96. Smile

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96. Smile

 Rosette couldn’t help but think, was it arrogant for her to think that she would have to face him?

 Although their meeting was a little different from what she expected, she still couldn’t find which expression she should show in this situation. Should she be surprised? That they met so unexpectedly? However, if she had to put it into words, she would say that she knew ……,there would be a day coming like this.

Rosette knew that he would come to her.


“Good morning, Princess Rosette.”

“Good morning……”

 A smile that people like. The smile was beautiful and charming, as if the person standing opposite him were a very close friend of his. Even the softly narrowed eyes, and the gentle tone of his voice were composed with tenderness. Anyone would think that he was a man who knew Rosette from a long time ago. And he, more than anyone else, had a certain affection towards her.

 Rosette would think so, too. If it really was that way.

(Why am I feeling cold suddenly?)

 She had seen and been offered admiration from many people. She knew she had never been hated, even if she was, it was lesser than other people. That was why she was sensitive to people’s feelings and what emotion their eyes contained. How others see her, what they thought of her and what they want from her. Rosette herself understands best how excellent the antennae created by her position and environment are.

 Therefore, she was sure that the feeling of being oppressed was not just her imagination. This smile, too perfect to be perfect, did not contain the emotion that it was showing. The fangs of the beast mimicked by the beautiful skin should have the power to crush anyone in an instant.

 Her experience whispered to her that she should be careful of what she said. She had the unfounded certainty that if she took even one step backward, for fear of his icy smile, it would be the last thing she did.

 Doubt almost rode on her face, and she made sure that the smile she put on her cheeks would surely have been as perfect as his. She was used to fake smiles, anyway. Even if she shouldn’t be carelessly flirtatious, she should have the skill to paste a smile on your face instantly. It comes in handy in times like these.

“I’m sorry for calling out to you so suddenly. I startled you.”

“No, not really.”

 The flat answer showed a momentary distortion in the other’s expression. Slightly, but certainly, it was evidence of displeasure. However, it seemed that the damage was not more than what was expected. The man in front of Rosette – Yulan – continued to speak without any sign that his mask had been removed or that his composure had been reduced. His calmness remained almost unchanged.

“I am sure that you, the Princess, have anticipated my arrival.”

 Condescension. The barbs contained in those words were so clear that she could understand them as plain as day.

 Even a princess in a box has that level of brains. ……

 Laughing, all the time, with a cunning smile that would entangle you in an instant if you were fooled by its beautiful surface. The “smile” that was shown on his face without breaking, without loosening, told the reason for coming here. His nature of not trusting anyone was revealed a little bit, even if only a little.

 And Rosette knew and understood it well.

 That was why she couldn’t allow herself to relax.

“Oh ……, I thought you came to me to ask something.”

 A simple provocation was probably meaningless. If you didn’t have any knowledge about the person opposite you, you can’t provoke them, empathize with, or persuade them. It would be much easier to deal with an angry person and make them loose their mind with simple words. Indifference was the most troublesome and frightening thing.

 Yulan’s head tilted slowly, without a hint of irritation, and still with a model-like smile on his face. As if to ask what Rosette was talking about. He was not going to give a single piece of information until she herself got to the bottom of what he was talking about.

“Violette-sama and I are good friends. I thought you were going to ask about our relationship.”

“I didn’t mean to, ……everyone seems to adore Princess so much, so I was just asking how you are.”

“Oh, I thought you were interrogating me about her.”

“I apologize if I caused you any discomfort.”

 Rosette wondered if she was being too cynical, because she couldn’t see the slightest sign of sincerity in the way he bowed his head without hesitation. Until a few minutes ago, she had thought that it was a sign of adaptability to be able to show your sincere expression not only in words but also in attitude.

 Her own intuition, which was nothing but based on her experience, negates the values of the sincerity he was showing. But she could find neither sincerity nor honesty in his attitude applies to this person.

“But I’m a little concerned.”

The expression on his face was not that of a concern. Rather, he seemed to snort at Rosette while saying the next sentence.

“-that you, Prince Claudia’s ‘fiancée’, are approaching her.”

 Rosette felt as if the golden color, which was supposed to be sacred, was clouded by a thick darkness.

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