Chapter 19

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“Master, this is a good thing too.” 666 looked at Jian Xingzhi’s reaction and hurried to placate, “Do you remember the second task after the first task of causing trouble? You have to let the supporting female lead and the lust demon, Qian Liu fight against each other, let the supporting female lead defeat it and get the treasure ‘Thousand Disguise’ in her hands. If the supporting female lead participates in the Sword Trial Conference without the ‘Thousand Disguise’, she would be recognised by others at any time. Not only that, you may even get discovered and hunted down with her. The both you bombed the Wen Xin Sect after all, so it won’t be good to show your face. Why don’t you find a way to mingle with Qian Liu and send a message to Qin Wan to save you? When she comes to your rescue and defeats Qian Liu, won’t the second task be considered completed?!”


“Will she ever come to save me?” Jian Xingzhi coldly surveyed the surrounding area and definitely told 666, “She will never come to rescue me.”


666: “……”


According to recent observations, the possibility of this supporting female lead coming to rescue Jian Xingzhi was close to zero.


One man and one system fell into silence, both their hearts anxious with worry. In the meantime, the man who just announced their future by dividing them into flower boys and slaves had taken out a booklet and started to call out their names and assigned task one by one.


“This one is assigned to dig the mine.”


“This one too.”


“And this one……” the man raised his eyes and saw three parts cold, three parts disdain, three parts contempt and that one part arrogant look on Jian Xingzhi’s face as his eyes lit up, “Ah! Is this not the one that Lord Qian Liu has specially instructed to bring? Quickly! Inform the Lord that the person has arrived!”


“Specially instructed?”


Jian Xingzhi frowned as he asked, “He already knew in advance that I was coming here?”


As soon as the words left his mouth, two sharp looking men rushed up and tied him up into a dumpling.


Although, tying him with such normal ropes were equal to not tying at all, Jian Xingzhi still cooperated with them and gave them the satisfaction of feeling superior as they tied him up and led him into the cave.


This cave was actually a luxurious space which was more likeable than the place they were standing just now, it basically looked like a palace. These underlings first sent him to a bath and gave him a change of clothes which basically was just a band loosely tied around the waist. Even his chest couldn’t be fully covered, the robe was also slit on the thigh side, showing his white and delicate legs. The two people after wearing him clothes began to tie his hair with ribbons and put heavy make-up on his face. The whole dress up pattern was done with demonic style in mind, everything he wore was red, from his clothes to his ribbons and even the make-up on his face.


Jian Xingzhi sat stiffly and let them do whatever they wanted. He also wanted to see what they were going to do with him. They simply made him into a walking meat, led him to a room with black clothes tied on his hands and eyes and pearls stuffed in his mouth, before forcing him to kneel on the ground and then walking out.


The room turned silent after the two people left. Jian Xingzhi could not see anything, but he still didn’t bother to waste his divine sense to poke around. After waiting in the darkness for a moment, he heard footsteps from outside not long after. As he waited, the footsteps stopped in front of him as he heard a familiar voice: “Zhang-gongzi.” Saying that, the person pulled off his blindfolded. Jian Xingzhi squinted his eyes and began to survey the surroundings.


The cave was rather gloomy, in the center, there was a kind of bed with red canopy and sheets, covered with a large red quilt with the word ‘Xi’ embroidered with gold thread. The surrounding area was lit with candles, the rest of the place was rather bland and looked gloomy.


Jian Xingzhi saw many black shadows swaying on the ground, when he raised his head, he saw bodies of several young men in their wedding clothes, hanging with their hands tied high up. It was unknown if all of them were dead or alive, their body was swaying like dead leaves.


The man in white with a hat on his head and his eyes closed caught Jian Xingzhi’s eyes among the swaying bodies. His face was pale and looked on the verge of dying. Jian Xingzhi immediately recognized the person –


Bai Suiyou.


“How is it?” A familiar and gentle voice sounded, Jian Xingzhi turned his head and saw ‘Bai Suiyou’ or rather, the demon Qian Liu, who had ‘Bai Suiyou’s’ face, was wearing a robe and reclining on the golden seat next to him. He smiled and surveyed Jian Xingzhi as he asked with a happy tone, “Do you feel surprised to see this Benzou*?”


[T/N: Benzou means: This Seat. This Venerable One; This Honourable One; This Noble one. A self-proclaimed status. Zuo refers to a noble position(seat), Zuo Wei. Ben is used to referring to themselves. So it’s like, “I, This Venerable One,”. A prideful way to call oneself.]


Jian Xingzhi didn’t reply, he thought for a moment before understanding something.


“You are the lust demon, Qian Liu.”


The lust demon, Qian Liu had the treasure ‘Thousand Disguise’ in his hand which could help him transform into the appearance of people he had seen at will.


Hearing this, Qian Liu smiled, “Not bad, this Benzou is exactly what you said.”


“You’ve killed Bai Suiyou.” Jian Xingzhi definitely spoke. Qian Liu shook his head and said “This Benzou does not kill beauty.”


Saying that, he rose from his position and shook the feather fan in his hand: “This Benzou only likes to collect. Especially the ones like you and Miss Li,” ‘Bai Suiyou’ raised his hand and caressed Jian Xingzhi’s face with his feather fan and said in a low voice, “Benzou likes your face so much.”


“Miss Li?” Jian Xingzhi squinted at him, “What did you do to her?”


“Don’t worry,” Qian Liu drew a circle towards a mirror not far away. Suddenly the mirror shook and the image of Qin Wanwan sleeping in the carriage appeared. “Soon, my shadow will send her here.”


When Jian Xingzhi saw Qin Wanwan’s face in the carriage sleeping peacefully, he felt the urge to rush into the mirror and give her a kick.


Sleep, sleep, sleep, what the hell are you doing still sleeping!


Who knew if his resentment had reached Qin Wanwan through the mirror, her eyelashes shook as she opened her eyes in a daze.


Qin Wanwan yawned as she sat up. Next to her ‘Bai Suiyou’, Qian Liu’s shadow, raised his head from the book he was looking at and looked at Qin Wanwan: “Miss Li, you’re awake?”


“Ah, fellow Daoist Bai,” Qin Wanwan rolled up the curtain of the carriage and looked around. Noticing that the tall trees next to her were tall like mountains and the carriage seemed to be entering a deep mountain, she frowned and asked, “Where are we?”


“The road towards the Tian Jian Sect was blocked.” ‘Bai Suiyou’ explained, “so we just took a small detour, it’s a mountain road and filled with trees.”


“Oh.” Qin Wanwan nodded and smiled at ‘Bai Suiyou’, “I’m troubling you.”


“No trouble at all.”


‘Bai Suiyou’ poured water for Qin Wanwan and offered it to her “Have some water, Guniang, we’ll be reaching our destination shortly.”


Qin Wanwan nodded, took the cup of water from his hand and took a sip.


Looking at the picture of ‘Bai Suiyou’ and Qin Wanwan chatting like nothing happened, Jian Xingzhi turned his head to look at Qian Liu, the mastermind of everything.


“You are only at the Golden Pill stage but can cultivate a split body,” Jian Xingzhi raised his eyebrows and said, “It seems you are hiding your true ability.”


“You, a mere mortal, dares to speak to this Benzou like that? You have a lot of guts.”


‘Bai Suiyou’ said as he crouched down and raised his hand to pinch Jian Xingzhi’s chin: “You think you still have your Master to protect you?”


“If it weren’t for your Master,” Qian Liu’s hand slowly traced across Jian Xingzhi’s cheek as he muttered, “you would have been here the night you first met Benzou.”


“It was you that night?”


Jian Xingzhi’s eyes were tinged with coldness at the mention of that night when he felt someone standing outside their window and spying on them, but the smile on the other party’s lips did not diminish.


Qian Liu tilted his head in question: “Oh? So your Master told you about this? It seems that you have a good relationship with your Master. I had wanted to attack you together, but I didn’t know that your Master had some skills. Yesterday, when she was separated from you in the forest, I wanted to get rid of her alone and specially prepared Colluding Heart herbs for this reason and deceived them as Fire Spiritual Grass. But who knew she was a crazy bitch, smelt so many Colluding Heart herbs but wasn’t affected at all! If it weren’t for the fifty dogs that died yesterday from those herbs, I would have thought I had bought fake ones.”


Jian Xingzhi: “……”


“But the good thing is that I figured out her weakness.” Qian Liu turned his head and looked at Jian Xingzhi gently as he said, “she have a Longdan and that was why poisoning her had no effect at all. But if she had Dual-Cultivation with someone, it would be really a great tonic.”



“You still want to Dual-Cultivate with her?”


Jian Xingzhi looked at Qian Liu like looking at a dead person.


Qianliu laughed: “Do you think I can’t? Women are all easy to coax, look.”


Qian Liu pointed to the picture of Qin Wanwan happily chatting with ‘Bai Suiyou’ and said: “How happy she and my shadow are looking. Believe it or not, it will only take a moment for me to make her move.”


“Really?” Jian Xingzhi’s face was still expressionless as if he couldn’t believe it, “I don’t believe it.”


“You’re really dead set on that woman!” Qian Liu gritted his teeth, “You just wait!”


Saying that he turned towards the mirror and stared at the image of Qin Wanwan and ‘Bai Suiyou’. Jian Xingzhi also looked at the mirror to see what that stupid woman would do.


Qin Wanwan drank the water and noticed the gaze of ‘Bai Suiyou’ was still on her. Feeling a little uncomfortable, she looked at him and asked hesitantly, “Why is fellow Daoist Bai looking at me like this?”


“You are very beautiful.” Saying this, ‘Bai Suiyou’ got up and sat next to Qin Wanwan, “Didn’t anyone tell you this?”


Qin Wanwan heard him praising her like this and felt a little shy as she replied, “Indeed not.”


Guniang, don’t be shy. It’s just that you are more beautiful than the moon in the sky. I’ve never seen someone as beautiful as you. And I think I have feelings for you. I apologize if I’ve offended you ……”


“Fellow Daoist, you haven’t offended me. It’s just, I’m too embarrassed to reply to you.” Qin Wanwan twisted her head and sent a dainty look at ‘Bai Suiyou’ which made Jian Xingzhi shiver in disgust.


“She likes this style?” Jian Xingzhi said as he scrunched up his nose, “What kind of taste is this?”


“What do you think?” Qian Liu waved his fan and looked down at Jian Xingzhi with a smile, “How does it feel to watch the woman you love talk about love with another man?”


“It’s none of your business how I feel.” Jian Xingzhi said carelessly. He raised his eyes and asked him, “You like her so much that you want to snatch her away from me?”


“Like her?”


Qian Liu snorted, “A vulgar woman who knows nothing but being arrogant. How can she be compared to such a beautiful flower like you?”


The moment Jian Xingzhi heard this, he froze.


Qian Liu squatted down and looked at him with deep emotion as he said, “Zhang San, the person I love is not her but you.”


Jian Xingzhi looked at the demonic face in front of him and couldn’t help but squeeze his fist.


When Qian Liu saw that Jian Xingzhi did not say anything, he raised his hand and caressed Jian Xingzhi’s cheek again as he said in a desperate voice “I will Dual-Cultivate with her only for the Longdan. But I will Dual-Cultivate with you because I love you!


“I don’t think I will be able to do it.”


Jian Xingzhi gritted his teeth and said to 666. 666 didn’t dare to persuade, fearing that it might face its Master’s backlash if it opened its mouth.


Nevertheless, it gathered courage for a long time and shivered as she persuaded him, “Master! Remember, it is all for the task!”


The situation was so absurd that it didn’t have any more word to persuade Jian Xingzhi.


The first task was easy to do, even though he still had to burn many woods and haystack for it*. But this task was simply undoable!


[T/N: Work very hard.]


“Zhang San!” Qian Liu cupped Jian Xingzhi’s face, “Let’s two of us live happily together!”


“Happy,” Jian Xingzhi looked up and stared at Qian Liu’s infatuated face as he hooked the corners of his mouth, “your ass.”


The moment the voice fell, a spell formation that could absorb spiritual energy appeared in one hand and a sword brimming with spiritual energy appeared on the other hand of Jian Xingzhi. He easily cut the silk rope that had bounded his hands and pointed the tip of the sword at Qian Liu! The actions were done so smoothly that Qian Liu, who still had the infatuated look on his face a moment ago was shocked.


He stepped backwards and looked at Jian Xingzhi as if looking at a ghost. The spiritual energy in the air turned into countless swords and rushed to Qian Liu, successfully nailing him on the wall with a “clang”.


The original body was wounded, so the shadow on the mirror with Qin Wanwan stiffened and changed its face. Qin Wanwan worriedly looked at him: “Fellow Daoist Bai, what happened to you?”


As soon as the words left her mouth, Jian Xingzhi raised his hand and nailed another stab to Qian Liu’s stomach.


“Tell her,” Jian Xing Zhi looked at the mirror next to ‘Bai Suiyou’ who was busy throwing blood. He gave a scornful look at Qian Wanwan whose face was full of worry and commanded Qian Liu in a cold tone, “tell her that I was captured by you, tell her to come to my rescue. ”


The transparent sword around Qian Liu instantly disappeared as he directly slid to the ground. He covered his wounds with difficulty and tried desperately to stand up.


Jian Xingzhi drew his sword again and walked towards him step by step.


“I said ……”


Qian Liu spat blood as he hurriedly said, “I’ll say it right away.”


Qin Wanwan in the carriage was wiping blood from the corner of ‘Bai Suiyou’s’ mouth. She asked him full of worry, “What’s wrong with you?”


‘Bai Suiyou’s’ face was serious as he raised his eyes to look at Qin Wanwan and said, “Miss Li, bad news. Zhang-gongzi was captured by a demon.”


“Why are you vomiting blood if he was captured?”


Qin Wanwan’s face was full of worry and bewildered. ‘Bai Suiyou’ swallowed a mouthful of blood and spoke out with difficulty: “I was worried that the Wanshifang would do something to Zhang-gongzi and wanted to give him a ride, so I commanded my shadow to guard him. My shadow must be injured by protecting him, that’s why I’m in this state. I’m afraid he was captured by a lust demon. Miss Li, please go save him. He is just three miles away ……” from us.


His words couldn’t be finished when the feeling of sharp blade piercing violently through his stomach came. This time, the feeling was more painful since he was directly stabbed by the person in front of him. Qian Liu stared at Win Wanwan in a daze as she stabbed him one more time in the stomach. He didn’t even realize when she pulled out that dagger.


He looked at Qin Wanwan incredulously, who still had that worried look on her face as she asked, “So you have commanded your shadow to watch over him, huh? You have already tricked me into the carriage, and still want to lie to me ah?”


“You …… you knew ……”


“You are Qian Liu.” Qin Wanwan smiled, “I’m not stupid. I can still tell the difference between Fire Spirit Grass and Colluding Heart Grass.”


Qian Liu’s eyes widened.


That was when his hair was suddenly grabbed by Jian Xingzhi and he was once again poked by him on his stomach with a sword: “Make her come here any way!”


“I’m telling the truth ……” Qian Liu’s shadow spat out blood and raised his hand, making an oath, “He’s really, caught by me, you… …go and save ……”


Qin Wanwan didn’t hesitate to stab him in the stomach again as if stabbing a piece of tofu and said “Sorry,” Qin Wanwan smiled, “I don’t believe a word you say.”


“Make her believe!” Jian Xingzhi stabbed again from this side, “Or I’ll kill you.”


“What happened?” Qin Wanwan stabbed again as she repeated what Jian Xingzhi said, “Tell the truth or I’ll kill you.”


Two people, back and forth keep poking the poor demon Qian Liu. One with a sword and the other with a dagger. Qian Liu who was being stabbed to death was suffering heavy injuries from both sides. His body with a Golden Core wasn’t able to support him anymore of the torture of two people as he spurted out a final mouthful of blood before closing his eyes, seemingly dead.


Jian Xingzhi looked at the completely breathed out Qian Liu and could not help but freeze.




“You stabbed him so many times,” 666 sighed, “it was a wonder he held on so long. Master, I applied to the system for a quarter-hour delay, in a quarter-hour, if you can’t fulfill the task, then please be prepared for the Heavenly Tribulation.”


Jian Xingzhi: “……”


Prepare, prepare for what? To decide how to get electrocuted, lying down or standing up?


The mission requirement was “Help the supporting female character to fight with the lust demon and obtain the treasure ‘Thousand Disguise’ from the hands of the demon”. Now that Qian Liu is dead, who will fight with Qin Wanwan? Not to mention, if she knew that Qian Liu was dead, would she even come here?


Jian Xingzhi’s heart was in turmoil, he turned his head to look at the mirror and found that Qin Wanwan watched Qian Liu bleeding to death with an expressionless face before getting off the carriage.


She didn’t leave as before without a care in the world, instead she ran directly to the direction of a group of women captured by Qian Liu and squeezed between those women.


Although Jian Xingzhi could not figure out what Qin Wanwan was up to, his problem was no longer whether Qin Wanwan would come and fight with Qian Liu but that Qian Liu was gone.


He just poked him a little as warning, it wasn’t considered a fatal blow, right? Then why did he(Qian Liu) die?


After pondering for a while, he immediately pulled Qian Liu’s corpse up and found an armor from the room for him to put it on the corpse. Then he made him sit on the bed with his legs crossed and used his own blood to write a puppet talisman on his back and waited for a while to see his reaction.


After doing these things, he ran to a corner and squatted down and looked at the ‘Qian Liu’ on the bed also squatting down like him with his head down.


The effect made Jian Xingzhi very satisfied. He waited in the room for someone to come.


Not long after, he heard someone outside respectfully say: “Lord Qian Liu, all the beautiful women have arrived.”


“Bring them in.”


Jian Xingzhi activated the Responding Charm and made ‘Qian Liu’ speak.


The door opened, and a dozen women came through it while crying and wailing. The man in charge pointed in Jian Xingzhi’s direction and cursed: “Why are you crying? Wait beside him for the Lord to call!”


Jian Xingzhi let out a mocking smile and turned his head to look at the women that came. He immediately spotted Qin Wanwan who was mixed in with other women. When their eyes met, Qin Wanwan froze. She stepped forward and pushed the others away before squatting next to Jian Xingzhi and asked in a low voice, “Why are you here? And dressed like this?”


The two of them were in the same room, which was very surprising. Considering the fact that Jian Xingzhi was supposed to be in Acacia for his job.


At that, Jian Xingzhi snickered and turned his head away, not wanting to pay any attention to her.


Qin Wanwan glanced at the surrounding area and anxiously persuaded him, “This place is very dangerous.”


“You’ve sold me out,” Jian Xingzhi gave her a cool look, “and you still dare to care about me?”


“Wanshifang didn’t send you to Acacia?” Qin Wanwan understood everything as soon as she heard it, “So they scammed us, huh?! They didn’t even return my ten spirit stones!”


Jian Xingzhi rolled his eyes and didn’t say anything.


Qin Wanwan surveyed the surroundings and was a bit flustered.


From the very first time she saw Bai Suiyou, she had a vague feeling that something was wrong with him. The same night she met Bai Suiyou, she felt someone spying on them, but somehow, the other party retreated quickly before she could investigate properly. Not only that, the people with him, Mu Yi and Mu Qing were also behaving suspiciously before disappearing completely, which made her suspect Bai Suiyou even more.


When they went to the forest to catch the Fire Ants, this ‘Bai Suiyou’ used the Colluding Heart Grass as Fire Spirit Grass to deceive her. At that moment, she understood that this fellow was actually the city’s most wanted criminal, Qian Liu.


She had seen in the wanted poster on the city gate that Qian Liu specially likes beauty. He has Thousand Disguise that helps to change his appearance at will. Both she and Jian Zhiyan were good-looking fellow, so it wasn’t a surprise that Qian Liu made a move on them.


But no matter what, Qian Liu was after all at the Golden Pill stage, and was armed with many magical treasures. So she planned to settle Jian Zhiyan first, and then to try to find Qian Liu’s nest, capture him and call the people of the Tian Jian Sect, to end Qian Liu’s nest in one go and also save the people he was going to harm.


After all, it shouldn’t be hard to fight with him. She was someone who came down from the Immortal Realm, facing someone at the Golden Core stage, she could still beat them as long as she was careful. But why was Jian Zhiyan here?


Jian Zhiyan can’t be harmed, otherwise, how would she fulfill Qin Wan’s last wish?


Qin Wanwan squatted on the ground with Jian Xingzhi, her mind in turmoil.


Jian Xingzhi saw the man in charge said goodbye to Qian Liu and went out. He took the chance to lure Qin Wanwan, who was holding her head and staring at her feet with misery.




“Don’t say anything, Iet me think of something.”


“Look at that Qian Liu,” Jian Xingzhi continued as if he hadn’t heard her and raised his hand to point at ‘Qian Liu’, “do you think something is wrong with him?”


Qin Wanwan looked up and saw ‘Qian Liu’ sitting cross-legged on the bed with his head down, as if he had fallen asleep while meditating.


“Why don’t you just sneak up on him now?” Jian Xingzhi suggested seriously, “we’ll be able to get out if you can kill him.”


Qin Wanwan was in a trance for a moment, then hurriedly shook her head: “With Qian Liu’s strength, even if he fell asleep, I won’t be able to attack him easily, I’ll think something.”


He’s dead stupid woman!


Jian Xingzhi saw Qin Wanwan frying her brain to think of a solution and the urge to use a sound amplifying magic to yell at her soared.


Just go! Push him! And leave the rest to me!


But he couldn’t say anything, he could only watch as Qin Wanwan think of something for half a day before raising her head and looking at him seriously.


“Jian Zhiyan, I may not be able to take care of you later. You have to protect yourself.”


“Don’t worry.”


Jian Zhiyan nodded: “I will protect myself.”


“Recently, I observed that your spiritual sense is clear because you have been meditating regularly. Your breath is smooth, and you weren’t even affected by the illusionery magic of the Fire Ants, so it’s possible that your divine sense has gotten stronger. I know a secret technique, where I can turn your sea of consciousness ability into aura and help you advance fast. Now I will help you breakthrough, so later when chaos occurs, you can protect yourself.”


“No ……”


The word “no need” was still in his mouth when Qin Wanwan already grabbed his face and touched his forehead with hers.


It was that instant that both of them saw the mountains and rivers and zeographies scurrying past in front of their eyes, and the spiritual energy swarmed in.


Huge power of an intensely strong divine sense was instantly displayed in front of Qin Wanwan. Although it was not possible to see what was inside his sea of consciousness, but she understood everything just by this divine sense alone.


Is this really the divine sense of an ordinary person?!


His divine sense was even stronger than her, who had a heavenly immortal body. She had seen many people in the Immortal Realm, cultivating for hundred of years but still couldn’t acquire a divine sense as strong as him. But he was able to built up such divine sense just by cultivating a few days, this was simply impossible!


Was this really Jian Zhiyan’s divine sense?


Even if Jian Zhiyan was a hidden talented young immortal cultivator and had various opportunities superimposed for him, it was still impossible to have such strong divine sense!


Then there was only one possibility remained and that was –


Her forehead felt a powerful spiritual force adsorbing her consciousness and volleyed into her secret spell formation. Qin Wanwan stared at the person opposite her as she asked in a sharp tone, “Who the hell are you?”





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