82. Groping malaise

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 A moment of calm can come at any moment. In the middle of a battle, in between violence, at time of heartbreak. Even when you are troubled to the point of sleeplessness, a gap in any place where you can breathe will give you peace.

 For Violette, this was exactly the gap.

“I’m so happy to know Rosette, who is the princess of Lithos. No wonder, you have beautiful pink hair and eyes.”

“Thank you. The people in our kingdom used to have similar hair colour like mine, but not many people have eyes and hair like mine anymore.”

“I’ve never been to Lithos. But I’ve seen Lithos, the gem.”

 ”Lithos the Jewel” is a beautiful purple gemstone that is very popular among aristocratic ladies because of its colourful appearance. But this purple gemstone can only be found in Lithuania. Its value is said to be three times that of diamonds on average, but to what extent this is still is a mystery.

 Lithos, where Rosette is from, is a small country that is highly trusted and popular among other countries. Many of its citizens have purple hair and eyes, which is why they named their country after the purple gemstone that can be found in their country.

 Violette had only heard about it from textbooks and personal stories, but it seemed to be a fixed concept. After all, it was difficult to distinguish which information is true or the latest unless you hear it with your own eyes and ears.

“I have brothers who are twins, but only one of them has pink hair. One has purple hair and the other has purple eyes,…… even though their faces are identical.”

“Oh, then they must be easy to tell apart.”

“Well, that’s what everyone says. It’s very helpful, because you can’t mistake one prince for another.

“It’s an important …… thing, isn’t it?”

 A smile that bordered on self-mockery overflowed from her lips naturally.

 The life of nobles are like this. If you are born a noble, you cannot prove who you are by yourself. Everything is decided when that life sprouts, is born, is given a name, and eventually grows into an individual by being recognized and called by others.

 No one can be anything other than themselves, and no matter how much we admire and envy, we always think ourselves as second best in our mind. It is a wonderful thing, but at the same time, it is also cruel.

 You may not be able to become someone else, but you can take the place of someone else either. If you are forced to be someone else, you won’t be able to change accordingly, and this is something we forget. It is important, but it is the kind of thing that is taken for granted, and dropped from our minds.

 The kind of thing that Violette had forgotten.

“But……, I think I can identify them differently.”

 If there is an obvious and easy way to identify a person without making a mistake, it’s wise to use it. That was how Rosette herself came to be able to recognize her brother differently.

“It’s important, because it’s important to them. If you don’t know the color, then don’t try to call them by making a mistake.”

 It was actually not that hard. All Rosette had to do was to look at them. They are brothers, but they are not the same person. And as their sister who spend most of her time with her brothers, it was easy for her to tell them apart.

“You are very close to your brothers, aren’t you?

“Yes, …… I used to play with them a lot when I was younger. I was the youngest and the only girl, so they were a bit overprotective.”

 As Rosette smiled at the memory, Violette felt that even their feelings were same. Perhaps because they took the liberty of projecting them. If anything, it was similar to the tenderness she felt when she read a picture book.

“……Did your older brothers influence you in any way? Your hobby….”

 At Violette’s question, Rosette’s expression froze for a few moments. Her gaze wandered and swam suspiciously, stopping at the place where the illustrated book fell yesterday, but it wasn’t with her today.

“Maybe it was because of their influence. The first time I saw those creatures was in an illustrated book that belonged to one of my brothers.”

“Most boys have one. …… I used to have one too.”

“Violette-sama has one too? ……”

“Well, technically, it’s my father’s, but…”

 To be more precise, it was the same one that her mother had provided for her father when she was a child. The one that her father himself had used and deteriorated so much that it was unusable, but her mother was able to easily order the same product from the same manufacturer.

“I used to look at gemstone illustrator books a lot. I think I’m more interested in the origin of the gemstones and their meanings than in the stones themselves.

“I’m not interested in the gemstones. But I’m interested in their names, too!”

 Little by little, the conversationa continued. Slowly learning about each other’s boundaries, checking each other’s heartstrings. They made sure not to step in the wrong place, not to step on the wrong foot, not to talk about the wrong person or not to touch their bottom line. Though it was exhausting for their minds and hearts to carefully choose their words, none of them complained because it was the first time for both of them to talk someone so freely.

 It was a much more meaningful way to spend time than to thinking unnecessary things and to kill your heart.

 Both of them started feeling a sense of comfortable fatigue that they had not felt in a long time.

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