87. Meaning of Princess

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87. Meaning of princess

“What’s wrong with Princess?”

 Princess Rosette Meghan was the ideal princess in everyone’s eyes. She had perfectly become a synonym for ‘Princess’ as if the word itself was derived from her. Many of the school’s students envied her existence.

 The difference in treatment between her and Ger was quite large. Both of them were foreign exchange students, but everyone here treated them with their outward appearance.

 Princesses with skin color as white as snow and smooth as butter, hair as beautiful as flowing river, and natural characteristics similar to those of their own ideal are accepted with open arms. While those with different eye colours and values are weeded out. It is easy to understand the reason and also quite stupid to follow such rules, but that is why it is so easy to control.

 Even the golden eyes, the most hated eyes in this country, were easily fooled as soon as Yulan grew up and began to smile beautifully. Those who justified Yulan’s existence by saying that he was a human being that anyone would dream to be.

 They never imagined that Yulan, whom they found charming, was an empty shell with no feelings.

“Oh, so you knew.”

“At least I know her name. She’s famous.”

“Well, even I know her name.”

“I guess both of you are the same in status.”

“We’re a special kind of people in your country.”

“I know.”

 The place where Ger was born and grew up was a place of miscellaneous people. The environment in which he was surrounded were often filled with so many people from other countries that it was confusing to tell them apart as one nation. Even if each country has their fair share of foreigners in their land, Ger’s country were fillied with too many individuals of the likes.

 It was only after studying abroad that Ger himself realized that his own common sense was strange from the outside, and that the common sense he knew actually was only as strong as its strength.

“What’s up with that Princess Rosette……?”


 Yulan was irritated for suddenly discussing about someone he didn’t want to. Was it because of lack of sleep, or was it for other reasons? He didn’t know. Yulan’s current temper was fifty percent higher than usual. Although his personality wasn’t such that he would explode if he mishandled the situation, he would still try to nit-pick Ger, who forced him to a conversation he didn’t like.

 To be honest, Ger was a little worried that Yulan would blow up after hearing the words he was going to say to someone like him who was already irritated,……, but he was sure that this guy would find out sooner or later without him having to tell him.

“I saw her with Violette-san a while ago.”

“…… more details.”

“I didn’t talk to them, and I don’t know much more than that, but …… they both stood out a lot.”

“That’s true.”

 Yulan agreed with Ger, because he knew both Violette and Rosette have that look. They can stand out individually, but when they are together, the synergistic effect goes without saying. It was easy to imagine the result when two people who were usually at opposite ends of the spectrum get close to each other. People’s eyes, which were usually divided into two, were forced to concentrate in one place.

 But that was not what Yulan was thinking about.

(Why were the two of them together ……)

 As far as Yulan could ascertain, there was no connection between the two of them. He knew that they were separated by only class, but it was still astonishing for Violette to get close to anyone apart from himself.

 They never had interactions in the past. Both of them attracted many eyes, so it was impossible even for Yulan to understand the reason of them being together. They were two different types of people who lived on two sides of the world.

 Since their class were besides each other, one can imagine any number of reasons why they might be together. Perhaps Ger just witnessed a scene where they were just greeting each other.

 However, there was no evidence to conclude that.

 If there was no evidence, then it was neither false nor true.

“Do you know where they went?”

“Uh, somewhere in the courtyard?”


“Where are you going?”

“You know where.”

“Come back in time for class.”

 By the time Ger announced his farewell, Yulan’s back was already turned as he left the classroom.

 Even with that level of information, Yulan would surely find out where they were going with ease. He had that much information network after all. Besides, it was unexpectedly easy to find someone who stands out.

 And when he gets there, Yulan will just watch her figure …… Violette.

“I wonder how …… the other Princess will fare.”

 The Princess that floated in Ger’s brain laughed with a power that beared no resemblance to the ideal princess.

“If you think you’re just a ‘Princess’ and try to get something that isn’t yours…… you’ll be the one who gets the short end of the stick by Yulan.”


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