Chapter 18

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If Kael was called somewhere to work, it was nothing but for punishing the sinners.


And Hyazelki knew well that he was too reluctant to do it.


Hyazelki looked at the table with tea cups and snacks.


Then she pushed the chair that she was seated toward the chair beside her.




“Miss? Why are you moving the chair?”


“I want to sit close to Papa.”






Yuri smiled at the child’s answer.


Hyazelki was consistently lovely since she was a child.


While she was pouring hot water and brewing tea, Hyazelki sat quietly in the chair and waited for Kael.


By the time the fragrant tea filled the room, Kael returned.






Seeing the smiling face of the child, he sighed shallowly.


Kael sat next to the child with a softer expression than usual as his stiffened mouth was loosened.


Yuri poured the tea in the teacup placed in front of them.


When Kael lifted the tea cup, Hyazelki followed him and drank tea. Then she reached straight for the tart.


Kael smiled automatically as he watched the anticipated expression on her face and her eyes twinkling.


She took a bite of the tart with cream and fruit on it.


It had a fantastic taste with a crispy base, soft cream, and fresh fruit.


Feeling the sweetness in her mouth, Hyazelki had a moving face.




“Um! Delicious!”


“Eat a lot.”




Yuri said with a proud face.


She stretched her shoulders and clenched her fists. If her Master wasn’t here, she would have rushed and hugged Hyazelki tightly.


Hyazelki, who nodded, picked up the tart again and picked up a spoonful.


Then she held it out to Kael.




“Now, Papa eat.”


“I don’t need it.”


“Why? It’s delicious.”


“If it’s delicious, try to eat a lot.”




Hyazelki pursed her lips, but she no longer insisted him anymore and withdrew her hand that held out the tart.


People in the castle knew she wouldn’t suggest something twice if it was rejected previously.


If you tell her not to do something, she wouldn’t do it.


At first, everyone thought it was cute and they were proud to raise such an obedient child, but as time went by, they somehow felt sorry for her meek behaviour.


Because they knew she was doing this for other reasons.




‘I told you didn’t I? How many times do I have to tell you?’




Of course, Kael, who knew the reason, was not in a good mood.


Hyazelki was relieved to hear that Kael would not hate her.


But unlike the usual relief, the child still had a fear of being hated.


All three lives of hers ended before the age of ten.


Even though she had lived a short life, the memories at that time were not blurred and still clear as ever.


‘It’s been a while since I came to the castle, and I wonder if it’s completely okay now to behave as a normal child. But when I think of them…. I realize that it’s not.’


Although her past lives seems to be completely out of the way, she was still stuck in the past.


Hyazelki, who quickly lost her mind in thoughts, drank the tea with a smile as if she had never looked upset.


Kael actually refused because he didn’t enjoy sweets very much, but he felt a little uncomfortable.


Hyazelky already seemed like she didn’t mind, but she showed that attitude in everything.


He thought it would be okay now that it’s been a long time.




‘How long does a child’s wound last?’


Kael tilted his upper body toward the table.








Then, he cleared his throat and glanced sideways at the tart.


He doesn’t like sweets very much, but isn’t it important to not make her upset?


There was nothing he couldn’t eat if that was the reason.




“Hey, if you want…….”








“I’m here!”




The door opened, cutting off Kael’s words in the middle.


And they heard the voice that Hyazelki had been waiting for.








At once, she jumped out of her seat with a brighter face and ran to the dragon of the earth that opened the door and hugged her.






Kael frowned at their interactions, unable to hide his irritation.




‘What’s wrong with him?….’




Then he reluctantly got up from his seat.




“Oh, Baby! Did you miss me!”


“Jiel, oh, I’m 11 years old now. I’m not a baby anymore.”


“But you’re still a Baby.”




Jiel, who patted the child’s hair lightly, said pleasantly.




“I’m sorry I couldn’t come to see you on your last birthday because something came up.”


“It’s okay. You don’t have to keep coming.”


“No, I just wanted to see Jiel.”




Jiel glanced at Kael, who spoke as if he were listening, raised one corner of his mouth and smiled.


The look on his face was so annoying that Kael clenched his fist and somehow managed to soothe his anger.




“Oh, there’s someone who came with me today.”








Unlike Hyazelki, who opened her eyes wide, Kael crumpled his face.


He had just come back from punishing a sinner.


If someone came with a dragon, who else would be if not a sinner?




“Hey, not in front of Hia…….”




Of course, Kael, who concluded that the person Jiel brought was a sinner, stared fiercely at him and tried to tell him.


Don’t bring sinners in front of Hyazelki. But he had to blur the end of his speech quickly. Because-




“Ta-da! This child!”




After putting Hyazelki down, Jiel pushed the back of the child who was hiding behind him.


Bright white-hair and green eyes. It was a boy shorter than Hyazelki.


For now, Kael was relieved that it was not a sinner.


There has never been such a child among the sinners who have been punished for such a long time.




“Baby, I brought a friend. I did a good job, right?”




Kael’s eyes were cold as he looked at Jiel who was smiling with his eyes winking.


Hyazelki, who came out of Jiel’s arms, opened her eyes wide and looked at the child he had brought.


It was evident that the child was fidgeting nervously, rolling his eyes around.


He had a skinny body and was shorter than her, but she could see that he had a very pretty face.


The child was surprised to find Hyazelki in front of him.


Then he stared at her with a stunned face.




“Who is he?”




When asked by a dull-faced Kael, Jiel put a big hand on the child’s head and laughed.


“The child I saved.”


“Are you going to raise a human now?”


“No? I’m too much of a vagabond for that. So I’m going to leave the child here.”






Kael frowned at the obvious answer.


As he was staring at Jiel fiercely, the person involved seemed to be indifferent towards his anger.


Yuri, who was there, was restless instead.




“……I, I will call the butler.”






When Yuri left her place as if she was running away, silence lingered in the room for a while.


The child, who had been pushed forward by Jiel, stared at Hyazelki as if he were surprised, and soon hid behind Jiel.


But even while hiding, the child couldn’t take his eyes off of Hyazelki.




‘Why are you looking at me like that?’


Hyazelki also stared at the child, wondering why he was staring so intently at her.




“What are you going to do with him?”


“I’ll leave him here.”


“By whose permission?”


“Why? Isn’t it nice to be here because Hyazelki is here, too?”




Kael couldn’t hide his annoyance, thinking that his castle seemed to have become a child shelter.








As Kael stared fiercely, the child took a sharp breath and grabbed the hem of Jiel’s clothes.


Maybe because he felt the coolness in the voice. But the child’s eyes still didn’t fall away from Hyazelki.


He wasn’t looking away, but he looked to be frightened for certain.








Hyazelki, who was making eye contact with the child, immediately blocked Kael’s front.


“He’s scared.”




Kael, who was staring at the child, quickly turned his eyes away at her words.


Turning around, Hyazelki asked Jiel.




“What’s his name?”


“You know, that… Baby listen to me! He said he didn’t have a name, so I named him.”




Hyazelki tilted her head as she looked at Jiel talking proudly.




‘Why do you look so happy…….?’




He seemed quite proud of the fact that he had named the child.




“It’s Lihan.”


“That’s a pretty name!”




Lihan still couldn’t take his eyes off the smiling Hyazelki.




“Baby, aren’t you staring at her too much?”


At Jiel’s sly smile, the boy named Lihan, finally turned his eyes away.


Jiel, who grabbed the back of the child who was still trying to hide behind him, pushed his back in front of him.




“Oh, my.”




Lihan, who grabbed Jiel’s hem with an anxious face, rolled his eyes anxiously and lowered his head.




“You have to say hello.”






At Jiel’s urging, Lihan let go of his hem that he had been holding all the time.


The child looked down and spoke in a thin voice.








Laughing in satisfaction, Jiel gently stroked Lihan’s head.


Hyazelki stared blankly at his fingers grazing the platinum blonde hair.


‘It looks soft…….’




She looked at the soft-haired puppy in front of her, and felt like she shouldn’t touch it.




“Baby, I think he’s younger than you.”




“Yes, he’s younger than you, but please take care of him like a friend.”






Kael, who was listening to the conversation between Hyazelki and Jiel, spoke up with a frown.




“Hey, who wants to…….”


“You can’t?”


“Of course…”




Of course, Kael, who was going to say no, but he couldn’t finish his sentence and closed his mouth.


Seeing Hyazelki looking at him with an expectant face, he couldn’t say no.


Furthermore, once he said no, she will not persuade him anymore and accept it.


So he couldn’t say no.




“It’s good for young children to grow up with their peers, right?”






Kael avoided Jiel’s gaze with his mouth closed tightly.


He was not interested in any human children other than Hyazelki.


However, if being together had a good effect on Hyazelki, it would be okay to let him stay in the castle for the time being.


But it seemed like things were going according to Jiel’s will, so he felt irritated.




“And, Baby, did you start studying?”


“Yes! I’m working hard. I can read now.”


“Yes, Hia likes books.”


“But it’s good to know about humans.”




Hyazelki agreed with that.


While Kael was in agony looking at her nodding, Yuri, who went to find Albert, returned.


The butler, who entered, first gave courtesy to Kael and Jiel.




“Oh, Albert. Please prepare a room for this child.”






Albert looked up at Kael’s sudden words.


On the way, he heard from Yuri roughly about the situation, but he didn’t know if his owner would permit it.




“Yes, the room next to the Baby would be good.”


“Hey, who wants to…….”




Kael, who wrinkled his face again, was annoyed but blurred the end of his words again.


This is because Hyazelki was looking at him with a face asking if it was alright.




‘Damn it.’







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