Chapter 16

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It was a bit cloudy that day since Autumn had just started. The weather has turned slightly cooler, especially in the early morning.

Xu Hui must have taken a shower just before leaving home, his hair was still not completely dry so it looked darker and more shinning.

Compared to his hair, his face was whiter, like a hazy morning mist.

“What took you so long to get here?” He had a perpetual look of dissatisfaction on his face.

Bai Lu was already trotting over, a thin line of sweat on her back.

“Have you been waiting long?” She asked.

Xu Hui frowned and looked down at her, “I said seven o’clock, what time is it now?”

Bai Lu looked at her watch, “Six fifty, ten minutes before seven o’clock.”


Xu Hui’s brow twitched. He raised his hand and pulled her wrist while she was inattentive.

“Hey!” Bai Lu’s arm was twisted and pulled over. Xu Hui looked at Bai Lu’s watch and snorted before saying righteously.

“Watch is not allowed.”

After being released from his hand, Bai Lu rubbed her wrist and whispered, “Are you wearing a watch?”

She looked at Xu Hui’s hand and there was nothing on it.

Xu Hui glanced at her faintly, “I looked at the phone, it’s past seven o’clock.”

Seeing him being stubborn, Bai Lu inwardly sighed and asked, “Have you eaten yet?”


“Then why don’t we find a place to eat first?”Bai Lu suggested.

“Wait a minute, two more people are coming.”

Bai Lu froze, “Who?”

Xu Hui said, “A classmate of mine, he will bring his girlfriend, too.”

Bai Lu was both perplexed and annoyed, “Why didn’t you say that before?”

Xu Hui wrinkled his brow and looked over, “Why? You wouldn’t have come?”

“…… No.”

Xu Hui looked at Bai Lu up and down a few times. The corners of his mouth pulled down and muttered, “And don’t even know how to dress up……”

Bai Lu dressed very ordinary. Her mother thought she would be participating in the sports since it’s the Sports Day. So she specially prepared a sportswear for her. It was the smallest size of sportswear but it still looked lose on her skinny body.

Bai Lu looked down after hearing his scorning tone. They both kept quiet, immersed in their own thoughts. After a while, she heard Xu Hui shout in one direction.

“This way!”

“Ah Hui!”

Bai Lu looked up and saw two people walking over to them.

A boy was about the same age as Xu Hui, with lean and tall body, maybe a inch shorter. He was wearing a casual shirt and jeans. Just like Xu Hui, he was also pretty handsome looking.

He was holding a girl with medium build, wearing a floral dress, and light makeup, on her face. The girl also smiled and waved at them with her boyfriend.

“This is Ah He, my friend.” Xu Hui did not even raise her hand and gave a short introduction.

Bai Lu said softly, “Hello.”

Sun Yuhe’s saw Bai Lu from a dozen meters away. He was a little surprised seeing her. He watched as Bai Lu bowed her head after the short greetings, looking at the tip of her shoes.

“You are Bai Lu?” Sun Yuhe couldn’t help but ask.

“Hmm.” Bai Lu raised her head and nodded.

“I’m Sun Yuhe, a friend of Hui’s, and this is my wife, Huizi.”

Chen Hui twisted his arm and glared at him angrily, “Who’s your wife?”

Sun Yuhe looked at her in puzzlement and said, “Didn’t you promise?”

Chen Hui coquettishly hit him on shoulder, “Get lost!”

There was a natural understanding between the young lovers. Although they were quarreling, their hands were intertwined like glue.

Sun Yuhe smiled and squeezed Huizi’s hand before turning to Bai Lu and said, “Ah Hui always mentions you.”

Xu Hui snorted and said, “You can’t make up more lies.”

Sun Yuhe shrugged his shoulders, his expression friendly, didn’t look like he was offended a little.

Xu Hui faintly glanced at them faintly before turning around and walked beside the pedestrian street, a silent command that they have to follow.

Sun Yuhe happily walked behind them with his girlfriend.

The time was set too early, except for Bai Lu, the remaining three did not eat breakfast. So Xu Hui led them into a nearby Cantonese restaurant.

The restaurant was not large but exquisitely decorated, with various wooden-framed wall paintings and posters hanging on the walls, and green plants at every corners.

They found a table of four beside the window. Looking out of the window, they could see the fountain and the old acacia tree where they had been standing just now.

The waiter brought the menu, Xu Hui first gave it to Sun Yuhe and his girlfriend.

“What do you want to eat? Order it.”

Bai Lu sat with Xu Hui on one side. She opened her mouth to say something before closing them, her presence fainter than usual.

Sun Yuhe and Huizi finished ordering and handed the menu to Bai Lu.

Bai Lu waved her hand, “I’ve already eaten.”

“You have?”

Bai Lu nodded, “Yes.”

Sun Yuhe looked to Xu Hui, who called the waiter and added a cupcake after ordering. When the dish was served the waiter looked at the four people at the table and then naturally put the cupcake in front of Bai Lu.

Breakfast cost nearly three hundred dollars. Xu Hui calmly took out a card to settle the bill.

After eating, Huizi suggested to watch a movie, so they walked to the nearest cinema.

Bai Lu was slow in walking and was the last one to get out of the restaurant. Xu Hui was in the lead.

Bai Lu shook off her backpack from her shoulders as she walked.

“What are you going to do?”

Bai Lu looked beside her at the voice, it was Sun Yuhe. Huizi was chatting with Xu Hui in front, and he happened to walk beside Bai Lu.

“You want to pay him for the cupcake?” Sun Yuhe asked with a knowing smile on his face.

Bai Lu didn’t hide it and nodded her head.

“You don’t need to.”

Bai Lu did not speak. Sun Yuhe indifferently smiled thinking that she must be embarrassed and said, “really, you don’t need to. We are out as friends. No need for such formalities.”

After saying that, intended to take two quick steps to the front to chase his girlfriend, but stopped at Bai Lu’s words.

“Is he very rich?”

Sun Yuhe turned around with a surprised expression on his face, “What?”

Bai Lu asked again, “Is he very rich? So he keeps treating others? Because he doesn’t have anywhere to spend money?”

Sun Yuhe did not seem to expect Bai Lu to ask such a question. He opened his mouth several times before closing them. He couldn’t understand what should he say.

He ‘err’ed twice, looked ahead, and finally whispered –

“He’s not poor, that all I can tell you.”

Bai Lu curiously asked again, “His family is very well off?”

Sun Yuhe’s eyes widened hearing her questions. Bai Lu looked at him with an unchanged face.

“How……” Sun Yuhe re-measured Bai Lu, his insights refreshed seeing a girl like Bai Lu asking such questions. “Didn’t see that coming ah ……”

His expression was a little wrong so Bai Lu couldn’t help but ask, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” Sun Yuhe smiled and shook his head, “Why are you asking me? Why don’t you just ask him?”

Before Bai Lu could respond, Huizi called back to him, “Ah He, come on.”

Xu Hui was buying tickets at the reception for a movie when Huizi called Sun Yuhe over, “Let’s choose a seat.”

The movie was a foreign science fiction blockbuster that was released last week.

Xu Hui bought popcorn and drinks before entering the theatre with the others.

There weren’t much people in the movie theatre in the morning. At most there would be 500 hundred people or so, so the theatre looked a little desolate. The air conditioner inside was blowing fully, Bai Lu shivered a little after entering.

She had not come to the cinema for a long time. After checking their own tickets and knowing the row and seat numbers, an impatient voice said behind her, “Go inside.”

Bai Lu turned around, Xu Hui was standing behind her with his hands in his pants’ pocket. Bai Lu put the ticket away and went straight in.

Xu Hui followed her.

After sitting in their seats, Bai Lu realized that the four of them were seated separately.

She was with Xu Hui, and few rows in front of them were Sun Yuhe, sitting with his girlfriend. The two groups were long way apart.

This discovery made Bai Lu’s purse her lips.

“Take it.” Xu Hui bought the largest bucket of popcorn and gave it to her. Bai Lu couldn’t lift it with her hands so she hugged it in her arms.

Before the lights dimmed, Sun Yuhe turned around and waved to Xu Hui and Bai Lu. Bai Lu also raised her hand and waved a little in response but Xu Hui sat motionless in the soft chair.

After waving at them, Sun Yuhe rested his arm on Huizi’s shoulders, their heads leaning together to whisper.

The film began.

The huge screen was showing a vast river of stars and the universe. Bai Lu fixed her eyes on the screen while holding a bucket of popcorn in her arms but did not eat.

Not only did she not eat, Xu Hui also did not eat.

Time passed somewhat slowly.

Because she was holding the bucket too long, thin sweats began to form on her hands. Bai Lu put the bucket beside her and wiped her hand. Her hand becoming cold quickly because of the air conditioner and sweats.

Bai Lu took a breath and turned her head.

“Do you want to eat–“

Her voice was not loud, and the screen was also showing fighting scene, so her voice was even more buried.

Xu Hui did not hear what she just said, just noticed that she turned her head and so he also turned his face sideways.

One left and one right, the two looked at each other.

The light on the screen shone on his face, the expression on his face was faint.

In the front, Sun Yuhe and Huizi have long forgotten the movie, hugging each other. Their entangled figure were hidden in the dark theatre.

Bai Lu asked again, “Do want to eat popcorn?”

Xu Hui whispered, “You eat it.”

Bai Lu sent the bucket in his direction but didn’t say anything, quietly looking at him.

Xu Hui was stared at for a long time, finally pursed his mouth, casually grabbed a handful of popcorn and put them into his mouth, crunching and chewing blankly.

After grabbing once, the hand reached over again, but this time it didn’t find the popcorn bucket but a hand. His palm directly covering the hand completely .

The boy’s palm was wide and the fingers were long and thin with distinct joints.

Bai Lu moved the bucket after he grabbed some, thinking that he may not want again. But feeling his hand reached over, she looked over and asked with tilted head, “you still want some?”

The side of the bucket was placed in the place of the hand. Xu Hui subconsciously curled his fingers a little before relaxing them.

The bucket was nudged at him again, Bai Lu was about to open his mouth again when Xu Hui rose abruptly.

Bai Lu was startled, her body subconsciously backed up to look at him.

“What’s wrong?”

Xu Hui looked at her before letting a faint answer “smoke” and stiffly walking outside.

His figure soon disappeared from view.

Bai Lu turned back to the screen, the image on the screen did not enter ther mind.

Picking up a small piece of popcorn and putting it in her mouth, Bai Lu let out a small smile.

When the movie was over it was already noon, so the weekend pedestrian street was full of people. Xu Hui came out of the movie theater and didn’t enter again. So, it wa Sun Yuhe who led his girlfriend and Bai Lu out and suggested to go the mall to play video games.

The place of the video game was overcrowded, full of students on vacation. The sound of music and games mixed together were deafening to anyone who hear them.

After stepping inside, Sun Yuhe and Xu Hui went to exchange game coins, leaving Huizi and Bai Lu waiting in the back.

Bai Lu had never been to such a place. She wasn’t used to coming this kind of places. Just the sound of here and the various smell of smoking were enough to make her eyes red.

Sun Yuhe and Xu Hui came over, each of them carrying a bag of game coins.

“Come, come, come, today we are going to battle is 300 rounds.” Sun Yuhe and Xu Hui sat in front of the fighting game machine and threw game coins inside.

Huizi kissed Sun Yuhe on the side of his face and said, “I’m going to buy you a drink, what do you want to drink?”

Sun Yuhe: “Anything you want.”

Huizi: “Then I’ll pick one for you and buy ah.”

Saying that, she turned around and saw Bai Lu standing behind them, her back a little bent.

Bai Lu looked slightly out of the atmosphere here. After pondering for a moment, Huizi pulled Bai Lu with her, “Come on, let’s go together.”

While buying the drinks, Huizi asked to Bai Lu, “You haven’t been here much, have you?”

Bai Lu shook her head, “No, I haven’t.”

“They come often, boys love to play with these.” Moving a little closer, she whispered, “Ah Hui is very handsome, when did you and he meet?”

Bai Lu looked at her when Huizi added: “They were together since middle school and were best friends. Ah Hui is also very popular, and there are so many girls chasing him!”

She said, looked Bai Lu up and down and hesitated before saying, “You have to work harder and be very, very nice to him, or you will lose with the other girls, you know?”

Bai Lu lowered her head, after a while, slowly nodded.


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