Chapter 11

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Hyazelki is almost six years old now, so she’s grown up, but Jiel readily held her in his arms without any more effort.

“Hey! Stop right there!”

Kael shouted at the back of Jiel’s head, who was running as if bouncing after snatching Hyazelki. He ran to the garden without even listening to Kael’s words.

“…… Albert.”

Kael, who clenched his fist while standing as he watched Jiel run far away, called the butler in an irritating voice.

Albert, who was standing next to him, was startled when the owner who cursed Jiel called his name.

“Yes, My Lord.”

“Find a way to kick him out right now.”

“Yes, My Lord.”

Without even paying attention to Albert’s tearful face, Kael chased Jiel out into the garden.

Hyazelki, who sat quietly next to Jiel, crouched down, and stared at the ground with excitement.

When Jiel’s hand grazed the soil, and a wind of magic penetrated, sprouts sprouted in the place.


Any flower bloomed as he wanted.

The flower that will live firmly until the cool summer passes and the bitter winter wind blows.

During the week of Jiel’s stay in the castle, the garden was gradually filled with flowers.


The flowers that were said they might survive the winter if they didn’t wither easily and were well cared for.

Of course, that’s the story of the flowers that bloomed in other areas, as Jiel said.

The winter in the north was very cold and harsh, so unfortunately, the flowers wouldn’t last long.


Hiazelki, who was staring at the flowers, raised her head and called the Dragon of the Earth.

“Huh? What’s wrong? Do you like it?”

“Oh…… yes, it’s good.”

There was a very short gap, but Jiel’s eyes opened wide when he saw the child nodding his head.



Hyazelki wondered about Jiel’s blessing.

She called him to ask how he felt when he bloomed flowers, but when he asked with such an excited face if she liked it or not, she had no choice but to answer.

‘I’ll ask him later if I have time.’

Jiel’s eyes, which were so moved that he was about to cry while covering his mouth with both hands, stung her consciousness.

But at the same time, Jiel hugged the child tightly.


The little child, who is still less than six years old, was embraced tightly in his arms.

Kael, who watched the two cuddling, quickly approached and separated Jiel from Hyazelki.

“Get away.”

Then he took Hyazelki from his arms and hugged her.

“Wow, Papa!”

Surprised, Hyazelki grabbed Kael by the neck and clutched the hem of her dress.

Even though she was not small enough to hug, neither Kael nor Jiel could hug the child well.

“Albert prepared a new book. Let’s go to the study.”


“Oh, then I’ll…….”


Kael kicked Jiel, who was trying to stand up.


Frustrated, Hyazelki was worried for Jiel, but Kael didn’t care.

Then, while Jiel was lying on the floor, he went into the castle.


Jiel, who was left alone in the garden, smiled and looked at the sky lying down.

The expression on Kael’s face still looked cold as he disappeared with Hyazelki.

The surroundings were filled with flowers that had bloomed for the past week.

Jiel, who looked up at the sky coldly with an expression that did not match the flower, slowly rubbed the petals with his fingertips and covered his eyes with his hands.

“I came here to laugh at you…….”

A little murmur scattered in the wind and flew to the sky.

He was going to see how funny it would be to raise a human child.

It was considered as an entertainment to quell useless longing to raise humans like pets.

Among the four dragons, Kael especially longed to return to God.

“It’s not that I don’t understand.”

They are dragons that stayed by God, not God themselves.

He missed the peaceful place, and so each one of them wanted to go back.

And Kael was especially tired of humans. It would have been natural step down from his role by now.

‘If it were me, I would have been the same.’

No, it might not have been tolerable. It’s because it’s Kael, so he endured this much.

Maybe it was a job to bear it, given how tough it was.

“Ha, ha, ha….”

Soon, a laugh leaked through the open lips.

Jiel, who lowered his hand that covered his eyes, stared at the sky again.

This time, he looked more relaxed.

But apart from longing to return to heaven, his eyes were only cold.

He thought she might be the child who was sent to them because they couldn’t stand it anymore. She was sent so that they could try to endure it somehow…….

But it didn’t occur to him that she was a child who was picked up and sent only for Kael.

“Did you send her for us…….”

Jiel, who threw a question into the sky that would not have any answer, shook his seat and stood up.

There was no point in lying down on the ground any longer.

The look on his face when he turned around was tinged with bitterness.

Throughout the garden, his steps were heavy and his gaze was dropped to the ground.

As if he could not dare to look up at the sky.

‘It means we are not going to be able to get back to your side.’

* * *

“Do you like it?”


Like when he first narrowed the distance with Hyazelki, the child sat on a large cushion and read a book given by Kael.

“You’re not going to read it?”

“Tell me if you have a book you want. I’ll tell Albert.”

“Thank you, Papa.”

“Oh, my. I can’t believe you are reading a book for her. Haha, it’s funny just thinking about it.”(Jiel)


“Do you want me to read it for you who have no talent at all?”(Jiel)

The book in Kael’s hand was slightly wrinkled as Jiel walked into the study.

Kael wanted to throw the book in his hand to that green head right away.

Not knowing that the fierce gaze was directed at him, Jiel smiled.

“Well, I’ll just read it…….”

‘Please don’t fight, Jiel…….’

Hyazelki was the only one who was nervous about unnecessary conflict between them.

Knock, knock.

Just as Kael was staring at Jiel with the stare as if wanting to bite him, they heard a knock.

“My lord, it’s Albert.”

“Come in.”

Albert, who entered the study, seemed to have become emaciated in a few days.

The butler returned with information that would help him move Jiel away from the castle at Kael’s command.

“I’m here to ask if you’d like a drink.”

“Oh, that’s good. I’ll drink!”

Albert sent a troubled smile at Jiel, who answered before Kael.

“Well, Lord Jiel. Rumor has it that a cursed land has appeared in the south. Would it be all right if you go?”

“Huh? Where?”

“It’s called the Colento area.”

At Albert’s words, Jiel frowned.

The land in the south was fertile and rarely had any trouble.

South, where the climate is mild and not dry, where people can live comfortably.

With a sigh, Jiel shook his seat and got up.

“I was going to stay longer, but I have to go.”

Kael grinned in satisfaction at the words he had been waiting for.

“Yes, hurry up and go and never come again.”


When Kiel, who was about to move, squinted at Kael, he turned his head away.

“……it’s strange. That Albert is announcing this news, not my messenger bird.”

This time, Albert was startled and turned his head while trembling.

Of course, Jiel thought the news Albert brought would be true.

No matter how much he served the Dragon of Judgement, he can’t lie to the dragons.

“Messenger bird?”

And for a completely different reason than them, Hyazelky was surprised.

Her eyes were sparkling with curiosity.

“Jiel, what is a messenger bird?”

“Oh, you haven’t seen him yet? You’ve been in the castle for quite a while.”

Instead of Kael, who glared fiercely, Albert answered with a sweat.

“Because it isn’t something to see.”

Whenever the messenger bird appeared to Kael, it meant his job of punishing the sinner was here.

Having remembered it, Jiel smiled quietly and stroked Hyazelki’s head.

“I’ll show you next time I come. I’ll be right back after I’m done.”

“Don’t come.”

“Baby, if you say you miss me, I’ll fly to you soon!”

Jiel, who was fiddling with the end of his braided hair, jerked it off and smiled.

Then he jumped out of his place while waving enthusiastically.

Hyazelki, who jumped up from her seat, also waved her hand.

“Have a nice day!”

Satisfied with her bright smile, Jiel approached the large window of the study.

When he opened the window, a cool breeze penetrated into the study.

“I’ll be back.”

He left the word and soon jumped out of the window.

Hyazelki, who breathed in the cool air, rushed to the window.

“Why do they always leave through windows, not a door…….”

Kael grumbled and came up behind Hyazelki.

Jiel, flying with huge wings, already looked small.

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