Chapter 20

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“Well, shall I go now?”

When Jiel jumped up from his seat, Lihan flinched.

“I’ll send you out!”

Hyazelki, who jumped out of the chair, quickly approached and grabbed Jiel’s hand. Then he reached out her other hand to Lihan.

“Lihan, let’s go.”


Hyazelki stared at his freezing blue eyes.

The child, who seemed to hesitate a little, eventually took the hand gently seeing she seemed unwilling to take it back.

Kael, who wanted to hold hands with Hyazelki stared at his empty hand, and wriggled his eyebrows as he looked unhappy.

When they went out of the castle from the dining room, Jiel let go of Hyazelki’s hand.

Then, he saw Kael grabbing the hand quickly. Seeing him(Kael) behaving like that, he couldn’t help but smile.

Jiel grinned at Lihan who was staring up at him.

Then he messed up his soft hair again.

“It’s okay. Humans adapt quickly, right?”

Even at the words that sounded irresponsible, Lihan nodded his head calmly, as if he had been comforted.

“Don’t worry, Jiel! I’ll take good care of him.”

Jiel burst into laughter at Hyazelki’s words, which sounded like she was very excited.

“Yes, I’m relieved to have Baby.”

Lihan glanced at her, who had a big smile on her face.

Jiel briefly exchanged glances with Kael, who had his mouth closed, and then stepped back.

“Oh, Baby, I brought a present for you. It’s in the room.”

With a deep smile, Jiel immediately kicked the ground and jumped.

Jumping high as if flying in the sky, he gradually expanded his body in the air.

Flapping his wings, he turned into a giant green dragon, then quickly flew away.

He already looked very small in a few flaps.

“Let’s go in.”


Hyazelki, who had started walking on Kael’s words, looked back at Lihan, who was looking up at the sky blankly.

“Let’s go, Lihan.”

Lihan stared at her smiling at him, and soon followed her into the castle.

* * *

“That’s all for today.”

Lihan sighed softly at Albert’s words.

Maybe it was because he was nervous all along, but the sigh came out automatically.

A few days have passed after Jiel left Lihan at the castle. Since then, Hyazelki and Lihan have started studying together for a fixed amount of time a day.

Lihan was taught how to write since he didn’t know, and Hyazelki was taught various things.

Albert taught history to her, and Lisa taught the culture and manner of the aristocracy.

Yuri taught Hyazelki embroidery and Lihan light self-defense techniques and swordsmanship skills because she was all-rounder at these things.

“Lord Lihan will be attending the swordsmanship class with Yuri in the afternoon.”

Lihan liked taking his class with Yuri the most than he had expected. He was still skinny, but the amount he ate little by little was increasing.

“Then I’ll be on my way.”


“Well, Albert!”

“Yes, miss.”

Hyazelki closed the book in front of her with a rather dull face.

“Why don’t you let me learn swordsmanship?”

“……I told you. The Master won’t allow it.”

Albert opened his eyes wide, a little surprised, and then answered calmly.

“I want to learn swordsmanship, too…… As long as I don’t get hurt…….”

In a roundabout way, Hyazelki was pestering the same thing.

Albert felt very fortunate but troubled about it at the same.

It was because Kael threatened to never use a sword.

Albert, who smiled awkwardly, gently stroked Hyazelki’s head.

“I’ll tell the Master one more time.”

“Then can I see Lihan train?”

“Well…… I’ll pretend I didn’t see that.”

Hyazelki smiled brightly at Albert’s answer that he would pretend not to see it.

‘If I see him practice, I can practice by myself later.’

Thanks to her insidious smile, Lihan flinched his shoulders.

To be honest, Hyazelki wasn’t particularly interested in swordsmanship. She thought a simple self-defense technique would be fine.

She just wanted to learn it to protect herself.

She lived to be eleven years old. She wanted to live a long life.

She wanted to protect her current life.

‘Fate… giving to a dog.’

Hyazelki now rolled Kael’s words on her tongue like a habit.

‘Lihan is nine years old…….’

Hyazelki rested her chin on her palm and stared at Lihan.

No matter how many years apart they were, Lihan was very small.

But his expression was still shadowed, and he couldn’t eat well.

But there were times when his expression got better.

“Lihan, are you interested in swordsmanship?”


“So Lihan want to be a knight?”


“Isn’t it?”

Lihan could not give any answer.

He just looked at her with a confused expression as if it was difficult to understand Hyazelki’s question.

Knock, knock.

Without hearing Lihan’s answer, the two had a small break and drank tea with a small sandwich brought by the maid.

This is when he eats the most. before and after swordsmanship classes.

At other times, even this little sandwich served as a snack would have been left uneaten.

After finishing one sandwich, Lihan sat still.


The child, staring blankly into space, turned to Hyazelki’s call.

“Do you like living in a castle?”


“Is everything comfortable?”


“Do you need anything?”


To the chattering Hyazelki, Lihan has always offered only a short answer.

He never spoke up first, and if Hyazelki didn’t hold his hand and lead, he wouldn’t follow.

He never tried to do anything alone as if he was trapped somewhere.

Except for only being interested in swordsmanship class.

Hyazelki was told by Jiel to take good care of Lihan, but getting closer to him was not as easy as she thought.

‘……it’s hard.’

Hyazelki, who sighed, rubbed her cheeks.

The sigh made Lihan instantly restless.

Then, they heard a knock again and Yuri appeared.

“Lord Lihan, it’s time for class.”

As if he had been anxiously waiting for the word, Lihan jumped out of his seat as soon as Yuri finished speaking.

As Lihan followed Yuri, Hyazelki quickly stepped out with them.

“Are you coming, too?”


“Can I do that? Did the Master allow you?”

“Shh. Albert said he’d keep it a secret.”

“Then, I don’t know.”


Yuri, who looked around with a slightly anxious face, quickly moved.

The three passed through the garden and went to a corner decorated like a training ground.

Yuri wrapped Hyazelki in a thick coat she brought out of the castle.

“It’s still cold, so wear this.”

“Isn’t it cold for Lihan and Yuri?”

“We’re going to move our bodies and limbs now, so it’s okay.”

When Hyazelki, who was wrapped in a coat, sat down in a corner of the training ground, Yuri and Lihan warmed themselves up.

As he began to move his body in earnest, Lihan’s expression, which had been cloudy all along, became a little bright.

‘It must be really nice…….’

Hyazelki, crouching down and thinking, stared blankly at Lihan.

He always gave a minimal answer to her, no smile, and a dead look, unlike now.

The sunken eyes rejuvenated, and the pale face turned slightly red.

‘If you learn that…… Is it because you can protect yourself?’

Thinking about it that way, she understood why Lihan liked swordsmanship classes the most.

Hyazelki didn’t know exactly what happened to Lihan.

However, she expected that he would have been rescued by Jiel and brought to the castle because he had gone through a rough time.

And Yuri, who teaches swordsmanship, was cooler than she thought.

Wielding a wooden sword, fixing Lihan’s posture.

The expression when teaching was refreshingly serious, unlike usual.

Hyazelki looked closely at the movements of the two and soon sighed.

‘It’s not something that I can learn alone.’

She thought she would be able to learn by herself if she looked closely, but when she saw it in person, she didn’t think it would be this tough.

So Hyazelki stared at the two blankly and thought about getting closer to Lihan.

He had been following her around, and even if she kept talking, he never said anything.

Still, it was a good thing that he answered everything she asked.

However, he never started any conversation first.

And Hyazelki couldn’t leave him because she felt sorry for him to leave him alone.

“Do it again.”

At Yuri’s determined voice, Lihan quickly regained his position.

He just flinched at the command, and didn’t budge at the firm words Yuri said.

Yuri looked fine, but Lihan quickly lost his breathing and began to gasp.

“Are you eating well as I told you?”

“……I’m trying…….”

Yuri patted the child’s shoulder quickly when he replied with his head dropped.

“It’s enough if you’re improving a little bit.
I asked because you need good physical strength to move your body.”

Hyazelki, who was watching and creeping closer, intervened in the conversation with the two.

“But he doesn’t leave any leftovers before and after the swordsmanship class.”


“Yes, I saw it.”

Lihan stared at Hyazelki, who spoke proudly.

He looked at her with a slightly confused expression and soon caught her eyes looking at him.

* * *

‘You’re a monster.’

‘If you die, everything will be solved.’

‘Please die for everyone.’

In the middle of the night, Hyazelki woke up to a voice full of evil things in her ears.

The number of times she dreamt of a nightmare decreased a lot because she was being loved a lot. But she was still suffering from nightmares like this sometimes.

With a sigh, Hyazelki rubbed her eyes and got up.

After living this life, she could see for sure.

That the parents of the past lives were all wrong.

Ciel also said it wasn’t her fault.

Hyazelki carefully left the room to calm her pounding heart.

This is because when she woke up from a nightmare, she couldn’t fall asleep right away.

It’s already been a long time, and she forgot almost everything, but once in a while, she suffered from nightmares and couldn’t sleep at night.

The nightmare was always the mysterious men who killed her, the parents who tried to kill her, and the ones who tried to harm her.

If she lays down and sleeps again straight away, she would have nightmares again. So she had to move her body and calm down because she didn’t want to have another nightmare.

As she walked through the hallway lit up by the moonlight coming through the window, the child’s footsteps rang out in silence.

‘Is Lihan sleeping well?’

Perhaps because Jiel asked for it, Hyazelki especially took care of Lihan.

She was excited because she had never had a brother.

‘When will Jiel come again?….’

Hyazelki, with her lips pouting, looked out the window.

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