Chapter 24

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However, when he faced Hyazelki’s expectant face again, he couldn’t really refute her.


Kael raised his hand and covered his eyes with a long sigh.

He must be crazy.

‘I’ve been acting crazy for a long time.’

“……I’ll think about it.”

Hyazelki smiled brightly at his positive answer.


Kael walked with her in the garden and looked down at their hands.

Hyazelki’s hand was still too small.

Even though he thought she stayed in the castle for quite a long time.

‘Do you mean we still have a lot of time.….’

He stared at the sky, blankly thinking about it.

The two slowly passed through the garden and headed for the training ground.

Thud, thud, thud.

Tap, Tap, tap.

“Do you really need to stop by here?”

“It’s nice to see Lihan, too.”

“You still want to learn swordsmanship, don’t you?”

“……No, it’s not like that.”

Hyazelki grabbed the watch around her neck and shook her head firmly.

It’s not just about protecting her, but about hurting others, so the desire to be stubborn has disappeared.

“It’s just because it’s fun to watch. Lihan is also working hard.”


Kael entered the training ground with a face that he couldn’t refuse her.

“Greeting the Lord and Miss.”

Lihan, who was wielding a wooden sword, turned his head to Owin’s words.

“Let’s take a break.”

When Owin’s permission was granted, Lihan immediately approached Hyazelki and Kael.

“What brings you here?”

“I came to see if you were doing well.”

It was unusual for Kael to visit the training ground, so Lihan looked very nervous. Hyazelki smiled as she handed Lihan the handkerchief and water she had brought.

“You’re tired because it’s getting hotter, right?”

“No, it’s all right.”

Hyazelki turned her head to Owin while Lihan was wiping his sweat.

“Owin? Why are you standing so far away?”

Looking at Owin, who was standing straight not far away, Hyazelki tilted her head.

“I sweated a lot. So I smell bad, I shouldn’t get close to the Lady.….”

“What? It’s okay. Come on, Owin should drink water, too.”

“But how dare I stand by Lady’s side…….”

Hyazelki, who sighed while looking at Owin, who couldn’t approach hastily, picked up the water bottle.

Then, as she stepped forward, Owin quickly stepped back.

‘………this is something very familiar to me.’

She felt like she had been through it once.

‘Oh, that’s what Papa did too.’

It reminded her of the first time when Kael used to run away from Hyazelki.

Hyazelki, who picked up the water bottle, rolled up her sleeves and ran to Owin.

“Lady, don’t run. it’s dangerous.”

“Then Owin should stop too!”

“But if I get close…….”

Even looking back at Hyazelki with a worried face, Owin didn’t stop running.

“Owin! If you don’t stop…… I’m not going to talk to Owin for the next three days!”

At Hyazelki’s words, which she shouted with the thought of being the last weapon, Owin stopped.

Then he came back to her in tears.

“Miss… How can you say such a thing…….”

“Okay, okay, drink water.”

Holding his big hands full of calluses, Hyazelki went back to where Kael and Lihan were after handing the bottle.

“It’s wrong for you to leave a child behind, you know.”

“Shall we resume our training right now?”

Lihan asked Owin who came back with Hyazelki, who smiled brightly.

The people around her who were looking at her also smiled softly.

Lihan, who has never shown a smile yet, stared blankly at Hyazelki.

* * *

In a deep moonlit night.

The sound of footsteps walking around the castle broke the silence.

From the outside of the castle, it looked like a red soul was wandering inside the castle. Kael, who was walking at the forefront of the subtle red light, looked inside everywhere around the castle.

He’s been doing this every night for a long time. The boundaries of the entire castle were strengthened every day, and in this way, the room wouldn’t directly be covered with black energy.

Kael, who found something wriggling through the door of the warehouse, reached out.

The light from equilibrium reached in through the gap of the door gap and evaporated the next moment as if the black thing was rooted out.

‘These things are bothering me till the end.’

The curse of the sinners. It was aimed at Hyazelki from time to time, and eventually Kael had to wander around the castle every night like this.

However, the number of times this black energy appeared was definitely decreasing. So he couldn’t quit on the way.

After a thorough examination of the castle, Kael headed for Hyazelki’s room.

A fast asleep child was more beautiful than any other human being.


A child over-loved by God and a child hated by humans for its beautiful and pure appearance.

A child whose memory cannot be purified and continues to be reincarnated, repeating the short life due to the curse of the sinners.

Kael reached out slowly and carefully smoothed her hair.

‘……what should I do with you?’

All Kael could do was protect Hyazelki.

The curse wasn’t something he could remove. Kael glanced at the pocket watch hanging around her neck and smiled.

‘She is like a human being that God loved the most.’

No matter how sinful you are, you are reluctant to inflict pain on someone in your life.

It was also the same for Kael.

This child just needs to stay like this. Just like this…… That’s fine.

That alone comforts Kael.

Looking at Hyazelki’s face, Kael soon turned around and left her room.

* * *

In a sunny afternoon.


Kael was taking an impatient step to avoid Hyazelki, who asked with her eyes wide open.

“You can’t?”

Seeing her drooping eyebrows, Kael didn’t look back and kept walking.

“But I want to go with Papa, too. It’s okay now that there’s Owin, but Papa should come too!”


Kael was running away hard, but he didn’t say no.

He was not looking back, knowing that he would not be able to refuse facing her drooping, tearful expression. Nevertheless, Kael was embarrassed at himself because he couldn’t say ‘no’ firmly, nor could he agree.

It was her second insistence on something since she insisted on learning swordsmanship.

When Hyazelki asked him to do something, he naturally wanted to do it.

Leaving the castle didn’t matter much.

If the curse was aimed at her, he could just keep it away from it. But there was only one thing that bothered him.

If it’s a summer festival in the city, of course it’ll be full of people.

‘……it’s terrible to be among humans.’

Kael couldn’t answer and was running away because he hated it.

The dissatisfied Hyazelki rolled up her sleeves with an uneven face. Then she ran forward quickly and clung to Kael.

“Stop running, Papa!”

Kael, who was caught and was unable to escape further, faced her with a dissatisfied face.

“Do I have to go?”

“Yes? If Papa says no…… Then I’ll give up.”

Kael swallowed a sigh. When she spoke like that with her lips curled downward and a tearful face.

Kael was not good at saying no to Hyazelki.

At the time of swordsmanship, he had a reason not to back down, and he was sure it was for her good, so it was possible.

In addition, it was much easier to say ‘no’ because he said it through Albert.

But how can he say no when she was hanging on him and asking with that face?

In the end, Kael, who raised the white flag, immediately raised his hand and covered his eyes.

‘………crazy guy.’

He was so embarrassed that he almost laughed.




“Really? Really? Then Papa will go to the city’s summer festival?”


Hyazelki, excited about Kael’s answer, held his hand and shook it.

“Thank you, Papa!”

It calmed him down again to see her running around excitedly.

‘………I just had to put up with it for a while.’

What’s there he can’t do when it comes to her happiness? Won’t he be able to endure it for a while for her?

“I should tell Lihan, too. I’ll be back!”

Smiling Hyazelki ran out of the hallway in an instant, and Kael looked at her small back with a face that said he couldn’t back out now that he agreed, and soon turned around.


Hyazelki, who ran straight to the training ground, found Lihan, who was swinging his sword under Owin’s guidance, and waved her hand excitedly.

“Owin! Listen, Papa allowed me to go to the city’s summer festival!”


Owin, who found Hyazelki, lowered the wooden sword first, and Lihan also approached.

“Lihan has also never been to a summer festival, right? Let’s go together!”

Hyazelki, who patted him, asked with her eyes shining.

Lihan nodded slightly and replied.


Hyazelki was proud to have experienced something that she and Lihan had never done.

In fact, that’s why she begged Kael even more.

Looking at Hyazelki, who was excited and chattering about the summer festival, Owin smiled with a pleased smile. Looking at her excitedly, even the two who were not interested were looking forward to the summer festival.

* * *

“I’ll be back before dark.”

“Have a nice day!”

Hyazelki smiled as brightly as she could and waved.

This was because Kael’s expression leaving the castle was not so good.

Kael briefly had to leave the castle to punish a sinner. He doesn’t like leaving the castle itself, much more because the punishment of the sinner was always done inside the castle.

Kael stroked Hyazelki’s head, making her look up.

“I’ll be right back, so stay put.”


Kael kicked the ground and flew into the sky.

The black dragon flying all the way across the sky was wonderful.

It was the first time Kael left the castle since Hyazelki came to the castle.

The sinner was mainly sent to the castle, and he was only to judge the sinner who arrived. However, this time, the messenger came and told him to catch the criminal who was running wild.

There’s no other dragon you can make chase the sinner as fast as him.

Hyazelki, who was looking up at the sky where the black dragon disappeared, soon entered the castle again.

* * *

Knock, knock.

“Hia, are you busy?”

“Huh? No.”

Hyazelki, who was reading, looked up at Lihan’s call.

“I heard they made clothes for you to go to the summer festival. They want you to come and try it on if you’re not busy right now.”

“Really? I’ll be there now!”

Hyazelki, who closed the book, jumped up and left the study.

She grabbed Lihan’s hand, who flinched and tried to retract his hand.

“……I have to train.”

Lihan’s hand was full of traces of blisters and repeated bursts. Hyazelki, who slightly touched the hard part due to calluses, made a crying face.

“……It must hurt.”

“It doesn’t hurt.”


“I’m telling you the truth.”

Looking at Lihan, who was looking at her with a really casual face, Hyazelki rubbed her cheeks.

At times like this, she was envious of Kael. He can check if he’s lying or not.

“It doesn’t hurt at all just because it’s hard.”

“It must have hurt because the skin became hard.”

“I can stand that much.”

“See, you’re still lying.”

“It really doesn’t hurt.”

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