81. Two people who want to be alone.

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 Violette didn’t need to turn around to know that the eyes around them were full of curiosity. Both of them were the type of person that attracted attention easily. Violette, with her overwhelming beauty, and Rosette, with her purity, with the two legendary figures standing together, the attention increased ten folds and had a completely different meaning.

 Although both of them have attended the same school since middle school, they have rarely spoken to each other. They may sometimes have exchanged words, and were aware of each other’s existence, but that weren’t on the level of acquaintances. Violette didn’t think that their relationship would change just because the two of them met in an unexpected place yesterday. At least for her, they were still the same as before.

(I was so preoccupied with Yulan that I forgot all about it.)

 Violette was more occupied on what happened afterwards than the of meeting with her. That day had been clumped together in a miscellaneous corner of her memory until she saw Rosette’s face.

 For Violette, that was something so ordinary that she completely forgot about it.

(But for her…… it’s maybe important to her.)

 Yesterday, Violette accidentally found out Rosette’s secret.

 For Violette, it was a secret that she had forgotten long ago. She didn’t even care about what kind of thing Rosette likes or why she was hiding it.

 But it was what only she felt. The person whose secrets were exposed might be terrified and uncomfortable.

 Secrets are weaknesses. The fewer people you confide in, the more heavy it becomes. You may feel like you are deceiving them, the people around you, or your friends and family, you may feel you are concealing a part of you by not exposing your secrets to them. Even though you are only keeping it a secret which won’t harm anyone, except yourself.

 Violette was well aware how frightening it is to let others know what secrets you are carrying. And how uneasy a person would be to find out that a stranger knew her secret, and the person was even someone with no good reputation accompanying.

 Violette could understood Rosette’s visit without thinking much. She could sympathize with her. If she had been in her shoes, she may have acted the same way.

“…… Shall we change places for a moment?”

“Yes, yes, ……! I was wondering if you could follow me.”

“What? ……?”

 Violette was a little surprised hearing her not only agreeing to change place, but she also wanted Violette to follow her. So under the eyes of everyone around them, the two of them left the place.


 They arrived at a place that was familiar to both of them. They remembered the place and even used it sometimes when their moods were down. But of course, both of them never saw themselves coming here. It was only yesterday they came to know that the both of them were aware of this place. The place was as dimly lit as ever, and there was not a shadow or even a sign of a person.

Coming to a familiar place with an equally unfamiliar person, Violette couldn’t help but ask, “Are you sure this the place?”

 It was where the both of them met yesterday and parted. For Rosette, it was surely a paradise where she can let out her precious secrets. And Violette, it was a place where she could find a moment of solace.

“Why ……”

 Violette had thought that Rosette would take her to the salon. The salon should have been the perfect place to discuss whatever she wanted to discuss. But surely this place would be a good place to talk about things too, since they didn’t want people to hear. It’s just, she never expected that she would be visiting this place again today, and with someone on top of that.

 After yesterday’s incident, Violette had no intention of coming here again.

“This place is really unpopular and …… isolated, so people don’t notice me. That’s one of the reasons I used to come here so often.”(Rosette)

Violette didn’t know that.

 Then, she could guess it was not so much an unfortunate coincidence that they met that day. Surely one of these days the two of them would have run into each other by some form of coincidence, since both of them prefer this place for their own convenience.

“So I wondered if that ……was same for Violette-sama.”(Rosette)

 Rosette, who was standing close to Violette looked at her and asked hesitantly. Her eyes looking at Violette was hesitant too. Violette looked at the girl whom she met only a few times with a surprised expression on her face. Only the sound of the wind passing between them was clear, nothing else could be heard.

 No voice, no glance, no one’s ideals or impressions reached there, where two people hid from the gaze of outside world.

After a moment of silence, Violette replied, “Sometimes, I want to be alone. That’s why I came here.”

 After answering, Violette suddenly had the feeling that she had taken that place away from her. If Violette knew Rosette went there often, she would have never went to that place.

 She knew Rosette was uncomfortable knowing that someone not only knew her secret but also visited the place that she frequented. Violette felt that she had read what was on her heart.

 It was probably because Rosette thought the same thing. She thought that if Violette came this place, it would be inconvenient for her. So it would be better if she didn’t come here anymore.

 The two of them wanted to be alone because they could understand each other’s feelings as if they could feel them.

“Well …… then, Rosette-sama.”

“Wow, I know a lot of other places too…….! Well, the places I prefer are not so popular because those places are pretty isolated.”

 Contray to what Violette was expecting, the expression on her(Rosette) face as she laughed was much more free and childish than her usual innocent appearance. This was probably the real Rosette, and fortunately or unfortunately, Violette came to know the secret that she(Rosette) didn’t want anyone to know the most, so she must feel defenseless because of this.

 To exist only for someone else’s sake is like having one’s heart hardened, crushed, and broken, the process is very painful.

“You don’t have to …….fear.”


“You’re right, though.”

 Violette sought out this place because she wanted to be alone, to avoid being seen. She wanted a place where she didn’t have to worry about anyone’s eyes, expectations, impressions, or rumors.

 But it was not because she wanted a place where no one was around. It was because this kind of place were the only thing that gave her peace.

 After passing Rosette, who was still looking at her in confusion, Violette entered the gazebo. The place was already dim, so the gazebo looked even dimmer. The sun should have shone everywhere equally, but it was easily blocked by the overlapping trees.

 But Violette didn’t mind it. Rather, she felt as if she was being protected from the depression that she always felt. She wanted to get away from people who did not understand this feeling but still expected things from her that they never should expect.

 She wanted to be in a place where all feelings, good or bad, were not bothersome or denied.

“I wanted to be in a place where all feelings, good or bad, were not denied.”

“What ……? Oh ……, yes ……!”

 Rosette, who looked so cute as she changed her facial expression from hesitant to surprise meant she was much more relaxed than before.

 Although, it was first time that Violette was in a place where she wanted to be alone with someone, she still didn’t feel that bothered. It might be because her brain was shutting down due to an unexpected appearance from an unexpected people in an unexpected place.

 Still, it was good. She just wanted to stay empty and away from reality for a little while longer, just for now.

 And just for ……now, she didn’t want to be alone. Because she thought that those who want to be alone, it wouldn’t be bad for them to huddle together.


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