Chapter 14

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The fear of being hated by someone.

If she didn’t know it, the blow may be a little less, but it was even more frightening to be hated by people of the castle or by Kael.

So Hyazelki often looked around in panic.

Because people hated her often, easily.

“I don’t hate you.”


“Yes, I don’t hate you.”

If he really hated her, he wouldn’t have let her stay in the castle even if it was God’s will.

So Kael felt sorry for Hyazelki’s fear of being hated.

The dragon’s red eyes glistened.

After staring into space for a while in that state, he sighed lightly and closed his eyes.

As if he couldn’t stand it anymore.

Then he gently patted the child’s back in his arms.

“No one will hate you even if you do something wrong.”

“………Even if I do something wrong?”

“Yes, always.”

“No matter what happens? Even……if I can’t do anything?”

“Lisa will take care of everything.”

“Even if I get in trouble?”

As Hyazelki asked repeatedly, Kael gently stroked her coral hair.

“Hia. I may scold you if you do something wrong, but I won’t hate you.”

Tears welled up in her big eyes. But Hyazelki clung more to Kael’s neck to hide it.

“Thank you… Papa.”

“Yes, let’s go back to the room.”

As Kael moved, he took out a book with his other hand, which was not hugging the child and left the study.

“Oh, please drop me off now.”

“Don’t worry. We can just go to the room like this.”

“……… Papa, what book is it?”

“It’s nothing. You don’t have to know.”

Hyazelki leaned her face on his shoulder without further questioning.

What matters to her now was his words that she wouldn’t be hated.

So she never knew what book Kael took out.

Of course, Hyazelki didn’t know what book it was but Albert, who was standing on the hallway saw the words “How to soothe a scared child” on the book that Kael brought from his study, and trembled slightly.

* * *


The breath that came out from the mouth was white.

As if it was fun, Hyazelki began to play in the garden, blowing her breath.

“Lady, how long are you going to stay outside?”

It was winter in the north now.

With the end of the year, Hyazelki’s birthday was approaching.

This time, Lisa, Albert, and Yuri rolled up their sleeves, saying they would prepare for the birthday party extensively.

“A little more!”

“If you stay too long, you’ll catch a cold!”

Hyazelki looked back at Yuri, stepping on the ground that was piled up with snow.

Facing the face with her drooping eyebrows, it was difficult to be stubborn anymore.

With a sigh, Hyazelki approached the tree in the garden that was filled with snowflakes and was called the Snowflake Tree because of the leaves of it that were shaped as snowflakes.

The tree that the gardener said was the most beautiful tree in winter.

Ever since Hyazelki often took walks in the garden, the gardener has been more enthusiastic about gardening.

‘It’s literally pretty.’

The leaves were shaped like snow. It was a thin branch all summer, but then in winter, it really appeared very beautiful.

In addition, the leaves were blue and seemed to have really formed snowflakes.

Looking up at the snowflake tree, Hyazelki crouched down in front of it.

Then, she gathered the snow in front of it to form a rabbit shape before turning around.

“I’ll be there right away!”

Yuri breathed a sigh of relief at Hyazelki’s answer.

The gardener cleared the snow on the promenade in advance because of the accumulated snow, but the snow was piled up near the snowflake tree.

A somber voice was heard in Hyazelki’s ear at that moment.

[I curse you.]


A short breath left her body. Then the body leaned down on the ground quickly.



It felt like someone grabbed her by the ankle.

Hyazelki could see Yuri running with a freaked face, but she couldn’t move.

‘It’s weird… It’s definitely a snowfield…….’

She had fallen in the snow, so she shouldn’t have been seriously injured.

But she felt pain in her forehead and knee.

‘Why does it hurt?’

“Ah! Miss!”

Yuri’s face, which came close, was seen turning white.

There were even tears in her eyes.

“Oh, Albert! Lisa! Help me!”

Hyazelki wondered what happened to her when she saw Yuri shaking her hands and making a fuss.

‘Why does my body feel heavy?….’

Hyazelki’s forehead was hot. As she wriggled to get up, Yuri, who was pouring tears, closed her eyes tightly and shouted.


Watching her scream with all his might, Hyazelki closed her eyes.

‘I think I will get better after a short nap.….’


When Kael looked out through the window at Yuri’s scream, he immediately opened the window and jumped.

Because of Kael, who fell from the sky with a thud, Yuri screamed again. This time in surprise.


Red eyes fluttered endlessly.

The white snow field was stained with red blood like blooming flowers.

“Miss just suddenly fell down, and started bleeding…… She stopped responding all of a sudden…….”

Kael, who was listening to the trembling and babbling answer of Yuri, hugged Hyazelki who had her eyes closed.

Albert and Lisa, who ran out after hearing the disturbance, covered their mouths and swallowed a scream.

Albert immediately gave instructions to help Kael move the child to her room.

As soon as he put Hyazelki down on the bed, she stopped bleeding.

“……I’ll be back for a while.”


Albert asked back, but without an answer, Kael opened the window and flew straight into the sky.

After wiping the blood off, the wound didn’t seem as big as they thought.

“Did she become unconscious because she was surprised?”

At Albert’s worried murmur, Lisa nodded softly.

“I guess so, right? Phew…… If it leaves a scar on her pretty face…….”

“It would be unfair.”

Albert, who shook his head with a stern face, told the other maid who was standing by him to bring an ointment from his room.

“We can’t let it leave a scar.”

“But what the hell happened, Yuri?”

Lisa, who sighed with a worried face, asked Yuri, who had been sniffing next to her.

“Miss went to the snowflake tree and came back, but suddenly…….”

“I can’t believe she got hurt so much just by going there… What happened there?”

“There was a pointed stone near the tree. I think she fell on it.”

“Of all things…”

Albert looked at Hyazelki sleeping with her eyebrows and dropped his eyebrows with a sigh.


“Oh, maybe she brought the ointment…….”

Albert turned his head reflexively to the sound of the door opening.

Because he thought the maid brought the ointment he ordered, he reached his hands out.

“I brought a doctor.”

Lisa also opened her mouth at the sight of Kael who suddenly appeared, and Yuri also burst into tears.

No one ever imagined it.

They didn’t know that Kael, who disappeared for a while, would appear holding the collar of another dragon in one hand.

Albert, who breathed in surprise, quickly approached the two.

“Hiel, Lord Hiel!”

“Long time no see, Albert.”

Hiel smiled kindly at the restless butler.

“The child is hurt. Go ahead and cure her.”

Kael, who let go of Hiel’s collar, said briefly.

At first glance, it was just a brief remark, but in fact, he was embarrassed and could only say that.

Hiel, who was out of his hand, quickly adjusted his posture.

A healing dragon with gold hair loosely tied, as limited in character as in appearance.

At the southern land, it was the dragon that was staying in a place called the Temple of Light.

“Master…Did you go to the temple?”

“Yes, now, Hiel. Treat her quickly.”

“Once I’ve treated the patient, can anyone explain what’s going on here……? Let’s hear the explanation from Albert.”

“Yes, yes, Lord Hiel.”

Knowing the owner who would have dragged Hiel without any explanation, the butler bowed his head.

At that time, the door opened with a knock, and the maid, who had been instructed by Albert, appeared with ointment.

But now that Hiel, who was greater than the ointment, came, the butler quietly shook his head.

Hiel approached the bed and looked at the sleeping child.

She had wounds on her forehead and knee.

Hiel, whose heart was worried at the sight, reached out.

The white hand touched her wounded forehead.

When he touched the wound that still had blood, a pale yellow light spread from his fingertips.

And the wound recovered at a speed visible in the naked eyes as time passed.

After the wound was healed, Hyazelki seemed to be just taking a nap.

Hiel, who blessed the child with healing, did not take back the hand that touched the child’s forehead and remained there for a while.


The dim gaze finally moved away and he lifted his hand from her forehead as Kael drew closer.

“Is she all better? But why isn’t she waking up?”

“Wait a little longer. You have to give the child some time, too.”

Kael closed his mouth and stared at Hyazelki with an anxious look on his face.

After some time, she slowly opened her eyes.

Kael, who breathed a sigh of relief, finally relaxed.

Hiazelki, who opened her eyes, lay blankly on the bed because she couldn’t figure out what was going on.

Hiel smiled, sweeping her cheek lightly.

“……You’ve grown a lot.”

Hiel, who murmured softly, turned round and faced Kael and Albert.

“Now, can you explain what happened?”

He had a smiling face, but Albert flinched his shoulders because of the tone of his voice.


“This situation.”

“Hia was hurt, so I called you.”

Hiel, who smiled at Kael’s explanation of cutting off the front and back, moved his eyes toward Albert.

In the first place, a proper explanation seemed to be unexpected.

Albert, who was glancing between the two dragons, explained with a shallow sigh.

“She fell down in the snow, and started bleeding…… The Master was very flustered seeing her.”

Hiel looked back at the child before staring at Kael.

“You must be taking better care of the child than I expected.”

Kael held Hiel’s hand gently, pretending to not listen to Hiel.

“Is she okay?”


Hiel caught the worry in Kael’s eyes when he saw him answering blankly.

“Look at this first, Kael.”

As Hiel’s fingertips brushed near Hyazelki’s ankle, there was a faint black mark.

The red eyes that found it shook.


Hyazelki opened her eyes wide as she stared at Hiel’s fingertips unconsciously.

‘What is that…?’

Before she could check what it was, the black mark quickly disappeared.

Hiel gently swept the child’s hair.

‘Really, she’s a child who looks like him.’

For a very long time, the longing that was buried deep in his heart came to the surface.

It was a reminder of the distant past.

And the awakened longing, filling at the same time.

“If you are sick again, please send me a messenger bird. I’ll fly over as soon as I get it.”

“……I will.”

“It’s troublesome to be dragged here like today.”

“Ah……I apologize on behalf of the Master for that, Lord Hiel.”

Hiel waved his hand at Albert, who bowed deeply.

“That’s all right. There’s nothing more important than treating a sick child.”

“I appreciate your understanding.”

“Then I’ll be on my way. Since I have disappeared suddenly, the temple would be in chaos.”

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