Chapter 23 (Part 1)

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Qin Wanwan ran wildly towards the outside of the cave, and Jian Xingzhi who was left behind raised his hand to condense the sword, and was just about to strike when the system lit up.

Urgent task: Help Qin Wanwan to be ‘the hero saving the beauty’, in an hour. Let her save her companion and become the source of their admiration. Reward: +50 points.

Warning: While completing the task, you can not break the original personality of ‘Jian Zhiyan’, can not show the strength beyond Foundation Establishment Stage. Can not steal the supporting female lead’s spotlight, can not be active in saving the companions, can not fight with monsters, can not be stronger than the supporting female lead!

Looking at the task and the string of warnings, Jian Xingzhi froze. If he ‘can not’ do so many things, is he still considered responsible for the completion of the task?

Just as he was thinking this, the cactus standing in front of him smashed down the knobstick in his hand viciously. Jian Xingzhi simply dodged by bending down before turning around and following Qin Wanwan out of the cave.

He couldn’t help but curse the system, to help Qin Wanwan be ‘the hero saving the beauty’, he had to create the opportunity again. But first, he had to lead the group of cacti outside to create chaos. Only in this way could he ‘help’ Qin Wanwan shine and become the source of the admiration of the companions.

Jian Xingzhi ran faster than Qin Wanwan and immediately caught up with her. Running side by side, he turned his head to her and asked: “Why are you running? Don’t you want to fight with them ah?”

“Don’t want to fight,” Qin Wanwan shook her head vigorously towards Jian Xingzhi and exclaimed, “this cactus is not the one I know ah!”

As they spoke, they ran and finally leapt out of the cave.

The three who were waiting outside for their ‘brave’ companion to return suddenly heard a sharp cry from the mouth of the cave, “This cactus is so big! Run! Ah!”

The people outside felt the ground rumble, and saw Jian Xingzhi and Qin Wanwan rushing out from the cave entrance at the same time. Behind them, a group of huge cactus holding weapons were screaming and rushing towards them.

Su Xiuxue, who immediately drew her sword, was grabbed by Nan Feng: “Su-xianzi run!”

Qin Wanwan and Jian Xingzhi ran towards them with the speed of wind, making the dust particles flying behind them.

In an instant, after everyone flew everywhere, the only one who was left in the clearing was Bai Suiyou, who seemed to be frozen in shock looking at the group of cacti holding weapons bigger than his head. He was so shocked that he was unable to react for a moment.

Jian Xingzhi glanced at Bai Suiyou and the word ‘Beauty’ suddenly appeared above his head. He(Jian Xingzhi) immediately understood what it meant and grabbed Qin Wanwan who was running beside him: “Go save him!”

“Why don’t you do it yourself ……”

Her words weren’t finished when she was dragged by Jian Xingzhi and fiercely flung towards Bai Suiyou. Qin Wanwan only felt her surroundings spinning and with a “clang”, she fell on top of Bai Suiyou.

The knobstick went past their head and struck on the ground, leaving a big whole. As Qin Wanwan climbed from the top of Bai Suiyou, Bai Suiyou froze. At that moment, Jian Xingzhi rushed over, raised his hand and swung his sword on the cactus while kicking the two from the way!

Qin Wanwan and Bai Suiyou subconsciously pulled each other and rolled all the way across the ground and slammed into a big tree.

Jian Xingzhi, who had his sword to shake away a cactus, turned his head to look at the shocked and bewildered Qin Wanwan and revealed a triumphant smile.

As if he was asking for praise.

See, how good am I?

Qin Wanwan who was already dumbfounded became even more dumbfounded and stared at him blankly.

Who is he? What is he doing? Why is he always creating trouble for her?

“Fellow Daoist Qin, let’s go.”

Bai Suiyou finally reacted and pulled her up, “Daoist Long can’t keep them busy for long.”

With that, Bai Suiyou pulled Qin Wanwan’s hand and ran outside. Jian Xingzhi watched them run out and slashed over another cactus with his sword and followed suit.

As he ran, he thought that Bai Suiyou was right. If he didn’t use his true strength, with his current suppressed strength of Foundation Establishment, defeating this group of humanoid cacti would be different.

He ran behind Bai Suiyou and Qin Wanwan with his sword in hand. The three ran side by side, behind them, the cacti were still following them while shouting aggressively. The three ran and ran before finally running out of the cave area. The cacti saw them running out of their area and didn’t follow them further. They left, but not before cursing and threatening to kill them if they ever stepped a foot in their territory.

The three of them were so tired that they sat directly on the ground at the same time. Qin Wanwan turned her head and looked at Jian Xingzhi while asking in a whisper: “What were you doing? Why did you throw me again?”

Jian Xingzhi raised his chin towards Bai Suiyou and replied, “I thought you wanted to be ‘the hero saving the beauty’?”


Qin Wanwan froze. She heard Bai Suiyou’s voice as he looked at the sky, revealing an expression of melancholy and muttered, “So, this is what it feels to be cared for by someone.”


Qin Wanwan turned his head to look at him. Bai Suiyou noticed her gaze and looked at her with an emotion indescribable to Qin Wanwan. His gentlemanly bookish face looked at her with gratitude and said, “Thank you, Fellow Daoist Qin for saving me. Even though you could be hurt, you still risked your life to save me. If it was the people of Guicheng, they would never be so generous. I never expected Qin-guniang to have such a kind heart….”

When Qin Wanwan heard this, she found something was wrong. She looked at Jian Xingzhi who winked at her and immediately understood.

This was probably Jian Xingzhi’s mission.




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