Chapter 18

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Qin Wanwan was in the room holding the box of the appointment letter of the job she had found for Jian Zhiyan and waiting. They were so desperate to run away from the Ant King that she had forgotten about Bai Suiyou. Just when she was thinking about him, a paper crane flew through the window.

Qin Wanwan opened the paper crane, and heard the voice of a man coming from the paper crane: “Miss Li, I have left the dense forest with no serious injury. If you still intend to travel with me, tomorrow morning, I will wait for you at the east gate of Xianxian Town together.”

Qin Wanwan replied with an “ok.”

After folding the paper crane again, it flew up and left Qin Wanwan’s sight.

Not long after the paper crane left, Nan Feng came up to the room and called Qin Wanwan: “Master, everything is set up, you can go downstairs and drink with Jian-daojun.”

Qin Wanwan nodded. She ate a few sobriety pills to keep herself sober before finally gathering enough courage to walk downstairs.

Tonight, she must get Jian Xingzhi drunk!

When Qin Wanwan reached the courtyard, she saw that Jian Xingzhi had already arrived there, dressed in blue brocade and sitting in the courtyard.

Nan Feng was an ant with great work efficiency. In less than half an hour, he called his little brothers to turn the courtyard into a sea of flowers. When he heard the sound of Qin Wanwan coming downstairs, he raised his eyes and smiled, “Master, you’re here.”

Qin Wanwan had brought the box containing Jian Xingzhi’s letter of introduction and appointment and sat down with it. Putting the box aside, she looked around the courtyard that had been decorated with flowers with raised eyes. Jian Xingzhi’s eyes landed at the box beside her as he asked, “What is this?”

“A gift.”

Qin Wanwan said seriously, and as she said that, she poured wine for the two of them.

The two with tacit understanding poured two cups of wine for each other. Qin Wanwan pushed the cup in her hand to Jian Xingzhi and said, “Let’s celebrate the successful work of exploding the sect, avenging the injustice done on us and coming down the mountain.”

Jian Xingzhi didn’t say anything and toasted with her, “Cheers.”

The two people finished the cups of wine in one gulp. Jian Xingzhi poured another cup of wine for Qin Wanwan and said, “Let’s toast for the life and death battle we had fought these days.”

Qin Wanwan nodded her head as she gritted her teeth and toasted along with him, “Cheers.”

The two of them, drowned each other in wine while giving excuses after excuses. After finishing a sack of wine, Qin Wanwan stared at the person sitting opposite her and saw that he still didn’t look like drunk. Seeing him unmoving like a mountain, she couldn’t help but contemplate about her plan one more time.

She was here to get Jian Xingzhi drunk, not to get herself drunk, in case she got drunk, wouldn’t it be embarrassing?

So she changed the rules and suggested to Jian Xingzhi, “It’s no fun drinking wine like this. Let’s play a game.”

“What game?”

“We will ask each other questions, and if we can’t answer, we will have to drink.”

“OK.” Jian Xingzhi agreed with confidence. He mulled it over in his heart, he knows about various types of spiritual grass and animals, knows how to recites a thousand cultivation scriptures and Sword Intent. So whatever she asks, he should be able to answer.

“Then, let’s start.” Qin Wanwan nodded and threw her first question, “what is the multiplication mnemonic*?”

[T/N: A mnemonic (/nɪˈmɒnɪk/ nih-MON-ik) device, or memory device, is any learning technique that aids information retention or retrieval (remembering) in the human memory for better understanding. Multiplication mnemonic means tricks to easily multiply. ]

“What?” Jian Xingzhi froze.

Qin Wanwan didn’t answer and raised her hand with a cup filled with wine, “Drink.”

Jian Xingzhi’s eyes twitched as he accept the cup from her and drank it with one gulp. He put down the bowl on the table with a thud and threw his question.

“What is the first sentence of the True Sutra of the Great Supreme Transformation?”

Qin Wanwan choked, she didn’t expect this Jian Xingzhi, who didn’t know anything except creative trouble for her would ask such a difficult question. She was considered barely a cultivator in her previous life, apart from eating, drinking, sleeping and playing all day, what was there that she knew? Nothing! So it was obvious that she wasn’t able to answer the question. Jian Xingzhi fully understood what her silence meant, he gave her the same triumphant smile she gave him and raised a cup full of wine, “Drink.”

Qin Wanwan took a deep breath and drank the cup of wine.

“Do you know what is the next sentence of “The rivers and mountains are so delicate, attracting countless heroes to bend?*”‘

[T/N: It’s a Chinese poem the author found on internet. (correct me if I’m wrong)]

Jian Xingzhi couln’t answer but that didn’t stop him from drinking another cup of wine.

“Do you now the Thunder Spell with five layers stacked?”

Qin Wanwan drank again.

This continued for a while. The two of them asked about things that the other party was completely unaware of. Both of them kept asking questions like this until midnight. Drinking as a punishment and vomiting on the way.

Qin Wanwan, who had already taken a sobriety pill could barely support herself. And Jian Xingzhi, who relied on the formation of Body Support also found it difficult to continue.

Qin Wanwan’s face was red, she didn’t had the urge to ask more questions. Seeing the dawn appearing, she supported her head and rubbed it hard as she suggested again, “How about this, let’s do something, if I don’t like what you do, you’ll have to drink one sip. And if you don’t like what I do, I’ll drink one sip, okay?”

“Okay.” Jian Xingzhi readily agreed before questioning, “But what do I do?”

“Give me the Qiankun bag.” Qin Wanwan extended her hand and demanded.

Jian Xingzhi smiled, propped his head up as he unhooked the Qiankun bag from his waist and twirled in his hand, “Then promise me,” he paused and stared at her hard as he said, “that you will protect me until I ascend.”

The two did not speak, just quietly stared at each other.

The petals of the flowers flew along the wind under the moonlight with a beautiful curve. Qin Wanwan gritted her teeth as it was hard for her to control her surging anger, “Do you know what I want to do?”

“You want to run away.”

Jian Xingzhi spoke with certainty.

Qin Wanwan let out a sad smile as she said, “I am planning a bright future for you.”

“You’re planning to dump me.”

Jian Xingzhi’s eyes were cold. Qin Wanwan argued with difficulty as she sighed and said, “I did it because I love you.”

“The work will provide you a house and food, with a fixed salary. Its stable and calm, without much hardwork,” Qin Wanwan said with a heartbreaking tone, her acting skill turned on to the fullest, “This is the greatest happiness I can give you, Zhiyan. So please live your life.”

Jian Xingzhi was stunned. More than feeling moved, he was speechless.

He, Jian Xingzhi, was the greatest cultivator of all time with a Golden Core from birth and has always been the best among immortal cultivators. But she actually wants him to guard a house?

“My Lady,” Jian Xingzhi couldn’t bear it and turned on his acting mood as well, “can’t you see how much I love you?”

“Zhiyan,” Qin Wanwan stood up and walked to him. She held his face tenderly in her hand and said, “I know, you can’t let go of me, but it has to be this way. Because this is the only way.”

Jian Xingzhi looked at Qin Wanwan, who was holding his face and couldn’t help but ask, “What are you …… planning to do?”

“I know what you want,” Qin Wanwan’s face was full of affection, “but Zhiyan, you are the most important person in my heart, and the one I don’t want to be in danger……”

Qin Wanwan lowered her head as droplets of tears fell from her eyes. Her eyes looked misty, as if it was washed by the rain. Jian Xingzhi looked at her face that looked like pear blossom were swirling around her. His heart couldn’t help but beat faster when he saw the face getting closer and closer with her eyes closed. His whole person stiffened up, like an overly frightened cat. He instantly jumped away, frantically trying to back away as if the person in front of him wasn’t a human but a monster. And before he knew it, he fainted.

Two carriages left the inn in the morning and went in different directions. When the sun rose completely, Jian Xingzhi suddenly woke up, he got up violently, and found a large group of people sitting around him. The group consisted only men, with yellowed skin and thin body. They were wearing rags and sackcloth, some curious were looking at Jian Xingzhi.

Jian Xingzhi looked at the people around him before squeezing through the crowd and lifting the curtain of the carriage. The road outside that greeted him was already unfamiliar to him.

When he moved, he felt something in his arms. Feeling the Qiankun bag in his arms, he felt that it was a bit heavy than before. He opened the bag and found many spiritual stones and his deed of the job appointment, as well as a letter.

He took the letter out and found that it was written by ‘Qin Wan’.

My beloved Yan, by the time you see this letter, you should already be on your way.

I know you don’t understand my behavior. Why I must leave you and forcing you on the matter. The truth is, I’m not me anymore.

One day, when I woke up, I suddenly found that the world I was so familiar with had changed so much that I was no longer the Qin Wan you loved, and you, too, were no longer the Zhiyan that I loved.

We have changed a lot. I hope, before we meet again, we can keep the last little bit of beauty of our true selves inside. Because the you I know in my heart is the most gentle, the most beautiful and the most kind, Jian Zhiyan.

I found a good job for you, you will have a stable salary, a stable career, and a house of your own. You will find your own happiness in the world of people.

May we not hate each other and love each other forever.

Yours ever

Qin Wan.

After reading the letter, Jian Xingzhi fell into deep thought.

666 sighed: “Alas, she must have had a change of heart. Thinking that you are not as gentle and delicate as she remembers.”

“Am I not gentle enough?”

Jian Xingzhi frowned, and 666 did not speak lest it angered its Master again. After a moment of silence, it spoke up and reassured Jian Xingzhi: “Actually, the job she found for you is quite good, I also like it. She so methodically planned your future. This is what is called love ah.”

The words just fell when the carriage stopped abruptly.

A gruff male voice suddenly shouted to the people inside, “Get down! Everyone, get down!”

One by one, the people in the carriage went down. Jian Xingzhi also jumped down with them, and once he did, he found himself standing in front of a huge cave.

“All of you divide in two groups. Those who are good looking will be sent to Lord Qianliu. And hose who are ugly will be the miners of the Qianshan Mine from today onwards! The owner of the Qianshan mine will not treat you poorly. We guarantee a bun for every meal, eight hours of mining every day without vacation! Although it’s a little harsh, it’s still stable and can give you food to feed your stomach”

“Welcome! New slaves!”

Jian Xingzhi: “……”

“Is this,” Jian Xingzhi looked at the five large men carrying the wolfsbane in front of him and clenched his fists as he said through gritted teeth, “what she meant by a good job?”

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