93. Change of day

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93. Change of day

“Violette-sama, ……!”


 There was a figure standing beautifully at the entrance of the school, welcoming Violette with an enthusiastic face. Today, Violette left the house at the usual time and arrived just a little earlier than the peak of the school day. But seeing Rosette, standing at the entrance of the school and greeting her was the most surprising thing for her today. As soon as she spotted Violette, she rushed over to her and greeted her with a smile.

“Good morning.”

“Good morning, how come you are here today ……?”

 Contrary to Violette, who was too bewildered and confused to say anything, Rosette kept smiling without losing her composure.

 Violette knew very well that not many people liked to arrive at school so early like herself. In fact, she even came this time of school for a reason. Because when she sat inside of an empty classroom without any people, she didn’t feel like an animal in the zoo. There weren’t any curious stares thrown at her, no sound of their voices reaching her ears gossiping about herself. It felt much more comfortable to stay alone in the classroom than stay in her home.

But in all those times she came to school earlier, she didn’t see Rosette. She didn’t even know that Rosette came at this time to school. The students had to enter the school through the same entrance but their path never crossed with each other, until now.

 In other words, she had deliberately come to school earlier to meet Violette.

“I have been waiting for you, Violette-sama.”

“Me ……?”

 Is there something she wants to talk about? Violette couldn’t help but think. Otherwise, Rosette wouldn’t have gone to the trouble of coming to school earlier, and waiting for her. She could just visit her class during the break time between classes.

 What could be the purpose of Rosette waiting for her?

“It’s just…I wanted to get close to Violette-sama. So I came early today at the school and waited for you.”

“Oh, ……”

 Suddenly, the memory of yesterday came to Violette’s mind. She had almost forgotten that they were having lunch together yesterday, because she was too busy with fighting the intense emotion of something she had never felt before. How was Rosette’s reaction at that time? She couldn’t remember that either, perhaps her mind was too occupied to see the reaction of the people around her.

 She could only remember that she replied to Rosette’s question “Are you okay?” with a “I’m alright”. But she couldn’t remember how Rosette looked at her at that time.

“I was just wondering if you are okay. You look so worn out yesterday and I thought maybe you would be sick. So I came to see you.”

“You came so early at school just to meet me?”

“Well, I know it’s weird but ……!”

 Her awkwardly deflected gaze swam restlessly around everywhere, hiding from Violette’s gaze. Her face turned a little red, perhaps because she was embarrassed. Her red lips were bitten by the white teeth, making them even redder. But her appearance was so gorgeous that she still looked pretty.


“Uh, ……, um, sorry.”

“No… ………”



 Rosette’s expression changed from shame to one of silence, Violette fell into silence as well. She wanted to apologize to Rosette for letting her see her unsightly appearance yesterday. She couldn’t help but think that her silence was making everything more awkward between them than before.

“Umm, hmmm… ……, sorry… haha.”

 The laughter that echoed from her mouth was unusual from her everyday personality. She tried to suppress it, but still the sound leaked from the gap of her fingers and echoed around the two of them. Rosette, who was feeling nervous a moment ago was completely caught off guard as she stared at Violette blankly.

 Violette stared at the purple orbs opposite her and said every word with care.

“Thank you ……, I’m very, very happy.”

“Oh, ……, ha, yes!”

 The world will never change. Yesterday, today, tomorrow and forever beyond will stay the same.

 So, she thought. In the midst of the ordinary of time, she suddenly found something.

 That she also had such pleasant time.


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