74. Perfect idol

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74. Perfect idols

 The idea of perfection is not much deviated from one’s imagination.

 Beautiful, lovely, wonderful, graceful. Many compliments are buried in people’s mind as they search for the perfect figure. And once they find, they couldn’t help but idolize that perfect figure.

 Violette is one of those perfect figure in the eyes of nobles. They think she is beautiful, graceful and confident at whatever she does. Violette also has no choice but to pretend to be their perfect idol. She became so focused in pretending that she forgot who the real she was.

 By the time she realized, she has already sunk deep into the quicksand.

Rosette looked at the figure walking further and further away with pitiful eyes. She couldn’t help but compare herself with Violette. Are the both of them any different?

 Rosette – she never disliked her name. People said she reminds them of a pretty rose blooming majesticaly.

 However, being told that she was like a flower was very constricting.

(It’s not here this time either. ……)

 When she was in middle school, she always hoped to read the books she desired. Whenever she heard of new book adding to the library, she would have a shred of hope that maybe, maybe this time she would be able to read the book she likes. But every time she was disappointed.

 The school’s library, which surely boasts about having the greatest number of books than any library in the world, has even secured specialized books in every field. So, in a sense, there was something for Rosette to desire. There were many wonderful specialized books available in terms of same field.

 But they were only specialized books. Rosette wonders how many people can enjoy reading about the results of difficult research and hidden possibilities written in detailed text, just for the sake of pursuing their own interests. At least Rosette preferred pictures over texts and photographs over drawings.

 Unfortunately, however, it seems that in Rosette’s beloved field, the only explanations they preferred are pictures book rather than texts.

Rosette-sama, if you are looking for a book, we can help you! If it’s something you like to read we’d like to read it too.

Yes! We’d like to know what you like to read and recommend us.

Thank you. I am fine, actually…..I just came here to see if there’s new books to read.(Rosette)

 The people who were looking at her with sparkling gaze were probably already imagining Rosette’s recommendations. The Rosette in their minds would probably like to read sweet and exciting romance novels, a photo book of beautiful scenery. Or maybe it could be something difficult, like history or mystery books.


“What is that? Who left the window open?”

 A scream rose suddenly in the tranquil environment. All the eyes couldn’t help but turn to the corner from where the scream came. A small creature was sitting beside the books, notebooks, and other such things that were left open.

 Judging from its size, it was probably a young lizard.

 Wiggling around on its four legs, it seemed harmless enough. It was a small being that would probably have no effect on people if they just left it alone.

(What should I do? ……I was the one who brought it here.)

 But in this school, this creatures will never be welcome.

 They will not be immediately eliminated or exterminated if they are found, but that does not mean they will be accepted either. Students would scream and keep their distance, waiting for an adult to throw them outside. The majority of the people are not friendly towards this kinds of creatures, they rather dislike them.

 In short, they are hated.

 Especially between the well-known daughters of the nobles.

“Rosette-sama, are you all right?”

“Yes, thank you.”

 A student with a mixture of worry and anxiety called out to the frozen Rosette. She probably wasn’t very good with reptiles either. And naturally, she thought Rosette also doesn’t like them.

 She must be a kind girl who is considerate of other people’s feelings. It is a wonderful thing to be able to imagine and care for others’ feelings as well as her own.

 Rosette is sure that if the girl didn’t idolize her, then maybe she wouldn’t feel concern for Rosette.


 Rosette wondered, what would their expressions be if they knew? How would they look at her if she unleashed her true self? What if they knew what she really loved more than anything else?

 Will the kindness and concern they feel for her be the same after their imagination of the ‘Perfect Lady’ is overturned?

 Rosette imagined the answer already. So she quickly left the place without talking to anyone.


 Everything started with her older brothers.

Rosette had two older brothers who adored their youngest sister, Rosette, a lot. When she was little, they wanted her to be by their side at all times. She would hold hands with them when they slept, ate, or played.

 The reason the playground was not in the garden but in the library was probably because the brothers loved and cared for their sister a lot. Even though they were Princes, they could not run around covered in mud, let alone her, who was a girl and the only Princess.

 She liked to listen to the stories that her brother used to tell, but a young child like her would get tired of reading or listening them too quickly. In order to keep Rosette’s interest, who was not a quiet child by nature, her brothers would read books to her in all genres and turn the library upside down. Starting with cute picture books, they would read sweet and sour romance novels, friendship stories, fantasy books, and even poetry books.

 Maybe that was the time when she first held her brother’s personal books?

 And that was the time when Rosette became enthralled by its contents.

 Large photographs, descriptions below or beside them. Sometimes they were grotesque looking, but other times they were cute or stunningly beautiful. When she first learned to read, she also became interested in their ecology.

 The three of them would sit together every day, absorbed in a single illustrated book,…… though, her brothers may have been with her just keeping their sister company. They were worried of their health and wellbeing.

But not once was she blamed, scorned, or discouraged.

 The only thing she was somehow aware of was that she was a Princess who loved reptiles, which other people didn’t like.

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