Chapter 15

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“Then, I’m leaving.”

“You will be the only one who uses the door normally.”

“……See you next time.”

Hiel greeted Kael, waving his hand lightly with an expressionless face.

Then he left the child’s side, suppressing his regret.

Albert saw Hiel out of the castle and stared blankly at the sight of the golden dragon moving towards the southern sky.


“What’s wrong?”

When asked by Kael, Hyazelki shook her head.

In addition to being absent-minded, she was distracted by the strange marks of her ankle. So she realized late that she forgot to thank Hiel.

He was definitely a dragon worthy to be remembered.

‘Thank him…… I have to thank him. I’m a girl who knows how to…….’

Hyazelki looked out of the window, pursing her lips sadly.

* * *

The last day of the year came, when it was the middle of winter. When the air you inhale freezes your lungs.

For this day, the whole castle was decorated with colorful decorations everywhere.

The excited steps headed for Hyazelki’s room.

Perhaps Yuri has been waiting for today the most.

“Miss! Happy birthday!”

Yuri, who burst open the door, smiled brightly.

“Good morning, Yuri.”

Hyazelki, who had already gotten up, was standing by the window and looking outside at white snow.

It has been one of her morning routines since the snow began to pile up in winter.

“I’ll make you especially pretty today! Even though you are always pretty!”

Yuri, who straightened her shoulders and spoke proudly, began to dress Hyazelki up.

A pale blue dress decorated with white snowflake-shaped lace, showing off its subtle splendor.

White shoes with white stockings and white snowflakes design.

The well-grown coral hair was twisted to one side.

She looked as pretty as a princess of the winter when she was wrapped in a thick sky-blue cape.

Yuri murmured with emotion.

“I did it, she looks so amazing. Am I a genius?”

“Is it over now?”

Hiazelky, tired of waiting, sighed and asked.

“Oh, wait a minute.”

Yuri put her back on her seat, who was trying to get up, and put some snowflake-shaped hair ornaments on her hair.

“Now, this is my present.”


“Yes, it’s your birthday!”

Hyazelki stared at Yuri with her eyes wide open.

“It’s my birthday. Then why are you giving me a present?”’

She didn’t know why she was getting a present for her birthday.

In order to satisfy the curiosity, she tried to ask Yuri why, but the door at that time burst open.

“Hia, are you ready?”

“Oh, yes. I’m ready, Papa.”

After dressing up, Hyazelki got up from her seat ran to Kael.

He was pinning his hair back, which had always been loose.

Hyazelki said admiringly at his unusual outfit.

“Wow, you look great today! That’s cool, Papa!”


Kael, who avoided looking at her as if he was not used to the compliment, soon replied with a casual face.

“All the dragons are naturally beautiful.”

‘Oh, yes, they are.’

Hyazelki closed her mouth and swallowed the words.

Then she held his hand and smiled.

‘I’ll hold it all day. Because it’s my birthday today.’

The two held hands tightly and headed to the banquet hall where the party would be held.

The castle was equipped with things, but it was never used.

The maids and servants had to sweat to think how to prepare for the banquet.

When Hyazelki reached the door, she took a deep breath because she was nervous.

The room that was on the other side of door was like a collection of happiness for Hyazelki.

Lisa and Albert greeted her and Kael who was holding her hand tightly.

Delicious food and decorations were filling the hall.

And most of all.

“Happy birthday, miss!”

“Congratulations, miss.”

The fact that they all welcomed her with a smile made her feel emotional.

“Thank you.”

Feeling like crying for some reason, Hyazelki bowed her head and thanked them.

But Hyazelki quickly put the expression away and laughed, enjoying the party with everyone.

“Oh, Yuri. Did you give her a present already?”

“Yes. I feel like it would be perfect if she had that. I think I’m a genius.”

“Well, since it’s like this, let’s everyone give her the present now.”

“Oh, shall we?”

Lisa nodded at Albert’s suggestion.

The child who took a bite of the chef’s hard-working Eclair was distracted by the sweetness that melted in her mouth.

“Miss, come here for a moment.”

Hyazelki picked up another Eclair as she moved with Yuri’s guidance.

The chef, who looked at the scene with pride, first took out his present.

“Miss, it’s a gift from me.”

Chef Tim pushed the trolley with a huge cake.


The two-tier cake was decorated with snow white whipped cream like a white exterior.

“I made a chocolate cake that you like.”

“Thank you, Tim!”

Lisa gave her a pretty sky blue dress, and Albert gave her a book.

Hyazelki never received presents even once. So holding the presents in her arms, she tilted her head and asked.

“By the way, why is everyone giving me presents?”

At the unexpected question, there was a moment of silence.

Kael, who was nervous because it was his turn, paused, feeling a little embarrassed.

“Because it’s your birthday, miss.”

“But why am I getting a present on my birthday?….”

Birthday was a good day for her, but she didn’t understand why everyone gave her gifts.

Kael could not give any answer.

He couldn’t solve the child’s question because he didn’t know humans.

Instead of Kael, who had no answer, Lisa, who stepped forward, lowered her posture and looked at Hyazelki.



“I gave you a present on your birthday because we are happy that you were born in this world. We are congratulating you on turning six years old. It means we are thanking you for growing up healthy.”

“Are you happy that I was born?”

“Of course. Thanks to that, I was able to meet you like this.”

Hyazelki bowed her head to Lisa’s answer, because it sounded unnatural to her.

A soft smile graced her face as she felt warmth spreading to her heart like warm sunlight.

She carefully put the things she had in her arms down next to her and jumped into Lisa’s arms.

“Thank you, Lisa.”

The maids in the banquet hall looked at the two with moving eyes.

‘……I see, that’s what it means.’

Kael nodded his head in agreement and looked out of the window.

‘It’s late, by the way.’

Just as his brows slightly frowned, the door of the banquet hall burst open.

“I’m here!”

Surprised by the loud appearance, Hyazelki peeked out of Lisa’s arms.

And when she found the person who opened the door, she smiled broadly.


Jiel, who rushed into the banquet hall while stretching out his arms.

“Baby! I missed you!”

“Me, too, Jiel!”

Jiel, who ran with his long braids of green hair fluttering behind him, tried to hold Hyazelki in his arms.

But before he could do that, Kael hugged the child first and took her away.

“It’s late.”

“Oh, what! Don’t interrupt our reunion!”

“Give me what I said first.”

“I’m busy, that’s why I came here late! Shouldn’t you at least thank me first? But what’s all this? A winter party at this time?”

Jiel asked, putting a piece of sweet chocolate-filled cake in his mouth.

“It’s a birthday party.”

“Really? Whose…….”

Jiel, who was asking back to Hyazelki’s reply with a smile, swallowed the words back.

His dumbfounded gaze soon turned to Kael.

“You…… don’t tell me……?”

“Stop nagging and give me what I asked you quickly.”

Jiel smiled and touched his forehead with a look of absurdity.

“Yes…… I wondered why you were looking for something like this when you couldn’t find it. I should have noticed then…….”

“Give it to me quickly.”

“Did you do it on purpose!”

Jiel, who shouted at Kael, lowered his eyebrows as if he were upset and faced Hyazelki.

“Baby, is it your birthday today?”


Hyazelki smiled brightly in Kael’s arms.

“Everyone was congratulating me. Today is my happiest day.”

In response to her, Jiel smiled brightly as if he had never looked upset.

“Happy birthday, Baby.”

“Thank you!”

“Oh, yeah. I didn’t prepare anything because I was in a hurry……but I’ll give you this.”

Then he took something out of his bare pocket around his waist.

It was a flower the size of a child’s face.

The flower was white with bell-shaped petals around in pale sky-colored, wrapping around each other as if protecting them.


Seeing the flower, Hyazelki opened her eyes wide like a bell and looked at it with her breath caught.

It was so beautiful.

“It’s a flower called Winter Lady.”

“Winter Lady?”

At her question, Jiel nodded proudly.


Giel had no choice but to respond to Kael’s low voice, who was raising his eyes fiercely.

“It’s a rare species that doesn’t grow on the ground right now. I brought it because Kael asked me to get it…… I think he was going to give it to Baby anyway, so I can give it to her, right?”

Kael, who reached out without answering Jiel, grasped the flower from Jiel’s hand who handed the flower in his hand to him.

“Winter Lady… It’s a flower that I’ve only seen in books. I can’t believe I’m seeing this in person.….”

A maid watching them murmured softly.

Kael, who looked at Jiel while grumbling, and said, “Can’t you just give it to me?” put the child on the floor.

Then he bent one knee and gave her the flower he had taken from Jiel.

“Happy birthday, Hia.”

“Are you giving it to me?”

“Yes, it’s my present.”

Albert, who murmured that the day has come when his master gives a gift to his child, looked at Kael with moistened eyes.

Because of the murmur, Kael glared at him and he had to cover his mouth quickly.

“Thank you, Papa.”

Her gentle smile was beautiful.

To him, the child was more beautiful than this flower, which was held precious in her hand.

Kael, who almost smiled without realizing it, jumped up when he was conscious of Jiel next to him.

Then, this time, Jiel lowered his posture.

The green dragon, who looked at the child, gently grabbed her small hand.

Looking at the small hand wrapped in his big hand, Jiel smiled happily.

It is impossible not to be able to do anything for such a lovely child’s birthday.

With a deep smile, Jiel lowered his voice as if telling a secret story.

“Then, I shall give you my present.”

He touched the flower slightly with his other hand, which was not holding the child’s hand.

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