Chapter 17

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It was because she was hanging with her hands bound up tightly above her head, so she couldn’t move.

Hyazelki thought her short life was going to end like this again.

But at that moment, rain poured down from the sky.

The sudden rain, avoiding the child, extinguished the heat of the fire.

As the rain poured down, the wet villagers jumped up in surprise and began to get even more excited when they thought the child was pure and innocent.

‘Look at that. Look at that strange phenomenon. She wasn’t a pure child but a demoness. That’s what caused this misery in our village.’

Hyazelki, who closed her eyes for fear of the fire, opened her eyes again due to the growing murmur.

And the eyes of the villagers who faced her were caught in further madness.

“She has to die…she’s a demoness….”

“We will only live when she dies…….”

“We have to kill her and save the rest of the villagers.”

Now they had no guilt about killing a small child.

Rather, they blamed the plague on the village on her and rationalized their actions.

They tried to light the firewood again, but the firewood was wet and didn’t lit up.

Then they finally began to pull out weapons.

One picked up a stone and threw it, and other threw things they had in their hands.

The child, who were tied tightly to the tree was quickly covered with wounds.

Blood and tears were flowing. But no one cared.

Those who were afraid of Heaven’s wrath were too cruel to hurt a child so small.

Their madness did not die down, and the child began to gasp in pain.

She could see people with madness burning in their eyes with a vision that was blured with tears.

‘What did I do wrong…….’

What’s wrong with them? Why don’t they kill themselves?

‘Please stop..….’

She wanted them to stop now. She wanted to stop herself.

This life was thin and short like the previous ones, and now it’s all gone.

She didn’t even want to be born again.

Please, just end it like this.… If this is the end.

But she didn’t even die easily.

“Please die!”

When she heard the villagers begging her to die, she closed her eyes.

And when she opened her eyes again, there was silence everywhere.

‘What is it?’

She blinked several times because of the sight that were blurred with tears.

The sight became clear as the tears flowed down.

“You sinful people.”

As the soft voice penetrated her ears, she felt something bursting inside.

“You didn’t notice even when I gave you the opportunity to know the meaning of Heaven. Even if I tried to prevent your sins by pouring rain, I couldn’t stop you.”

The callous voice turned away from the humans.

She heard them gasping.

“This child will go with, me, the Dragon. Human beings do not deserve her.”

After that, she felt warm.

The deep fatigue seemed to be washed away.

“Let’s go. You’ll have to be treated first.”

The whole world was white.

Surrounded by white warmth, Hyazelki lost her consciousness.

* * *

“What’s going on?”

Hiel, with his gold hair loosely tied, was unusually surprised by the sudden appearance of a visitor.

Ciel’s sudden appearance in the southern temple was surprising enough.

In addition, he was holding a little girl in his arms, who was so hurt that her face was filled with blood and tears.

“Come over here, please. I need to treat the child first.”

Ciel, who moved as Hiel led them, carefully put down Hyazelki.

Her face was pale without blood.

The child’s small body was full of big and small wounds, and even her legs were burned.

Ciel’s expression was not good, but Hiel prioritized the treatment of the child over him.

A golden light flowed from Hiel’s fingertips, and the child’s wounds disappeared one by one.

Nevertheless, Ciel’s expression was still distorted.

After completing the child’s treatment, Hiel carefully swept Hyazelki’s forehead.

It was a meaningless act.

Just to know the extent to which the hair of the child was damaged.

But with that small contact, Hiel felt the deep-buried emotion bursting.

In an instant, longing overflowed, and Hiel, surprised, took a step back from the child.

“This is…… What…….”

Ciel looked at Hiel once with a subdued gaze before looking at Hyazelki again.

“……Yes, as you think.”

Ciel swept the sleeping child’s hair down.

“She was over-loved… That’s why she was hated. So shouldn’t we protect this child?”

Hiel, who barely calmed the wave of longing, approached the child again.

A child whose body is too small to have a place to hurt.

And yet the child ended up covered in wounds.

“This child… she must live with something different than others.”

“I suppose so.”

“What are you going to do now? This child….”

At Hiel’s question, Ciel suddenly smiled.

“The destination is fixed.”

“What? You already decided?”

Ciel nodded and held the child again.

“This child will go to the Dragon of Judgement.”

“To Kael? Is there a reason?”

Hiel quickly brought a thick blanket because it looked like Ciel was about to leave with the child.

Ciel, who wrapped the child with the blanket, hugged her again and said as he moved.

“The punishment of the sinner is under his jurisdiction. Protecting this child from sinners is also his job.”

“If you look at it, you tend to be hard on Kael.”

Ciel smiled back at Hiel.

“I’m just acting according to the way I treat myself. And it is God’s will for this child to go to him.”

The child wriggled in the arms of Ciel, who was walking away from the temple.


When she lifted the tightly closed eyelids, the golden amber eyes were revealed.

Hiel followed them out of the temple, and stared at Hyazelki when their eyes met.


Hiel swept her hair with a sad smile, feeling a little troubled.

‘I’m getting nostalgic.’

Hiel, who swallowed the words that he couldn’t say, said to Hyazelki, who was wrapped in a blanket.

“If something hurts you or you get hurt by accident, call me and I’ll definitely fly to you.”

The child, who seemed half asleep, looked up at Hiel blankly and soon smiled.

‘Even if it doesn’t hurt…… I might want to see him.’

At the white temple at the southern border.

A quiet dawn was slowly rising along with the burning sun.

Too much has happened in the blush of dawn.

Ciel, who was about to leave the temple, looked back at Hiel again before leaving.

Quietly backing away was what Hiel had always done.

The work of holding one’s heart in check was very sad.

“……there’s no way to stop the longing.”


“If I want to see her, shouldn’t I just go and see her? But from now on, this child will be with Kael, so he will always see her.”


“I don’t know if I will be able to be patient. We are dragons, not gods.”

From a human point of view, it was also a tremendous existence.

But the dragons were not omnipotent.

“Take care.”

Ciel, who left a short word, flew into the sky.

A giant white dragon flew far away in an instant with a child in one arm.

It was a sight that would have been a flagship if someone had witnessed it.

Thinking about it, Hiel smiled quietly and looked up at the empty sky where they had already disappeared.

“……I’ll see you again in time.”

Hiel, who murmured so quietly, soon disappeared back into the temple.

Chapter 2. To a child who has lived the death.

* * *

As time went by, Hyazelki turned 11.

It was the first time she had lived this long surrounded by loving people.

She had never been loved properly, but she has been loved for the first time in a long while.

The memory of three lives is no longer painful.

“Lady, the snack is ready.”

“Really? I’ll be there now.”

Hyazelki, who turned his head to Yuri’s voice, soon stepped away.

A warm look at herself and a reflective smile, along with the warmth of the warm hand that holds her hand when she reach out.

All this was never in the past three lives before.

“Do you like your garden that much?”

“Yes, that’s great.”

Yuri, who made snacks and came out to pick up Hyazelki, often went to the garden holding hands with the child.

It was a familiar routine now.

At first, it was a countermeasure to prevent Hyazelki, who was frightened by Yuri’s excessive affection, from running away.

However, Hyazelki, who returned from walking in the garden, looked a little less energetic than usual.

“What happened? Why do you look so down?”

“What? Oh, that’s…….”

Hyazelki was a little embarrassed by Yuri’s question and blurred the end of her words.

Yuri smiled slightly as if she already knew why she was doing so.

The braided coral hair was pressed over, and the scarf was wrapped around more firmly.

“Are you upset?”


Looking at Hyazelki, who was surprised, Yuri swallowed a laugh that was about to burst.

“Are you disappointed?”


“Because Jiel didn’t come to your birthday this year.”

“Oh… yes, but he came last year. Instead, Hiel came this year.”

“To be sure, it was a little unusual for him to come.”

“So I’m fine!”

Hyazelki, who seemed embarrassed, rushed into the castle.

“You didn’t say if you’re upset or not.”

Yuri, who smiled, quickly followed the child.

“Why were you upset?”

“Well, I was just a little sad because Jiel didn’t even contact me.”

The two people were chatting and trying to climb the stairs, but another voice intervened.

“He doesn’t have to come.”


Hyazelki, whose face turned bright at once, ran to Kael.

“Papa doesn’t like it when he comes?”

“He’s annoying. I’m tired of his antics when he comes.”

“I like him. Jiel blooms flowers for me.”

“Flowers can bloom without him, too.”

“But the flowers that are bloomed by Jiel are prettier and don’t wither easily in the winter.”

Kael wriggled his eyebrows at Hyazelki’s continued retort.

“But I don’t want him to come.”


The two of them, who held hands affectionately were about to move, when Albert called Kael.

Albert glanced at Hyazelki for a moment, and looked embarrassed.

In addition, there was a familiar bird sitting on the shoulder.

Hyazelki, who quickly noticed what was going on, let go of Kael’s hand and went back to Yuri.

“……I have to go.”

“Have a safe trip.”

Kael, who was looking at the child waving with a casual face for a moment, sighed briefly.

“……I’ll be right back.”

Taking a heavy step, Kael hurried to his work to return as soon as possible.

Albert smiled and followed him, trying to conceal his smile.

“Should we go to your room?”


Holding Yuri’s hand again, Hyazelki went back to the room.

While Yuri was preparing a teapot and a teacup, the child was enjoying them with snacks.

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