84. The ideal friend

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84. The ideal friend

 Violette was crouched down with her face covered until the bell rang, but Rosette didn’t ask her any questions. She just asked her if she was okay, and when she(Violette) answered with “okay” and “sorry,” she just laughed as if she was relieved that Violette was okay and didn’t mind.

 Rosette is a person who knows the boundary between kindness and imposition. For some people, it might not be better to forcefully come inside to their heart, but for Violette, who can’t verbalize anything, she appreciated Rosette’s sense of distance.

“I’m sorry, Miss Rosette.”

 Today was the first time she had talked to her properly, but to show her valnerable side like that …… it would have been impossible for the usual Violette.

 She was so comfortable with the sympathy she received that she opened up too much without her knowing.

 Violette and Rosette must be in the minority of the majority of people who like to believe in their ideals. They were like a few others who lived with the same weight, both in their ideals and in reality.

 However, to think that there would be one day they will understand everything or that they could understand each other never crossed their mind.

“I’ve surprised you, haven’t I? Please forget about it.”

“It’s okay, I didn’t mind. Besides, …… I surprised you yesterday, so we’re even now.”

 There obviously is a significant difference between being told a secret and a secret that’s been exposed intentionally…… but Violette could understand what Rosette was talking about. But she couldn’t be sure if it was out of concern for Violette or if she really meant it, but even in the short time she interacted with Rosette, she was sure of one thing; Rosette was kind.

 She(Rosette) never ridiculed her(Violette) for her weakness, never distorted her expression of annoyance, and never asked her why she was digging into her roots with curiosity.

 Violette was glad that she was allowed to show her weakness without being reprimanded or scolded.

The bell has rung, so they didn’t have much time left to talk.

 If they didn’t return before the bell rings, they would be late. This was something that both Violette, who had no good rumors, and Rosette, who was held in high esteem, wanted to avoid.

 Above all, there was the danger that this school would mobilize an extraordinary search party for any student who did not show up in the class without any notice. The school has a natural security system because there were sons and daughters of royalty, nobility, and all kinds of important people who attend the school. …… Even a delay of only a few minutes can cause a stir in the school.

 The walk to class was pleasant, like two friends walking side by side. If only they could take away the hierarchy of all students, and think of all the students as same regardless of grade level, it would have been wonderful. However, in a school that is too large, that corner is a terribly large area, and so is the people’s self-esteem.

 Violette, who was heading for that corner at the same pace, finally had a question.

“Come to think of it, …… Lady Rosette, you were aware of which class I was in, right?

 Violette was too busy in drowning in her sorrow that she had completely forgotten about it. Seeing Rosette in front of her class was already a surprise for Violette. Later, they were immersed in conversation so she forgot about the reason of her coming to her. But now she wondered if Rosette knew the class of the person whom she had not even properly introduced herself. At the very least, Violette was vague about even her own classmates. She had always known that Rosette was not in the same class as her, but she had never paid attention to which class she was in.

“I only knew that we are in the class next to each other. Violette-sama is, let’s see, …… famous?”

 Although she hid it with several layers of ostentation, it was obvious that the ingredient contained in the word “famous” was in a negative way.

 And there were several rumors to back each other. One of them was that she was attracted to Claudia and caused trouble to get his attention. Another one was the appearance of her her half-sister, Marijune. From what Violette could get by what Rosette said was that, she might be talking about the latter. If it was the former, it would have been her own fault, but as for the latter, she was completely uninvolved in the accident. The first was something that was done by her own foolishness, but the second one was something completely out of her hand. But Violette never stopped anyone from spreading these rumors. Violette was too tired to bother with those people who were well aware of the truth but still choosed to deny it.

“But I wasn’t sure, so I was going to …… take a peek at every class. It seems I was lucky to get it right the first time…”

Rosette showed a cute, troubled smile on her face. From the way she walked to the way she changed her facial expressions, everything about her looked sophisticated. It was not because she was dressed in an ideal princess attire. It was probably because she has learned enough etiquette to behave in such a way naturally.

 Rosette seemed to think that her true self is a destroyer of ideals. But Violette was sure that her true nature was that of a beautiful princess without any falsehoods.

“Then …… it’s my turn to look for your.”

“Eh ……?”

“Yeah, like …… for lunch?”

“Oh ……, Of course! I’m looking forward to seeing you at lunch……!”

 There was only one class next to Violette and she knew this was the class of Rosette.

 Rosette, with her cheeks flushed pink nodded repeatedly in excitement. She looked much more childlike than Violette had previously imagined her to be.

Her facial expressions changed from moment to moment and were easy to understand, as if her heart was directly connected to her facial muscles. Even in the midst of the inconvenience of not being able to say ‘I like what I like’, there was a core strength that does not give up or let go. She not only smiles softly and listens to others, but she also speaks confidently.

 Except for the beautiful gestures that she had become accustomed to, none of the other things were as important as the fact that she was a woman with a beautiful appearance. Her mannerism was far different from what the rumours said to be.

 Knowing is not always a good thing. There are some things that maybe it is better not to know. Rosette kept secrets and behaved ideally because she knew that there were people who may not feel the same way like her.

 Revealing does not always turn out to be a good thing. Nor exposing is the only way to be sincere.

 But even so, Violette thought, the girl who was standing before her was more beautiful than the girl she always saw from afar. Although her ideals of her were broken and shattered, Violette was still happy to find an ideal friend.


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