Chapter 10

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Jiel, who walked along Kael and Hyazelki to the shade, nodded and sat down.

“That’s a pretty name.”

“You are sitting here? Just go away.”

“Why are you so quiet?”

Jiel ignored Kael, and glanced sideways at the child behind him and smiled.

“Are you listening?”

“Shut up.”

Kael covered Hyazelki’s ears gently and finally spoke harsh words.

‘I can hear everything…….’

Hyazelky tried to make a face that says she knows everything.

The Dragon of Judgement covered her ears from learning bad words.

Hyazelki recalled the content of the book about the Dragon of Judgement, which she had read a long time ago.

Now, somehow, the content and Kael’s image didn’t match.

Jiel, who sat across from them, looked at Kael with an expression as if he was having fun.

“So, what brings you here?”

“Huh? What?”

“If you have a sinner, send a messenger…….”

“Oh, you want to know why I came?”

Jiel said, smoothing his long braids.

“I came to see you because they said you were raising a human child.”

“Then since you’ve seen it all, go away.”

“You are still too much.”

Looking at Jiel, who didn’t even pretend to listen to Kael, Albert laughed in difficulty as he could understand the reason why his master’s mood was twisted.

“It’s not exactly the Master who is raising her.”

The butler turned his head, ignoring Kael’s fierce stare at the useless criticism.

Albert breathed a small sigh of relief when he found the maid who had just gone in to get the drink returning.

“It’s nice, decorating the garden like this and having a party.”

“Do you feel like settling down now, too?”

“I want to, but I can’t. If we stay in one place, the balance will collapse.”

After drinking a bottle of wine, Jiel soon lay down on the blanket.

The blue sky was dazzling.

“How does your balance break down? What if you stay in one place for a long time?”

Hyazelki, who was calm behind Kael as he told her to, stuck out her head and asked.


“Can’t I ask him? Isn’t he a dragon too? Then why not?”

When asked with her honey coloured eyes wide open, Kael couldn’t readily answer.

Hyazelki crept out behind Kael’s side and sat down in front of Jiel.

On the first day she came to the castle, she was so scared by the word “the Dragon of Judgement.”

However, Hyazelki was no longer afraid of Kael.

Being next to him made her feel peaceful and relieved.

‘If he’s really angry, I can just apologize.’

Whether he was really angry or not, Hyazelki was quite good at judging it, so Hyazelki approached Jiel a little more.

“Hia, stay away from him a little more.”


“He must have a bad influence on you.”

Jiel, who was lying on his back, jumped up at the words.

“You’re the only one who says that the Dragon of the Earth will have a bad effect on an innocent child!”

“Because no one knows your true self.”

“I’m a Dragon who blesses people!”

“I guess so. All but me are dragons that bless people.”

Jiel, who was trying to refute Kael’s answer, closed his mouth.

‘Ah, damn it.’

There seemed to be a little harsh atmosphere between the two.

Hyazelki, who was secretly looking around, settled down between Kael and Jiel.

“Um… the Dragon of the Earth?”

“Jiel is fine.”

“Really? Can I call you by your name?”

When Hyazelki asked again with her eyes open, Jiel smiled softly and nodded.

“Then…… Mr. Jiel.”

“It’s awkward. You can leave out ‘Mr.’, baby.”

“What? But…….”

“Albert just called me Jiel.”

Looking up at Albert with her eyes rolling, Hyazelki saw the butler smiling and shrugging his shoulders.

“Yes, Jiel.”

“Oh, right. Can you give me your hand? I’ll read your palm.”

“Oh, the Dragons can do everything.”

Despite Kael’s piercing stare, Jiel reached out to Hyazelki without changing his expression.

Kael’s gaze was fixed on Hyazelki’s slowly moving hand.

Jiel, who felt him nervous, smiled and grabbed her hand.

He was going to make fun of Kael when he saw him so fidgety.

But Jiel couldn’t.

Hyazelki opened her eyes wide as she felt Jiel’s hand shaking little by little.

Jiel blesses the land as the Dragon of the Earth. That was the role given to the green dragon by God.

This was the only reason for staying on the ground until now.

He has wandered all over the continent and seen more diverse humans than Kael.

Although he did not appear to humans, he was still a godly dragon among farmers.

Of course, there was a reason why he was worshipped by more people than Kael, but he was not very interested in that.

The dragons were all like that.

He just stands on this earth and watches how humans live with the earth.

As he had to visit barren and more barren land enough to be called the cursed land and blessed it, Jiel wandered around the continent because it was necessary.

So he thought he knew more humans than Kael, who was confined to the castle and faced only sinners.

It wasn’t his first time seeing such a small child.

However, Hyazelki was different from other human children.

Feelings that had been gradually fading away from the continent all along.

A long time ago, he felt the same when he stayed by God.

A feeling of overwhelming tears.

Jiel, who bowed his head, slowly swept Hyazelki’s small palm.

It felt like there was a crack in the bank of the river that was blocked from a long time ago.

“……I see.”

The tremor of the hand stopped at once.

He raised his head with a faint smile, which was different from his usual playful smile.

“You’re a child born to be loved.”

It wasn’t even a fussy voice.

He seemed to have a very different atmosphere than when she first saw him.

Hyazelki stared at Jiel without saying a word.


She didn’t mean to refute it, but she couldn’t agree with him completely.

Of course, she is now living a life with overflowing love, but what has passed has been too harsh to be “fated to be loved.”

Didn’t Kael also tell her to give her fate to a dog?

Since she couldn’t bring up the story of the past, Hyazelki just looked at Jiel.

She once asked her parents about memories of her past life.

Obviously, it was her third life, when she was born blind.

‘I was beaten up saying, “Is the blind kid crazy?”….’

That’s when she realized. That it’s not normal to have memories of previous lives.

So she shouldn’t say it out loud.

Jiel stared at Hyazelki with a mournful gaze, and wrapped her small hands in both hands.

“……I will take care of you in the future.”

“You don’t have to do that. She won’t see you anymore.”

The soft atmosphere surrounding Jiel was shattered by Kael’s words as if pouring cold water.


“Stop it and get lost.”

“Don’t say bad things in front of Hia!”

“Don’t pretend to be close and stay away.”

Kael, who rose from his seat, jerked off Jiel’s hand.

“Well, good-bye.”

“Hey! I’m not going!”

“Oh, Papa, where are you going?”

“Enjoy the party on your own. I’ll go in now and rest.”


Kael, who was about to move, hardened at Jiel’s astonished face.

It was a familiar title for everyone, so no one recognized what was wrong for a moment. But that was different for Jiel, because he didn’t live in the castle.

Jiel looked at Hyazelki and Kael alternately with his mouth wide open.

“You call him Papa?”

“Yes? Yes.”

Hiazelky, who didn’t know what to say, answered with a tilt of her head.

“Why not Daddy?”

However, Jiel’s words hardened Hyazelki this time.

In fact, it was a title in that sense. However, she didn’t have the courage to call him “Daddy,” so she was just calling him “Papa.”

She thought she sang it like a habit at some point.

“Oh, that’s….”

Hyazelki, glancing at the hardened Kael, tried to make excuses first.

“Then is there anything that she can call me with?”

The excuse that lingered in her head disappeared somewhere at Kael’s word.

“……there’s no other name to call you? You seem to be imitating a fairly reliable father.”

Kael looked at Hyazelki with an unknown expression for a moment, and soon turned his head.


Then, he kicked Jiel with a casual face and entered the castle.

“Are you okay?”

When asked by surprised Hyazelki, Jiel quickly smiled.

“I apologize instead, Mr. Jiel.”

“Don’t bother, he’s the most crooked of us.”

After finding another bottle of alcohol and drinking it, Jiel lay down again.

Hyazelki’s warmth in both hands threw a stone of the calm lake, where the feeling of longing was trapped inside.

That feeling that was natural and cozy before coming down to the ground, and that feeling that was distant and desperate after coming down.

After inhaling deeply, Jiel spit out his breath and looked at the sky as if he were vomiting longing.

“………looks like you.”

The squinted eyes stared at the floating clouds.


When Hyazelki, who was sitting next to him, asked back, Jiel replied with a bright smile.

“Baby, it seems like you’ve worked hard to decorate the garden. Why don’t you look around more?”

“Oh, yes.”

Hyazelki, who rose from her seat, returned to the place where the maids were gathered, as Jiel said.

After closing his eyes again, Jiel called the butler, who was standing beside him with a troubled face.


“Yes, Lord Jiel.”

“I’ll stay in the castle for a while, so please prepare a room.”

“……Yes, I will prepare.”

Even though he knew that Albert was sweating in difficulties, Jiel only laughed.

Albert had no choice but to obey, although his master was unwilling and had to live with someone he hates.

Basically, he had been taught not to go against any dragon’s words.

Laughing, Jiel mumbled that he would not let him have it alone. Then he simply lied down in the garden and took a nap.

* * *

“How long are you going to stay? Get out of here as soon as possible.”

“Baby! Kael uses bad words!”

Jiel, who stretched out his arms, jumped next to Kael and ran to Hyazelki.

“Hey! Don’t stick to Hia!”

Hyazelki waved her hand when she found two people walking together in the hallway.

It’s been a week since the Dragon of the Earth started to stay in the castle.

“Hia, come here.”

“No, baby! Come to me! Do you want to go for a walk outside? Do you want to see flowers blooming?”

“Don’t try to tempt her with that.”

Kael frowned and pushed him away, but Hyazelki had already grabbed Jiel’s hand.

“Are you going to bloom the flowers again?”

“Of course!”

Hyazelky liked flowers. Not only flowers, but trees, animals, and nature.

For the past week, Jiel has finished figuring out the child’s taste.

And blooming flowers was something Kael couldn’t do.

Jiel looked back at Kael, raising the corners of his mouth, and held Hyazelki.

“Yes, yes, baby! Let’s go for a walk with me!”

“Oh, I must be heavy. I can walk.”

“No, no, you are not heavy at all!”

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