Chapter 23

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There was a lot of noise in the room.

Almost every Friday night, loud music would come blasting from the house, disturbing the whole neighborhood, the surrounding residents were used to it. The first few times someone came to stop them, but they were blown away by the room of teenage boys and girls who were crazily dancing around, not paying attention to them.

The record player was blaring, and a boy was singing a recent popular song, feeling excited, he couldn’t help but jumping up and down with rest of the teenagers following suit.

Xiao Ye didn’t go crazy with the others, she sat in the sofa, feeling a little restless. Her mind was filled with thoughts of Xu Hui, she didn’t even noticed the snacks brought to her mouth by a teenage boy. From time to time, her eyes kept glancing at the door.

When the song was finished, Xiao Ye finally couldn’t hold back and stood up to go to the door.

When she got to the door and was ready to wear her shoes, she was stopped by a leg that stretched in front of her, blocking her way.

Sun Yuhe leaned against the door, holding his cell phone, both of his hands were busy typing rapidly, his eyes glued shut on the flashing screen.

Xiao Ye said discontentedly, “What are you doing?”

All of Sun Yuhe’s attention was on the phone, he casually pointed inside with his chin and said, “Get in, where do you want to run, anyway?”

“I’m going outside to take a look.”

Sun Yuhe seems to be amused by certain information on the phone, it took him for a while to only let out a, “Huh?”

Little Ye said loudly, “I’m going outside to take a look!”

Sun Yuhe frowned at her loud voice. He casually put his pinky finger in his ear and rubbed it before asking, “Looking for what ah?”

Xiao Ye reached out to push Sun Yuhe, “Get out of the way, I’ll go find Ah Hui.”

Sun Yuhe was 17 years old, almost a man, his physique was similar to Xu Hui, maybe a little sturdier than him. Xiao Ye, a girl obviously couldn’t push him away. She pushed and pushed but couldn’t move him even an inch.

Finally, her temper reached a bursting point as she screamed and ask, “What do you want?!”

Sun Yuhe wasn’t afraid of her temper. They had been together for a long time and he was well aware of how hot-headed Xiao Ye is. He casually leaned on the doorframe and said “Wait a minute, he is on the phone.”

Xiao Ye was angry so she was little confused, “Who is on the phone?”

Sun Yuhe gave her a knowing look. Xiao Ye’s mind instantly cleared up when she understood that he was talking about Xu Hui. She eagerly waited for the phone to connect but a long time passed, the phone wasn’t still answered. Feeling impatient she asked, “What’s taking him so long?”

Sun Yuhe shrugged his shoulders, “How should I know?”

“Then why isn’t he picking up? So long time passed.”

“Long? It’s not even ten minutes.” Sun Yuhe smiled as he said to Xiao Ye, “You called him not half an hour ago.”

Xiao Ye gave a blank look, “Then, who he is talking now?”

Adolescent girls are sensitive as hair when it comes to issues involving their beloved boys.

“How should I know?” Sun Yuhe said again while averting his eyes.

“Look at me and say it!”

Sun Yuhe sighed, he was irritated, “I really don’t know.”


Xiao Ye was just about to burst again when the door opened.

The cool breeze seeped in first, and Xu Hui followed with his head down.

Sun Yuhe quickly escaped from the place and went elsewhere.

Xu Hui closed the door and walked into the house. As soon as he sat, Xiao Ye leaned over.

“Who were you talking to the phone?” She pouted as she asked coquettishly.

Xu Hui felt a little thirsty, he stood up again ignoring Xiao Ye, and asked Sun Yuhe.

“I’ll get some beer, you want some?”

Sun Yuhe was playing with his phone and said casually, “Sure.”

Xu Hui took three bottles of beer and sat down on the sofa again. Xiao Ye consciously helped him open the bottles, but Xu Hui ignored her and looked at Sun Yuhe, the latter was still playing with his cell phone, from time to time, also giggled like a little girl.

Xu Hui seemed to have a stomach full of anger and no place to vent. He walked over to Sun Yuhe and snatched his phone.

“Hey!?” Sun Yuhe glared, “What’s going on?”

Xu Hui lowered his eyes and tapped on the phone. Seeing the screen full of messages, he sneered, “You talk to her everyday, aren’t you tired of it?”

Sun Yuhe took back his phone, “Nope. I’m not tired.”

Xiao Ye came over and asked, “What’s wrong, who are you talking to? Huizi?”

Xu Hui grunted and said disdainfully, “Who else can be? Chatting to her whole day isn’t enough.”

Sun Yuhe leaned on the wall, glanced at Xu Hui and said meaningfully, “Well, I can at least talk to her, what about you? At least I still have someone to talk to …… unlike some people who is getting bored but don’t have the opportunity.”

Xu Hui lit a cigarette, as if he hadn’t heard.

Xiao Ye’s face was not good, she sat on the sofa while sulking. Obviously she was angry, but she still couldn’t help herself as her eyes glanced over to Xu Hui from time to time. She couldn’t understand, she had everything, then why doesn’t he look at her? Why doesn’t he pay any attention to her?

When Xu Hui went to the toilet, Xiao Ye asked Sun Yuhe.

“Does Ah Hui like someone?”

Sun Yuhe shrugged, his attention was still on the phone. Not getting answer from him, Xiao Ye pinched him, “Doesn’t he!?”

“Hey! why are you pinching me for?” Sun Yuhe dodged sideways and went to sit on sofa, “If you have something to ask, go ask him, okay?” He looked at Xiao Ye’s face, and muttered in a low voice.

“Incarnation of a female ghost ……”

Xiao Ye followed him and sat on the sofa beside him. She crossed her legs and arms and started interrogating Sun Yuhe.

“Where does the girl live?”

“Who lives where?”

“The girl, where does she live?”

Sun Yuhe shook his head and cursed Xu Hui, that animal in his heart for fucking hiding in the toilet. He sent a messages, but no reply came from him.

Xiao Ye’s interrogation was not over, but rather, it just started.

“She isn’t from our school, right?”

Sun Yuhe could only cope in front of the female ghost, Xiao Ye “Ah …… Yes.”

“Someone from outside our school?”


“Why didn’t he invite her to come play with us.”

“Maybe she is busy with work, I guess.”

Xiao Ye gave a disdainful laugh, “Yo, working, ah, what time is it now?” She symbolically looked at the clock on the wall before continuing, “It’s eleven o’clock. She isn’t still off from work? What does she do ah?”

Sun Yuhe suddenly felt a little amused. He looked at Xiao Ye in amusement as he asked, “Hey, are you women all like this?”

Xiao Ye was already in a bad mood. Hearing him asking such ridiculous question, she glared at him, “Like what?”

Sun Yuhe shook his head.

Xu Hui came back from the washroom, with a even irritated look on his face than before.

Xiao Ye turned her head and sat away from him, as if she was going to have a cold war with him.

Xu Hui did not pay attention to anyone, he proceeded to drink as if no one was with him.

After a while, people dancing and singing around suddenly found that the atmosphere was a bit tense. They stopped whatever they were doing and looked over but couldn’t understand what was going on. Everyone could more or less understand that party was over and they should leave.

Sun Yuhe waited for everyone to leave before leaving, he looked at Xu Hui, whose face still hadn’t improved.

He leaned over and asked in a low voice.

“She didn’t call back to you?”

Xu Hui’s mood was extremely low, “Hmm.”

“Maybe she is busy.” Sun Yuhe mumbled, trying to lifted up his mood.

“What could be she so busy for? And that’s also every day?” Xu Hui squinted at Sun Yuhe, “why does she, a girl had to work for so late?”

Sun Yuhe looked at him innocently, “What’s the point of fighting with me?” Saying this, he laughed, “Hey, Huizi also workes a part-time, but she can still find time to chat with me. She does it secretly you know, she hides her phone in the skirt, and the manager -“

Xu Hui narrowed his eyes at him dangerously. Sun Yuhe let out a ‘haha’ before saying, “Teasing you, I’m teasing you, don’t take it seriously.”

Sun Yuhe changed his shoes, walked to the door, before looking back again.

No matter how self-indulgent he was, Xu Hui was someone with manners. He would always stay untill everyone left even if he couldn’t send them off.

Everyone played crazily all night, the house was in disarray, but now it is empty.

Xu Hui was also very tired, he looked at his phone with his head down, but couldn’t understand what should he write.

Sun Yuhe sighed before entering the house again and drew out his phone. Xu Hui wasn’t looking at him but he heard him(Sun Yuhe) coming in.

After taking out his phone, Sun Yuhe poked Xu Hui on the shoulder. Xu Hui looked at him with raised brows, “Hmm?”

“Give me the little white rabbit’s phone number.”

Xu Hui’s gaze turned cautious as he asked in distrust, “For what?”

“Look at your expression ……” Sun Yuhe pointed at Xu Hui, “I want to help you but look at your expression.”

Xu Hui still wasn’t convinced. Keeping the suspicion look on his face he asked, “Help me in what?”

“Deliver some information about your unique qualities to her.”

“No need.”

Sun Yuhe laughed.

Xu Hui: “……”

He couldn’t understand why he was laughed at.

“Even if others forget, I won’t forget your face of this moment.” Sun Yuhe raised both of his hands in front of Xu Hui as he said, “I was in love for ten years, ten years ah. Not bluffing, really. You can tell me I’m veteran in this aspect, but you still want to argue with me?”

Xu Hui: “……”

Xu Hui looked at him for a moment before slowly taking out his phone and showing Bai Lu’s number to him(Sun Yuhe).

“Don’t talk nonsense.” Xu Hui threatened.

“Don’t worry, at most, I’ll help you in getting some information out of her.” Sun Yuhe wrote the number into the phone, glanced at Xu Hui and said, “You’re someone who is dead set on being an arrogant, don’t know how to please people.”

Although Sun Yuhe was criticizing him, Xu Hui still bowed his head and whispered a ‘thank you’.

Sun Yuhe patted his shoulder, “What we are friends for?”

Saying this, he left. Xu Hui looked at the clock, it was almost twelve o’clock.

The living room was a mess, but he didn’t want to clean up. He just went to the bedroom and fell on the bed face first.

He picked up the phone and looked at it again, but no notification came.

Xu Hui was irritated again, he threw the phone away, turned over and went to sleep.

Bai Lu was studying math problems in the dormitory.

The “four-year college entrance examination”, slogan that was as thick as a brick hurt generations of teenagers from a long time.

The conversation with Wu Hanwen that day that had a beginning but not an end made Bai Lu more or less mindful about her situation. She could understand she was going down, which she never expected or wanted. She knew she still had time which she didn’t want to waste over something that only came to her mind on a whim.

The phone that was placed to the side vibrated again.

Tonight, the phone vibrated many times, most of them were Xu Hui’s message. At the beginning, Bai Lu replied to him a few sentences, and then explained that she was busy tonight. But Xu Hui still didn’t relent and kept sending message after message, she just pretended she didn’t see or hear it.

After solving few problems, Bai Lu glanced at the phone aside. She picked it up and tapped on the message app.

A huge head popped out, Bai Lu was so startled that she almost dropped the phone.

It was an MMS message, a selfie of Sun Yuhe walking down the street.

The picture was accompanied by a message below.

[Unknown number: Big sister! Did you get off your work yet?!]

Seeing such a message so late at night, Bai Lu felt a bit funny, she was in a good mood so she replied.

[Bai Lu: Not yet.]

[Unknown number: It’s so late, you still haven’t gotten off work?]

[Bai Lu: I’m very busy.]

[Unknown number: Did you message Hui?]

Bai Lu paused at the sentence before replying.

[Bai Lu: I was very busy, so couldn’t reply him]

[Unknown number: He’s clingy, right?]

Bai Lu’s fingers hovered on the keypad, she couldn’t understand what should she write.

After waiting for a while, Sun Yuhe sent a long message.

[Unknown number: Big Sister, don’t blame him. I told you before, Ah Hui, this person looks arrogant but he is especially insecure. I’ve known him for a long time, you know he often invites people to treat, and play until very late. He doesn’t do that because he likes partying, but does that because he can’t stay alone for a long time, he would start to panic if he does.]

[Unknown number: His temper is a little bad, that’s because his family situation isn’t much good. He was not like this before, I can’t tell you everything now, if I ever have the opportunity to tell you, I will. To be honest, I really feel that he is very attached to you, if you got free time from work, please talk to him, he is a very easy to coax.]

[Unknown number: Just be nice and help us to look after him, okay?]


Bai Lu finished reading the message and gently shut the phone off, pushing it to the side.

Her eyes returned to the test paper and she picked up her pen to continue studying.

She forced herself to focus all of her attention on the study, not sparing a single one to think unnecessary things.

A math problem took two full pages, but she still couldn’t solve it.

After going over it over and over again and using many ways to solve it, she finally managed to get the answer.

And then unexpectedly found that in fact, the seemingly complex topic was actually very simple.

An auxiliary line was drawn, from top to bottom, through the center.

Two formulas and the problem was solved.

Bai Lu looked at the test paper and her mind kept wandering, not thinking something particular.

She looked at the auxiliary line for a while and saw it to change. It suddenly became a thin thread like line that looked very fragile. Then, it turned into a sharp sword and plunged into one’s heart.

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