91. Pandora’s box

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91. Pandora’s box

 Thinking back, Yulan was always at the end of Violette’s beautiful emotions. Even when submerged in a dirty puddle made of unspoken emotions, his smile never lost its luster. Even if the surface of her heart got dirty, she could wipe it clean with her tears. No matter how crazy she was with greed, the fact that Yulan was important to her had never been clouded.

 The feelings were too delicate, too important, and too natural.

 Until now, she had not even checked the kind of feelings she had for him. She always thought him of her cute little brother, someone who she could live and protect. But she didn’t realize up till now that it was him who was protecting her all along.

 She had nothing to gain in return, nothing to calculate, but she was still happy just thinking about him. She had no desire for gratuitous feelings, and as long as he would be willing to smile beside her, that was all she needed. Perhaps that was why she did not want to give him a nickname, because she was afraid that it could lead them close. It was good that he didn’t know the source of the feelings that welled up in her. She thought that as long as she didn’t categorize her feelings, she would be able to cherish them as the only person she had ever loved.

“…… have you calmed down, Violette-sama?”

“Yeah, I think so …….”

 Marin’s special hot milk was handed to her as soon as she calmed down. It was warm, but not hot, hot enough for even Violette, who had a cat tongue, to drink slowly. It was sweet, a taste that had always been by her side when she was tired or when she felt like her heart waa about to be crushed.

 Marin’s honey milk made with her thoughtfulness ran from the tip of her(Violette) tongue to the top of her fingers, as if filling the holes in her body. It was probably because Marin knew all of Violette’s senses, including taste, touch, and everything she liked. There were days when she fell asleep immersed in this sweetness. At those times, she felt as if she could sink deeper and deeper into the depths of her soul through this sweetness.

 A sip of warm liquid slid down her throat. The sigh that poured out was not because it felt painful, but because it was a relief. She thought there would be nothing but despair after she had thrown everything away, but it seemed that her view had become clear after accepting her feelings. With a clearer view, she could see things she couldn’t see before.

“Please get some rest,” Marin suggested, “I will bring you dinner in a while.”

“Dinner? But I don’t….”

“I’ll keep it light.”

“Then thank you …….”

 It is said that when people are in a relaxed state, they become hungry or sleepy. Violette seemed to have been of the latter type, her gradually warming body temperature seemed to have even softened her brain. The quality of sleep she had been getting recently wasn’t much. And the mental fatigue she had been experiencing have made her eyelids feel as if they were about to close. She put the cup on the table and headed for bed with unsteady steps, hoping to catch a little bit of sleep.

 Everything in her sight looked slightly distorted. The sudden fluffiness and softness on her body startled her a little. She must have reached her destination, because as her relaxed body collapsed, her body was enveloped in a feathery softness.

 As she felt the presence of someone approaching and then moving away, she found her consciousness slipping away from her more and more. She surrendered herself to the invitation of the sleepiness with open arms.

 The box was finally opened. Now there was nowhere to hide. It would be hard for Violette to drive the feelings away from her. Considering her nature, she would hold it, and love it. She would never be able to forget them, neither throw them away.

 Her Pandora’s box was filled with love, possessiveness, envy, longing, and many other feelings.

 But the most important thing, the only one thing she needed most, the thing that should be inside the Pandora’s box, “Hope,” was not found until the very end.

T/N: Sorry…. It’s not my fault that the chapter is small. It was in the RAWS.


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