77. Breath of a serpent

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 Her expression that seemed surprised but, resembled despair at the same time made him worried.

 Yulan, who was left alone looked at the back of Violette that was running away. The expression on his face was similar to Violette who was standing in front of him a moment ago.

 The wrinkles between his eyebrows and the blinding look in his eyes were a mixture of surprise and unwillingness. He tried to balance them but it seemed they were about to fall apart. Who would believe that her face, that showed smiling only at the corners of her mouth, was a smile? At least it was far from that to fool Yulan.

 It would have been easy to follow her as she moved away to avoid him. But that would be pointless, rather, doing so without any countermeasures would only displease Violette and may push him away from her which obviously he never wanted.

 What Yulan should do now is not to chase and question her, but to think about what made her so surprised and made her look like that, he need to find it out and cut it off from the source.

(This time it is a bit different from when she came from that house……)

 It was not the first time that that house was like a needle in Violette’s throat …… it was never a safe heaven for her in the first place.

 That was what’s so infuriating, but that was also a reason why Violette wouldn’t feel any pressure by that house now. No matter how shocking the event, if the stage was set in that house, she will quickly move to the sidelines to give up and be done with it.

 She wouldn’t allow herself to be feel hurt in the slightest by that house and its people. She would rather close herself in her room and wait for the storm to settle.

 There were only a limited number of reasons why she would be so upset, she was unusually calm and unperturbed today. But who could it be that could make her feel so disturbed?

 It’s either Claudia or …… or himself.

 Claudia was unlikely. And the reason was, Violette isn’t close to him so……, but that didn’t mean it couldn’t be him. Even if it was Claudia, there’s no way for Yulan to know.

 In any case, it’s hard to believe that Violette would be so disturbed by Claudia. So, there was only one answer.

(It’s not like I did anything ……)

 The last time he saw her, she was smiling happily. If it had been a fake smile, Yulan would not have been the one not to notice it. He usually always paid maximum attention to Violette’s mood and have even eliminating the causes of her melancholy as much as possible. Of course, there was no limit to what Yulan could do for her, he is proud to say that he had given her enough leeway to escape reality to a certain extent.

 If so, there must be other reasons. Violette was disturbed by something that Yulan was involved in, but it was not something done by Yulan himself.

(The only thing me and Violette have in common is that …… Person.)

 The silhouette of a beautiful prince came to his mind. The person who was eliminated from the list of candidates ‘who disturbed Violette’ just a few minutes ago was certainly a person whom both Yulan and Violette have a close relationship with. But he wouldn’t have nothing to do with her since Yulan had been keeping a close eye on him.

 If so, then maybe Milania, Claudia’s best friend,……, no, It’s not him either. Even if it was a case involving Yulan, or even if it was Mirania that made Violette upset, she would have dealt with it calmly.

 The only other person he could think of then was his own friend Ger, but …… he’s someone who would never do that. Ger was well aware of his feelings towards Violette because Yulan never kept any secrets from him regarding Violette. But even so, Yulan was careful to not reveal more information than necessary to him either. So it was hard to believe for Yulan that it could be Ger, who had very little interest in Violette and would do something to upset her. Rumors surrounding them was enough to spark a fire that both Violette and Ger would love to stay away.

 Her heart wouldn’t be moved by someone who she wasn’t close from the begin with.

(Then again, it’s not like I don’t know who else …… Violette would be upset with.)

 Yulan let out a sigh of frustration at the vague information. He couldn’t find who could be that actually made her feel down. He leaned his back against a nearby window and looked up at the ceiling in a daze. He killed the sound of frustration that was about to leak out, and was annoyed at his useless mind.

 The possibilities that floated in and out of sight one after another gradually narrowed Yulan’s vision. He was unconsciously eliminating objects that were of no interest to him or Violette.

 One of the seeds of Violette’s unhappiness, another person who knew about Yulan. That person was as worthless to him as any other person in the world, and although she was included in his hating list along with the members of Vahan family, he never recognized her as someone who could cause any major trouble to Violette.

She was so ignorant of the people around her, so innocent and far from the reality that it depressed him. There was times when he wanted to poke that person’s eyes to show her the truth and break her illusion of a loving family.

And that said person was now standing in front of him with a friendly smile.

“Are you going home now?”(Marijune)

“……, yeah, I am.”(Yulan)

 People would say that she had a smile as lovely as flower dancing in the wind. Her bright blue eyes sparkle like clear blue lake and her silvery hair was as beautiful as the moon. Even the way it swayed in the wind was beautiful in other people’s eyes.

Of course, it’s all thanks to the people around her, who gave her enough love that made her grow up tenderly and ignorant about her surroundings. What would else you expect from a girl who grew up being so loved?

“Um, may I talk to you for a moment?”(Marijune)

“…… yes, if only for a moment.”(Yulan)

 Yulan’s reply made Marijune smile more brilliantly. He was sure that many people could see the sunflower blooming behind her. Such a lovely soft girl was everyone’s liking.

 But Yulan only saw a snake around her neck.

 He dreamed of a black, thick, serpent that could snap Marijune’s slender neck in an instant without much effort.

 He could imagine his own hands turning into a snake and squeezing her neck hard.

He was sure that the girl in front of him was the cause of Violette’s abnormality. And he may have was involved in one part of it. That meant that Marijune must have said something about Yulan which upsetted Violette.

 Whether it was Violette acted different with him because she(Marijune) didn’t like the very existence of Yulan or because she(Violette) acted different towards him, he didn’t know, but he knew that none of the speculation was good for Violette.

 He didn’t know Marijune’s intention of approaching him, neither did he care. The only think that mattered to Yulan was that the person in front of him is being a nuisance to to Violette.

(I’ll have to do some digging. ……)

 He must know what the woman in front of him did. He must know the reason and consider the impact it had on Violette’s heart. For the sake of Violette’s healthy life, all worries of her should be eliminated.

 And if Marijune became that threat, he wouldn’t only deal with Marijune individualy but the rest of the Vahan family as well.

 He had to make sure that his words are enough to choke the words out of her.

T/N: Sorry for the late and rushed chapter.


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