79. Vision

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79. Vision.

 While Marin was throwing unreachable curses at Marijune, she was still at school. She was the complete opposite of Violette, who tended to go straight home after the school was finished. But today, it seemed that both the sisters have made a different choice. They were supposed to be at least half similar of the same genes, but they weren’t alike in any way.

 Yulan who was standing opposite her, however, thought with a sideways glance at her smiling face that even if they were alike, the day would never come when he would think of Marijune rather than Violette.

“Yulan-kun, you and sister have always been close, right?”

“Yes,…… not just us, though most of the students in this academy have known each other for a long time.”

 The scene of Marijune and Yulan, standing together and conversing, one was exuding cheerfulness and the other was smiling gently was like a beautiful painting of a prince and princess to the people around them. At least, that’s what many of the students who attended this school saw in their imagination.

 But if Ger or …… Claudia were present, they would have noticed that the smile on Yulan’s face was a mask that didn’t reflect any emotion.

 His voice was calm and gentle. His appearance that was standing together with Marijune was so perfect that it wouldn’t be right to say he was dissatisfied with something or someone. Everyone could tell that he was smiling, but it wasn’t obvious to everyone that it didn’t reach his eyes.

 The real Yulan is not a calm person. Even Gia*, who was considered by those around him to be his best friend, had rarely seen Yulan smile. What lied beneath the layers of skin was a heartless, merciless, cold-blooded man who could make even the devil cry.

[T/N: I’m confused guys. What was the name of his friend? Ger or Gia? I forgot. I even forgot which chapter did author mentioned his name. If anything knows, please comment.]

 And the only person in the world to whom such a man would smile with happiness from the bottom of his heart is- Violette. Yulan’s expression right now was no different from looking at a bag of trash. No matter how soft and gentle the expression may be, no matter how perfect and flawless it may look, if someone look inside, they could see there was not a shred of emotion in his heart for Marijune.

 It was just like a layer of paint on top of a mask, a face appropriate to the occasion.

“…… I wonder if there’s hardly anyone from the high school who is new like me.”

“I don’t think so. I guess it’s rare for nobles not to know each other.”

“I knew it…….”

 Yulan was not interested in the woman who often changed her expression and the tone of voice from one moment to the next.

Yes, he can understand why people sympathize with her, she was just a normal girl who didn’t know anything about the world but suddenly became a noble lady one day. It was not a mistake to think Marijune as a victim, who was thrust into the world of aristocrats for reasons unknown to her parents.

 But sadly, Yulan was not one of them who thought like that.

(…… What a waste of time.)

 He was not heartbroken or even a little bit sad to see her depressed, but rather he wanted to stick his tongue out mischievously or sneer at her frustration for forcing him into a pointless conversation.

 It was the innocent, ignorant side of Marijune that anger him more. She may be bright and lovely, but that was why she was the type of person who lacks brain in all matters.

 This type of person seems to have a broad perspective but they doesn’t want to think things through. They value benevolence as good, majority rule as equality, and the correction of heresy to mediocrity as righteousness.

 They do not pay attention to the fact that there are those who have been rejected, and laughed at the idea that the world can become round. They surely don’t even notice the shaved corners. They assume that if their vision is beautiful, the world is beautiful at the same time. They don’t even think about how dangerous and irresponsible their thinking is for the people around them. Their eyes are always covered with a rose tinted glass.

 No matter how much you reach out, you can’t hug your back from the front.

 If a someone wants to pretend that they are unaware of something or that they don’t want to care about it, it wouldn’t matter how hard Yulan tries to look into their eyes. No matter how much Yulan imagined, assumed, or hypothesized, he would not be able to help Marijune realise that she didn’t herself want to know or realize.

“I’m sorry ……, but isn’t it time for us to go? I left some stuff in the classroom and I need to get back.”

“Oh, I didn’t know that. ……! Sorry, and thanks.”

“No, It’s okay.”

 If they didn’t have anything to talk about, they were just wasting their time. Marijune and Yulan were just too incompatible to begin with, even though they were considered classmates, but their personalities were hopelessly incompatible.

 A cute voice chased after Yulan, who was about to turn away without a word of greeting, lifting his hips that were resting on the window sill.

“I was so happy to talk to you! Can I talk to you again?”

“I’m in a different class from you, and I don’t think we’d get along better because we don’t each other much, don’t you think?” Yulan, who wanted to just get away from her held the urge to sigh in frustration and said to her.

“No, I don’t think so! Since we’ve met like this, I’d like to talk to you a lot and get to know you better.”

“I see.”

“Yes. Nice to meet you, Yulan.”

Yulan was surprised…… yes, it was surprising. He was more like astonished. It was so unexpected, that he had not been prepared for it or had thought of a single possibility of it.

He was shocked.

 The laugh that could not be held down anymore overflowed through the gap between the fingers that held his mouth.

 Because, because, because – that woman was just too funny.

“I’m …… ah, that’s funny.”

 Yulan’s face was contorted with both amusement and displeasure after he finished laughing for a moment.

He knew the girl was foolish. To Yulan, a person who was only pure and honest was nothing but a fool. He had always looked down on her and thought she was just someone he would one day trample underfoot.

 But apparently, she was much duller than Yulan had thought.

(…… get along, heh)

 Such a day will never come. The day will never come when Marijune’s value in Yulan’s mind will be greater than it is now, and he was sure that she will ever understand how Yulan’s world came to be. There was no way that a philanthropic girl could understand the thoughts of a man who was willing to destroy anything for the sake of Violette. Marijune was already on the side of the one he wanted to destroy.

 He couldn’t help but wonder if the day will come when the foolish girl would realize that.

 He was sure she wouldn’t. She would continue to believe he was her friend, until the day Yulan turns his fangs on her. She would only believe that day when the kind world she was seeing was falling into everyone’s hands. Without knowing the backstage of the world, she was unaware of the narrowness of her vision, she recognizes only the pure, correct, and beautiful things. She laughs without knowing the border between dreams and reality.

 In fact, Yulan was right, Marijune didn’t realize it until the very end.

 From the first time they talked to each other until the time of their goodbye, Yulan never once tried to gave any attention to Marijune.

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