92. New day with new feelings

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A new day arrived.

 It was a day that changed the world for someone. Something happened that overturned the values of the past in the eyes of a certain individual.

 The sun rose again, the day had only 24 hours after all. If you are hungry but have nothing to eat, you may sleep the day away. Even if something changes for someone else, the world remains the same and everyday life flows around us like usual. The day Violette spent yesterday wasn’t as disastrous as the days she previously spent. Rather, yesterday felt much calmer to her than any other days. She was born with disaster. Every time she slept, woke up, ate, moved, disaster was always around the corner.

“Good morning, Violette-sama.”

“…… good morning, Marin.”

 Marin hoped Violette’s world would change, she wanted everyday to be a flower path for Violette.

 A change of mind can affect the five senses. It all matters how one feels about the change around them. But both Violette and Marin were in a situation where they wanted something, anything to change. As long as Violette could get away from the hellish life, they were prepared to bet anything.

 When someone falls in love, they start thinking the person they love is more wonderful than before. Their every word and gesture mesmerizes the person in love. But some people’s perspectives of the world don’t change just because they are in love.

 Violette was one of those people, who thought the world was the same as before she realised her feelings for Yulan.

 She didn’t feel it as vivid as in the romance novels she had read. Or that she was feeling gloomy just because Yulan was not with her. It was just a plain view of what was there, and she just had to take it as it was. It was a peaceful view, but that didn’t mean there was not a shred of melancholy in it.

 Flatness, normalcy. Everything was just the same as yesterday morning, another day had begun, and the weight of starting a new day was there that she had already become accustomed to.

“…… today.”


 Marin looked at Violette with a change of clothes in hand, mumbling while smiling slightly.

“I hope I can talk to Yulan-sama.”


 Nothing had changed. The world was not kind to Violette today. There was no change in anyone, anywhere. It was only the viewer’s mind that made it appear as if it had changed. It was just a self-serving, self-centered, false impression.

 However, this was Violette’s world alone.

“…… yeah, right.”

 Just thinking of him made the world seem just a little bit softer for Violette.

T/N: I’m sorry for the short chapter. But believe me it’s not me splitting the chapters. The chapters are becoming shorter day by day. Maybe the author has lost inspiration….

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