Chapter 23

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“If you memorize a certain spell, then a chain will come out of the clock. The chain will bind the targeted person you want, and it will soon seep into his mind but be invisible to the eye. But by doing so, the person caught in the chain will no longer be able to commit crimes.”

Hyazelki opened her eyes wide.

‘They can’t commit a crime?’

She couldn’t imagine how on earth that was possible.

“If that person holds malice or tries to commit evil, he will feel terrible pain.”

Her expression, which was filled with questions, soon hardened.

In other words, using that power might cause someone to feel terrible pain.

Hyazelki quickly shook her head with a frightened face.

“Well, I don’t want to……. I don’t want to hurt anyone else.”

Kael, who was looking at her quietly, put his strength into the pocket watch even though she said no.

Kael gave Hyazelki a short red-light pocket watch again, and sighed briefly.


“Yes, Papa.”

“Holding a sword is the same as that.”

Hyazelki, who did not understand Kael’s words properly, looked at him with a puzzled face.


“Sword skills also have to hurt another person to protect something, so it is the same to make others suffer.”


“In the end, it will be taking someone’s life.”

Hyazelki didn’t think that far.

She just wanted to live long this life because she was so happy. So she wanted the power to escape when danger came.

But it’s hurtful.

She looked down at the watch in her hand with a face that seemed like she was about to cry.

‘If it makes them feel terrible pain…….’

Kael’s words didn’t go out of her head.

Kael’s heart was also uncomfortable looking at Hyazelki, who had a bad expression.

He patted the child gently on the head.

“It’s just a spell. Hia, you can decide whether to use your power or not.”

* * *

It’s been a week since Yuri left to look for a knight to be Lihan’s teacher.

Hyazelki was stuck in a different thought with the book in her hands.

When Lihan was studying in the study, or when he was training outside.

Hyazelki stood by, but stared blankly at the book.

Looking at her unable to turn the page after a long time, Lihan asked carefully.

“What’s wrong?”

“Huh? What?”

“It’s been the same page since a while ago.”


At the words, Hyazelki closed the book with an awkward face.

“Shall we go for a walk?”


When Hyazelki stood up from her seat, Lihan also closed the book.

The two, who went out to the garden, walked side by side, enjoying the warm spring sun.

“When will Yuri come?… I hope she comes soon.”


Lihan waited for Yuri as much as she did.

Kael has given his permission, and she will have to return with the one who will become Lihan’s teacher.

Hyazelki, smiling at Lihan, looked up at the blue sky.

Her hand unconsciously grabbed the pocket watch hidden in the clothes.

“What’s wrong, Hia?”


Looking down, Lihan stared at the hem of her dress that she clasped tightly.


“You are acting weird these days.”

She was definitely distracted.

‘But I heard that…….’

It was inevitable for Hyazelki as well.

With a sigh, Hyazelki carefully pulled out her pocket watch and showed it to Lihan.

“Because of this.”

“What’s this?”

“I heard it’s an item that has my power…… It can make other people suffer.”

“Who is suffering?”


Hyazelki tilted her head to the unexpected question.

In Kael’s explanation…….

“The sinner…”

“Then why are you sad?”

“Huh? But…… Making others suffer…….”

“You said the person that would suffer is a sinner. Isn’t he the one who already hurt someone else? What’s wrong with that?”


Lihan was right. Hyazelki really thought so, too.

Besides, isn’t it a good thing that if she uses her strength, that person won’t be able to sin in the future?

But the pain that someone might feel, she was reluctant to do it.

Lihan gently grabbed Hyazelki’s hands, sighing helplessly.

“If you don’t want to use your power, don’t use it. I’ll protect you even if you don’t use it.”

Hyazelki, who was facing the blue eyes that hit her straight, soon smiled.

Then he reached out and stroked Lihan’s soft platinum hair.

“Yes, your are right.”

As he said, there was no problem if she didn’t use her power.

There will be no danger while she stays in this castle anyway.

“Oh, Miss, Lord Lihan. You were here!”

As they were walking leisurely and watching the spring flowers bloom, a maid rushed to them.

“Good news! Yuri and the knight have arrived at the castle!”


Hyazelki, who asked with her eyes shining, turned her head toward Lihan.

Lihan was also looking forward to it. He didn’t show much emotion, but she could read his excited expression quite a bit.

“Let’s go!”


The two followed the maid out of the garden.

When they entered to the castle with the maid in a hurry, they saw two silhouettes and Kael wearing robes.


The two trotted forward, and the small silhouette across the robe turned around first.


Coming behind the fluttering robe, Yuri leaned down and hugged Hyazelki.

“I missed you, missed you so much. I can’t believe I haven’t seen this pretty face for more than a week.….”

“Ugh, Yuri!”

Yuri, who hugged the struggling Hyazelki tightly, released her when Lisa whispered something in her ear.

“Then, I’m going back to my room.”

“Yes, My Lord.”

Perhaps she had already said hello to Kael, so she quickly turned around.

Kael, who patted Hyazelki’s head lightly before returning to his room, climbed the stairs and went back to his room.

Looking at his back, Hyazelki turned her head.

Standing next to Yuri, she stared at the man who was twice as big as her.

Even if he was big, he felt more intimidating because he was tall and muscular.

The man immediately bent one knee and lowered himself.

Then, he held Hyazelki’s hand very carefully in a graceful manner.

“My name is Owin.”

“He is the proud knight of our Euston family.”(Yuri)

“I’m flattered.”(The knight)

“Actually, there were many knights that said they wanted to come. But he knocked everyone down.”(Yuri)

Owin blushed shamefully at the tip of his ear.

“Was there a lot of people who wanted to come?”

“Of course!”

Lisa looked at Yuri, who clenched her fist as if it were natural.

“Not everyone can enjoy the honor of coming to this castle.”

Albert agreed with Lisa by nodding his head just like her.

“It is an honor to come to the castle, but it is also the dream of the knights to protect the lovely lady. There are a lot of crazy knights in my family, especially that kind of romance maniacs.….”

“Don’t worry. I’ve come here after defeating the crazy ones.”

“………Well, it’s safe to say that Lord Owin has been the most insane.”

Lihan looked at Owin with a rather subtle look.

“Oh, but his skills are great, so you really don’t have to worry.”

Although her previous words sounded shameful, he still seemed a little relieved by the added words of Yuri.

Perhaps because of his long training in the sun, his skin was tanned.

Dark blue hair and fierce eyes. Owin’s firm body and expressionless face made him look reliable.

But somehow there seemed to be something wrong, but Hyazelki greeted him with a smile.

“Nice to meet you.”

* * *

Lihan’s life has changed since Owin came.

Before Hyazelki could get up, he got up and started training.

He spent almost all of his time training except for eating.

He couldn’t read books in the study or take a walk in the garden anymore.

Hyazelki, who felt a little sad about it, rubbed her cheeks.

‘Then I’ll go alone…….’

She left the study with a book on her side.

In the open space passing through the garden, there was a training ground set up for Lihan.

Ever since Owin came, he seemed to eat better.

‘No, it looked like he was eating to live…….’

He slept better than before. After moving his body all day, it felt like he was more like became unconscious in tiredness.

Hyazelki, who was passing through the garden to go to the training ground, suddenly stopped walking.

Then she turned around and went back into the castle.

“It’s such a nice day.”

It was because she thought Kael would only be in the room again.

Hyazelki, who knocked Kael’s room, quickly stood behind the door.

Then, in a hurry, she stomped her feet on the ground slightly and waited for an answer.

“Come in.”

As soon as Kael’s permission fell, she burst open the door.

Whenever she opened the door, Kael was sitting by the window.

Hyazelki somehow felt a little upset.

‘The sky from the outside looks better…….’

If he is going to look up at the sky, she thought he could see it in the garden.

“Papa, let’s go for a walk.”

“I thought you weren’t coming today.”

Kael didn’t come to her, but just looked down at Hyazelki from the window as she was passing through the garden.

Then, he saw her stopped walking suddenly. The child turned around and entered the castle again.

As the sound of the footsteps approached the room, he felt pleased.

Then, he laughed out of embarrassment.

“Don’t just look like that and let’s go.”

Hyazelki, with her lips pouting, approached Kael, who was sitting by the window.

“Wherever you look, the sky is the same.”

She grabbed Kael’s hand, who replied in an uninterested way.

“Let’s go! Summer is coming soon, so the weather is nice.”

Kael left the room at the urge of Hyazelki.

A pocket watch was still hanging around her neck.

‘Maybe she won’t use it.’

As long as Hyazelki stays in the castle all the time, she won’t have to use it. He was so sure.

Kael has seen her past throughly.

He has an eye for the truth.

The two walked out of the castle and to the garden.

Since Hyazelki came in and out of the garden every day, the gardener has worked harder to cultivate the garden.

Thanks to this, Hyazelki often smiled, and Kael was satisfied with it.

“Oh, papa.”

“What’s wrong?”

“This summer… Can I go to the city’s summer festival?”

Kael’s gaze, looking around the garden with a gentle face, turned to her.

Hyazelki quickly added feeling his expression wasn’t very good.

“Oh, we will all go together. Papa. Lihan, Albert, Lisa, Yuri, Owin…….”

Kael still looked very reluctant.


When he didn’t answer, she became restless.

“I can’t…? No?”

When asked by her drooping eyebrows, Kael jerked his head away.

‘Damn it.’

That’s the face. The face that makes Kael never say ‘no’.

Kael, who frowned, took a deep breath and turned his head to her again.


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