Chapter 10

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They ended up making an appointment on Saturday night at six.

“That late?” Xu Hui was vaguely dissatisfied. “There’s nothing to do on Saturday, so why can’t you come earlier?”

“I have to help my family during the day on Saturday ……” Bai Lu gave a reasonable excuse, “until the evening.”

“…… Okay.”

On Saturday, the school would not end until 5:00. Although, there’s evening study, but because it’s Saturday, the teacher wouldn’t say anything if she avoided the evening study that day.

When lying in bed, Bai Lu suddenly remembered that she really needed to go home Sunday.

Although Bai Lu’s family is local, but because the distance from the school was too far, she finally choosed to live in school dormitory. Her parents are ordinary working-class people. Because Bai Lu grew up to be more understanding and self-reliant, they didn’t really need to discipline her.

Generally speaking, Bai Lu goes back to her home once every two weeks to meet with her parents and talk about her study situation in school. Her parents would also give her a little pocket money.

On Saturday, she studied during the day as usual.

Xu Hui called a total of two times, one at 10:00 am and one at 2:00 pm.

Both times, Bai Lu did not answer.

At 5:30 p.m., Bai Lu began to pack her school bag.

“Hey? Aren’t you staying for evening study?” Wu Hanwen asked.

“Well, I will have to go back.”

Wu Hanwen: “To your home?”

Bai Lu shook her head, “I will go back to the dormitory now and go home tomorrow.”

“Dormitory doesn’t have any study atmosphere, the teacher-“

Bai Lu picked up her school bag while ignoring his rambling and headed out.

“Hey …… I said …… you always don’t let people finish talking.” Wu Hanwen stared at the back of Bai Lu with his jaw dropped.

Li Siyi in the back seat looked up and said slyly.

“Study committee president, she isn’t so easy to get.”

Wu Hanwen turned at him with an irritated glare, “What?”

Li Siyi’s small eyes stared at him closely and said in a deep voice: “Look at my eyes ……” He stretched out two fingers and pointed to Wu Hanwen’s eyes, before turning to his own eyes, and said in a understanding voice.

“Don’t think of hiding, I have long penetrated the truth.”

Wu Hanwen looked at him quietly, nodded his head after a long time, and said softly, “Okay.” Turning his head he said, “In the future, if you have a problem solve it yourself, don’t come to me.”

“What?” Li Siyi’s small eyes stared at him in disbelief, “President!”. He hugged Wu Hanwen’s shoulders from behind and cried out, “I’m wrong, don’t punish me like this!”

The supermarket was a bit crowded on the weekend, which Bai Lu did not expect.

Standing on the queue, Bai Lu glanced at the clock on the wall. It was already 5:50.

Xu Hui’s call came again.

Bai Lu changed the plastic bag to her other hand and picked up the phone.

The moment she picked up the call, a cold voice came from the phone and penetrated her ear.

“Is your phone for answering calls or not?”

Bai Lu: “……”

Xu Hui: “You never answer the phone when I called you.”

Bai Lu whispered, “Am I not answering now?”

Xu Hui just pretended not to hear.

“You didn’t even called me back.”

Bai Lu: “Sorry ……”

Xu Hui did not speak.

Through the phone, Bai Lu also felt his unhappiness.

“I’m lining up now at the supermarket, I’ll go over and get the jar right away, you wait a little-“

Halfway through her sentence, a sound came from the phone. Bai Lu froze, she took down her phone only to find that Xu Hui hanged up the phone.

Bai Lu: “……”

It was finally her turn, Bai Lu finished checking out, and when she exited the supermarket, she found a KFC store next to the supermarket. Pondering for a few seconds, Bai Lu turned around and walked towards the store.

By the time she got to Xu Hui’s house, it was more than six-twenty.

Bai Lu knocked on the door, but no one answered.

Knowing that he must be at home but doesn’t want her to enter, she knocked and said, “Xu Hui, it’s Bai Lu, open the door for me.”

Still no one answered.

Bai Lu paused for a moment, her instinct was telling her that Xu Hui was now leaning against the door with his arms crossed against his chest, silently expressing his dissatisfaction.

Bai Lu said, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to not answer your calls.” She knocked on the door again, “You open the door and I’ll give you a good explanation okay? Or pass the jar to me through the window. I have to go home because a lot of things are not done -“

Bai Lu didn’t finish her sentence when the door opened. Xu Hui was standing on the door, wearing a simple black T-shirt and a black trouser. The trouser was rolled up a little, revealing his lean ankles.

“What do you have to do? Are you not done yet?” He looked at her condescendingly.

Bai Lu: “I have to help with the family work.”

Xu Hui snorted, and Bai Lu said, “Sorry about today ……”

“Forget it.” Xu Hui turned his head and went into the house. After taking two steps, he found that Bai Lu didn’t follow him, she was still standing at the door.

Bai Lu asked softly, “Are you really angry?”

Xu Hui did not say anything.

Bai Lu: “If you’re angry, just give me the jar, I’ll leave now and bring it to you tomorrow.”

Xu Hui’s eyes deep black quietly looked at her for a moment before turning his head and walking into the house.

“Come in.”

Bai Lu took off her shoes and entered the house.

“The jars are in the kitchen inside the fridge.”

Bai Lu headed inside the kitchen. Xu Hui took a cigarette, followed her over and leaned on the kitchen door.

“Since you brought the ingredients, do it here.” Xu Hui said.

Bai Lu looked at him, “Won’t it be inconvenient?”

Xu Hui hummed before letting out a laugh, “Why would it be inconvenient?”

“Okay then ……” Bai Lu rolled up her sleeves and began to prepare to make honey-lemon.

When she opened the refrigerator, she saw a lot of foods, fruits and raw vegetables, seafoods, snacks, and all kinds of beer and drinks. Most of them were new and not even touched.

His friends really cares about him a lot.

Because he gets cared by others too easily, he doesn’t cherish them and know how to care about others.

Xu Hui smoked at the door while watching her work. Bai Lu took the lemon out, washed both the jar and lemons carefully and skillfully did her job.

“Do you do a lot of housework at home?” Xu Hui asked.

Bai Lu nodded while still continuing her work, “Well, I’ve been doing it myself since I was very young.”


Bai Lu turned her head to look at Xu Hui, “What about you, you live by yourself, can you cook?”

Xu Hui shook his head.

“Then, how do you eat?”

Xu Hui said, “There is a cafeteria at school. Except this, I call for a take-out, and sometimes my friends sends me foods or take-out.”

Bai Lu stopped her work and washed her hands, “I also bought foods for you.”


Bai Lu took out another bag from the bag next to her and handed it to Xu Hui.

Xu Hui took the bag from her hand and looked inside, his dark eyes glanced over the things Inside.

“Children’s package?”

Bai Lu went back to her work and proceeded to cut the lemons.

Xu Hui took out a burger from the bag and took a bite as if nothing had happened.

His phone rang, it seems Xu Hui has so many people to call him every day.

“Hello?” Xu Hui was chewing the burger in his mouth, his cheeks bulging up and jaw moving up and down.

“Oh, Xiao Ye.”

Bai Lu, who was originally throwing the scraps in the garbage paused for a moment and looked up at him, then silently went back to the kitchen table to put the lemon slices in the jar. The kitchen at Xu Hui’s house was new, and the clean lines on the chopping board are proves that it was just bought and mostly unused.

“I’m not going tonight, you can play with them.”

Bai Lu put honey into the jar while Xu Hui took another bite of his burger.

“At home, don’t want to go.”

“Tomorrow is fine.”

Xu Hui ate a burger in a few bites. He pinned his phone between his ear and shoulder, and started rummaging through the plastic bag for fries.

“You’re coming right now? …… No, not now.” Xu Hui took off his phone, “You can come at night, I’m alone at that time.”

Xu Hui hanged up the phone after talking and put it down. Bai Lu set the last layer of lemon at the top. After pouring the honey, Bai Lu closed the lid and put the glass jar in the refrigerator.

“It’s done.” Bai Lu washed her hands, “It’s better to eat once it’s cold.”

“Hmm.” Xu Hui let out a hum.

Bai Lu wiped her hands and picked up her bag to go, but Xu Hui was still standing at the kitchen door.

Bai Lu thought he wasn’t introverted, but often liked to be quiet.

“Thanks.” The thanks he said was also careless and insincere, but not perfunctory either.

Bai Lu said, “Then I’ll go first.”

Xu Hui looked at her.

Because the height difference between them was a little too much, he always had to drop his eyes when looking at Bai Lu. As if he was tired, like a child who did not want to wake up.

Bai Lu walked to the kitchen door, but Xu Hui still didn’t move from the door and gave her a way to pass.

He leaned on the doorway, his long legs casually stretched, the door was completely blocked by him.

Bai Lu could see his clean and defined ankle.

“What’s wrong?”

Bai Lu looked up to find that he seemed even taller than before, his eyes looking at her wantonly.

No matter what kind of complex purpose Bai Lu had while standing there, from an objective point of view, then and there, Xu Hui was the one who took the initiative first.

The tiny Bai Lu could only stay within the confines of her circle.

This kind of unthinking teasing and playfulness, that Xu Hui could easily think of doing is out of her league.

“Why did you buy me a children’s package?” Xu Hui asked.

Bai Lu: “You don’t like to eat it?”

Xu Hui: “You like it?”

Bai Lu pursed her lips and nodded hesitantly, “I like it.”

Xu Hui put a french fry in his mouth, chewed, and said, “You were mocking me.”

Bai Lu: “When did I ……”

Xu Hui gave a light hum, as if he guessed right.

It was almost inaudible, but Bai Lu still heard it, and her body suddenly became numb in fear.

It was an instinctive reaction of those who knew they were doing wrong but still does it, unrelated to all psychology.

“I really have to go, my family must be waiting for me anxiously.” Bai Lu took out her phone to see the time, “It’s so late, it’s almost nine -“

The phone was taken away.

“Hey?” Bai Lu raised her hand to get it.

Xu Hui hooked the fingers of one hand on the children’s package plastic bag, the other hand held the phone high up.

“So busy that you can’t even contact me?” Xu Hui said slowly, while unhurriedly pointing at the phone.

“What kind of broken phone …… you have.” Xu Hui frowned.

Bai Lu’s face became a little red in embarrassment. She lifted her feet and hand to reach the phone while anxiously saying, “Give it back to me.”

Xu Hui was tall, the tiny Bai Lu that stood in front could barely reach his shoulders. Even if his back was hunched over, with an arm a stretch high, Bai Lu still wouldn’t reach.

“I’ll look at your phone records today.” Xu Hui leaned the back his head on the door frame, “Was it only me whose phone you didn’t answer?”

“Really no ……” Bai Lu was anxious and she pulled his clothes, but because she was in a state of panic, the strength in pulling the clothes became too much.

Xu Hui’s T-shirt loosened, her pull revealed his lean chest.

Xu Hui’s hands and feet did not move, but he looked at her with his eyes down, the emotions in his eyes unreadable.

“What do you want?”

Bai Lu lowered her head and took a half step back.

“Nothing ……”

Xu Hui’s face remained unchanged, “Why did you suddenly became so embarrassed?”

Bai Lu whispered, “No ……”

“Have you never seen it?”

Bai Lu’s face burned at his teasing.

“You are really stupid.” He whispered.

At that moment, Bai Lu thought of Jiang Ru.

She had also laughed and called her stupid.

Bai Lu closed her eyes to grasp the emotions that were about to go out of her hands. She felt a little confused in her head for feeling that way.

Xu Hui acted like nothing had happened, he slowly tapped her phone.

Bai Lu wanted to find something to distract herself and get back to normal quickly. Thinking about what could distract her most, she began to recite the periodic table of elements in her mind.

When she read to metallic elements iron, cobalt, nickel, copper and zinc, Xu Hui’s voice gently flew into the ear.

“Enduring winter?”

All the elements instantly scattered like ashes, Bai Lu fingertips chilled.

How could she have forgotten something so basic? What was she here for?

Before she could think of anything, Bai Lu suddenly felt a shadow over her head.

She raised her eyes and found Xu Hui bending down with his hand on his pants pocket, his face right in front of her.

He was so close to her for the first time.

Xu Hui’s skin was very white, with a small face and good features that are much more delicate compared to other boys.

No wonder so many girls liked him.

“Why did you named me like that?”

There was still no expression on his face.

The two pairs of eyes met.

This dispensable probing, seemingly clueless questioning.

This illusion of innocence, Bai Lu didn’t know how to refute.

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