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 I want to hear your voice. I want to see you. I want to talk to you.

 It could be anxiety, fear, longing, or sadness. Violette could give any number of reasons, but in the end, all she wanted was to see him.


 Yulan didn’t have the habit to write down any information he finds. Having a record only means leaving evidence of his doings, and he didn’t think it was beneficial to him. For Yulan who had passed his whole life based solely on his memory, a bad memory was not necessary to remember.

 Fortunately, he had confidence in his memory. There were many things he would like to forget, but he remembers them all with such precision that he was sick of remembering them. In the past, he had to endure such things under the covers of his past, but now that he saw it, it seemed like a wonderful advantage. Thanks to this, Yulan was able to store a lot of information.

“You have been staying in the classroom a lot lately.”

“Moving around is troublesome.”

“Don’t you want to see your Vio-chan?”

 Sitting in front of Yulan’s desk, Gia tilted his head in question. He looked very relaxed and joyful. Because of his relaxed expression, it was as if he was teasing Yulan. In reality, however, Gia had no intention of doing so, he was just simply enjoying the situation. He was not trying to make Yulan angry, nor was he trying to make him more impatient, but was simply taking the situation as it was.

 He was a man who lived only for himself. He seemed to have enough reason not to waste his time by deliberately spreading malice, but as someone who was used to finding enjoyment in everything, his mannerism sometimes enraged people. But Yulan was annoyed either way. What Gia was saying was even more annoying because it accurately hit Yulan’s soft spot.

“You’ve given me more reason to investigate.”(Yulan)

“You’re always blaming someone else, just like you breathe.”(Gia)

“The information was okay, but no thanks to you.”(Yulan)

“No, no, no, no, no.”(Gia)

 Gia, laughing with his big mouth open, showed no sign of getting tired of Yulan’s insults and seemed to have decided to enjoy the situation as much as possible. The expression of enjoyment without regard to Yulan’s mood was very maddening. The amount of sleep Yulan had been getting lately and the increasing amount of information that he couldn’t get together was making his head hurt.

 The freedom of peace was simply going further and further away from Yulan, who had his head down with his eyebrows furrowed in annoyance. He would have probably taken some steps already but he was worried Gia was just playing with him. Gia’s point of view gave him a great advantage to calmly analyse a situation objectively as a third party. It was very useful, but not advisable to rely on his whims.

“Well, it’s all right. Did you find something that’s bothering you?”

“You know what I’m talking about.”

“Did you?”

 Yulan felt as if his nerves were being poked, perhaps because of Gia’s careless expression or perhaps Yulan was too impatient.

 The information he provided was very useful, but because it was too useful, Yulan had to be careful about its credibility and where to use it. The stress of the increased workload and even less sleep, and still not being able to make the progress he wanted, was giving him a headache. He knew he couldn’t make any more progress, not even half a step, by sitting on his desk or listening to the voices of others.

“I think I should go…….”

He had gathered enough information about what Violette was doing and with whom she had been, now he just needed to meet her and confirm everything.

“Then don’t get caught!”

“What do you think I am?”

“Your reaction is funny in so many ways.”

“You’re the last person I want to talk to.”

 Gia was probably the most heretical person in this academy more than anyone else. Not only within the academy, but even from a global perspective, the people of his country are miscellaneous, and it was okay to be treated as a funny Prince there. But outside his region, it obviously was no okay. Yulan was probably aware of his personality, and he also knew that it wasn’t out of norm either. He was just pouring all his interest, love, attachment, priorities, and quickness of division, all of them, into one person.

 He just wanted to make her beloved one, Violette, happy.

 I would do anything for that – even if anyone get hurt.

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