

At this moment, a handsome young man slowly opened his eyes in the distant palace and raised his hand to wipe the blood from the corner of his mouth.

A child was kneeling on the ground, seeing the handsome young man opening his eyes, the child respectfully presented a plain handkerchief as he asked, “Lao Zuxian*, do you want to kill them?”

[T/N: ‘Lao Zuxian’ means ‘Old ancestor’. I don’t know exactly its use but maybe it’s used to address someone way senior than you?]

“Kill them?”

The youth tilted his head: “I can’t even kill them, and you can?”

The child froze and hurriedly knelt on the ground, shivering, “Lao Zuxian, please forgive me.”

“The Longdan is on her, and I only obtained the Linglong Jade, so I have to keep her alive.”

The youth wiped his hands clean and stood up, it was at that moment that the child’s head suddenly exploded.

The youth leisurely left from the ground full of blood, while lamenting in disgust, “How dirty.”

The butterflies just disappeared, Qin Wanwan could no longer hold on standing. Covering the wound on her stomach, her legs went weak, and she fell into Jian Xingzhi’s arms.

Jian Xingzhi held her in his arms and removed her hands covering the wound before starting healing it. As he was healing her, he couldn’t help but scold her in anxiety, “You didn’t stab when you were told to, but now you’re stabbing so hard? Will you die if you just waited a few more moments, huh?”

“Before …… before stabbing was useless ah …… I …… I also had to help you ah … … “Qin Wanwan opened her mouth to speak but blood gushed out instead. Her blood fell on the lapel of Jian Xingzhi, who started to panic and use all kinds of healing methods he knew to heal her as quickly as possible.

He knew that ‘Qin Wan’ and he wasn’t the same. Although this girl said she practiced Feng Shui Dao*, in fact, she is a treacherous and lazy, dainty young lady, someone who never faced any suffering.

[T/N: Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of living in harmony with nature and your surroundings, in order to maximize your health, prosperity and luck. It literally translates as “wind and water”. Ch’i is an invisible energy that circulates throughout the world but also gathers in certain areas, and is also considered the breath of dragon. The basic idea of Feng Shui is to harness as much ch’i as possible by allowing it to gather wherever you are. Ch’i is the life force that is all living things. By ‘Feng Shui Dao’ the author may mean Qin Wanwan was cultivating Ch’i, unlike other cultivators who cultivate Qi. I don’t have a clear concept of ‘Feng Shui’.]

He started holding a sword as a child and grew up fighting. He could fight day and night and preserve against stronger enemies. Just the stab from a sword wasn’t enough to hold him down from jumping to fight. But she was so delicate that she may just die with a knife’s stab.

She is like a cat he had as a child, just a heavy rain was enough to scare it to death at any time.

Qin Wanwan’s wounds slowly healed, and her condition slowly stabilized. She leaned on Jian Xingzhi’s shoulder and closed her eyes in exhaustion.

Noticing that Qin Wanwan was getting better, Jian Xingzhi sighed with relief.

It was only at that moment he looked up at the surrounding area and found that they seemed to be in the middle of a desert, surrounded by yellow sand. The whole place as long as his eyes could see was empty, only the corpse of Bai Suiyou was seen not far away from them. It wasn’t long before they reached there but the body was already buried in a thin layer of sand.

Jian Xingzhi picked up Qin Wanwan and walked to the side of Bai Suiyou. Examining the body, he realised that the body had already started decaying a long time ago and not just died recently.

“Old pervert ……”

Jian Xingzhi kicked the decaying body and muttered.

He just stepped away from the corpse and heard the chirping voice of 666 in his mind.

Congratulations on completing the side task ‘Rescue the female lead’.

Reward: +25 points.

Total obtained points: 675

Task 6: Train the female lead’s martial arts proficiency to 100,000 within one month.

Current proficiency: 30,000.

Jian Xingzhi got the new task, took a look and confirmed that this martial arts proficiency was just some basic training. He was about to avert his eyes when something strange caught in his line of vision and he suddenly realized that something was wrong.


Jian Xingzhi was a bit baffled: “Why is ‘Rescue the female lead’ considered to be completed. Did you make a mistake?”

“Master.” 666 reminded him, “you are also a male with a face value of 90 points or more. But this kind of task is against your character role, so I have to deduct some points. You will usually only get half the points.”

So, does that mean he also can do ‘Emotional points’ quest too?!

For a moment, Jian Xingzhi felt as if he had found the code to becoming wealthy quickly.

Others can let go of the ‘Emotional points’ but he can’t ah! Even if it’s mosquito’s leg, it’s still meat.*

[T/N: It’s an idiom which means although the amount is less, it still is something better than nothing.]

“Are there any ‘Emotional points’ tasks lately?!”

Jian Xingzhi excitedly asked, 666 nodded, “Yes, Master please check.”

As soon as the words left his mouth, Jian Xingzhi was given a string of tasks.

Take good care of the supporting female lead, Points: +5

Feed the supporting female lead water, Points: +1; limited to 2 points per day.

Feed her from mouth to mouth, Points: +10; no upper limit.

Feed the supporting female lead, Points: +2; daily limit: 4 points.

Dress the female lead: +5 points.

Starting with full nudity: +15 points.

Call the heroine by her nickname: +1 points; Daily limit: 2 points.


“Master, these are all tasks that fit your persona, full points in completion oh~”

What a mess of tasks!

Looking at these tasks, Jian Xingzhi’s face changed. But after thinking about it, for the sake of points, he still nodded his head.

“Okay! I’ll definitely work hard!”

What with such a nasty thing as feeding with the mouth? He won’t do it, but helping her drink water and putting on a jacket can still be done!

But a thought suddenly came to his mind. Jian Xingzhi was worried and asked, “What if I treat her so well that she falls in love with me?”

666 was silent, it dared not speak. With its perspective as a female system, she wanted to persuade him not to think nonsense. But after careful consideration she felt, anyway, he was just thinking nonsense. It wasn’t a crime to think this way, let him think whatever he wants.

Jian Xingzhi thought all the way, and finally made a decision.

Points are points, love is love, he can not be a scum.

He will give her a reasonable reason for these actions and block ‘Qin Wan” from having any thoughts about him!

He had to gain her trust and have her ‘Emotional points’, depending on whether ‘Qin Wan’ was willing or not.

But now, no matter how ‘Qin Wan’ refuses, if the two want to go all the way down, he and she must have a nickname between them.

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