98. Desire to control.

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“What ……?”

 A dry voice leaked from her mouth, not quite understanding the meaning of the question being asked.

 What else could it be but a coincidence? Even if it was not a coincidence, Violette was not a child. She had experience as a daughter born with her noble position in the world. Even if Rosette had planned something and approached Violette, she(Violette) would not have been rolled over in her hands without noticing. In any case, there was no need for Yulan to be so cautious.

 Was it not too much protection, and too much interference?

“You couldn’t have known how much she adored Prince Claudia.”

 Everyone in the school knew about Violette’s distorted love, not to mention Rosette, who was active in social circle. The fact that Claudia was fed up with her constant persuasion and also …… about Violette’s attitude that suddenly changed, everything was recorded in people’s mouth and passed down to others.

 For Violette, Rosette was her love rival. Of course, it was not officially announced, so there was no way that Violette knew about the engagement between Claudia and Rosette. But Rosette knowing everything, still interacted with Violette, talked with her, and established herself as a friend.

 Yulan’s vigilance was not so thin that he couldn’t see anything thought it. Especially when it comes to Violette, he was more adamant – abnormally and excessively so.

“I’m not sure what you’re trying to say.”

“If you answer like that, it proves that you fully understand what I’m trying to say.”


“It’s all well and good to be cautious, but don’t you think it’s futile resistance since I’ve already know your intention?”

 He is creepy, Rosette couldn’t help but think frankly. He was being so persistent in his ideals that he was almost forcing her to admit something she didn’t do. Slowly but steadily, Rosette felt as if she was being driven to the edge of a cliff. The way he asked questions was softly and gently, but every time his eyes that felt like throwing daggers at her and the words pouring down from his mouth made her so angry that she could barely stand it.

She knew the reason of his obvious warnings and distrust. All of the things he does with no consideration or discretion, are due to his great feelings and love for someone. But the way he does it is so selfish and self-contained.

 It seemed as if Violette was being forced to go along with his self-important outburst.

“Then let me answer you straightforwardly, I have nothing to say to you.”


“If you are asking about me and Violette-sama, then I can’t reveal anything to you. Whatever we think, whatever we talk about, whatever relationship we forge, it is ours and ours alone. It is none of your business.”

 If it was not anyone’s business to interfere with love, then neither it was anyone’s business to interfere with friendship either. Worries and anxieties for you loved ones are important, but there was no logic in overdoing it. There are many people who consider it a virtue to be sensitive, but no matter how much you pay attention to it, without the voice of the person concerned, it is nothing more than self-interpretation. The value for you will only be added when the person you concerned about is willing to accept your concern.

 Dangerous, distrustful, disproportionate …… any reason to interrupt any relationship, when brought up by a third party, is just an expectation and imagination, there is no truth to it.

“Whatever you do or think, it’s your business and I’m not interested, but please don’t drag …… Violette-sama into your desire for control.”

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