68. Sacrifice for protection

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68. Sacrifice for protection

 Violette took Yulan to a watch shop. It was a bit far from the place they had just left, so they would have to go straight there to pick up the repairs. Although they will not be able to take a break, Yulan is not tired to begin with, and if Violette prioritizes this one, there is not a shred of thought to object to it.

 And from the conversation just before, it was clear without needing to ask why they were going there.

“My watch was bought from here,” she said. “They sell more than just watches, and they have a wide variety of designs.”

“Wow,…… Vio-chan, you’ve been around here before, haven’t you?”

” I’d like to say yes, but it’s actually my first time here.”

“Oh, that’s right.”

 Violette, for reasons similar to Yulan’s, is not a fan of wristwatches. She either repairs one that her father used to have, or custom orders one with the exact same design. And the size, too. But it would always slip through from Violette’s thin wrists.

 Until Marin provided her with her current pocket watch, she used have a simple wristwatch that matched hers. It’s a simple watch with a metal part attached to a synthetic leather belt, but it’s much better than the one she had, which is neither the right size nor the right design.

 However, she still couldn’t get used to the feeling of being restrained by her wrist, and so Marin found her current pocket watch for her when she kept forgetting to wear it.

 Violette looked at the many dials in the line and searched for one that would fit Yulan.

 It was right to leave it up to Marin when choosing something, but she was somewhat excited to pick out something for Yulan. When Violette choosed something for herself, she would just judge whether it looks good on her or not, but when it comes to finding something that Yulan will like, she have much more responsibility, and that’s why it’s fun. Maybe it’s because Yulan is her friend.

 Not because she knows what Yuran likes, but because she knows that he would just laugh it away without blaming her if she chosed something funny.

He has big hands, so if she chooses too small, it would be hard for him to use.

“If Vio-chan chose it for me, I’ll treasure it.”

“That’s not….”

“The first thing which is most important is that it is something that you are going to use, so it has to be something that would be easy for you to use.”

 Saying this, she picked up something that caught her eye. Functionality is important to Yulan, who is not a big fan of design. He wanted something sturdy and comfortable in his hand.

The similarly sized watches are just at the size of the palm of her hand, but she wonders if Yulan would find them small. Without some sense of presence, they would end up like the forgotten and neglected wristwatches. If he loses his watch so often, Yulan may not have developed the habit of carrying a watch with him.

 Violette wants him to use it for a long time if possible, and she hopes him to like it. Frankly speaking, this is a needless worry, but it is a natural thought for Violette, who does not know Yuran’s inner feelings.

“I think it would be a great size to fit in my hand, don’t you think so?”

“Well,…… I guess so.”

 Yulan’s large hand shook at Violette’s eye level. The actuality that his hand is so big that it could cover not only Violette’s hand but also her face completely is reasonable considering the fact that he is tall. The pocket watch, which looked like a palm-sized watch to Violette, looks like a child’s toy as soon as she handed it over to Yulan.

“It’s enough if I can put it in my pocket and take it out easily,” he said. “If it’s too big, It’ll be trouble.”

 He says it as if it were someone else’s business, but he really knows that it is Yulan himself who will be using it,……, and he leaves it entirely to Violette, who is not good at choosing. Even if she choses something bizarre and inconvenient, there is nothing wrong with it because the best brand for Yulan is the one that Violette chosed for him.

 Violette, on the other hand, wanted to give Yulan a watch, since he often loses his watch, so she wanted to give him something that he could use a long time.

 She looked up at Yulan, who was still smiling, his cheeks puffing up a little, with a sultry expression on his face.

Before she could say anything, he grabbed her arms and pulled her to him. The force he used wasn’t much to pull her completely in his arm, he just pulled her closer so that he can see her eye-to-eye.


 Violette looked at the face that unexpectedly came to her sight. She could clearly see her expression on his eyes.

He just chuckled, as if tolerating a child’s prank.

“Thank you, Vio-chan.”

“I’m sure Yulan will be the one to use it in the first place, right?”

 Although it is in the name of being a reward from her, that does not mean that he have to accept what Violette choosed without saying anything. Rather, since they are standing next to each other, Yulan’s wishes should be expressed more and more. She choosed for Yulan because she wanted to make him happy.

 And she is sure that the time spent choosing watch together was the most enjoyable. It was much more enjoyable than just choosing one without him and giving it to him.

“What kind of watch would Vio-chan like?”

“Me? I ……”

 Rather than explaining, Violette pulled out her own pocket watch from her bag.

 The form was in the form of a half-hunter or demi-hunter, the lid was donut-shaped, with a glass fitted into the missing center. The light blue gemstone in the center of the hands gleamed lustrously in the simple silver-colored construction.

 Violette thought that if Marin had chosen it, it would look good on her, but she wondered if it was her imagination that it somehow reminded her of …… Marin herself.

“She said it’s a good luck charm.”

“…… Oh, so. The gem is like the clear ocean, it is probably an aquamarine stone. There’s a talisman with an odd word on it.”

  Perhaps it is because it is the same stone as her name, or perhaps it is a reference to the words of the stone, he thinks the watch matches Violette well. Yulan knows very little about Marin, but he trusts her on the one point that she cares about Violette. And as long as that point is clear, the rest is unimportant.

 Above all, Violette trusts her with all her heart, and he doesn’t want to bring her into dispute by making a false accusation.

“I’m happy for you, Violette.”

“Yes. Thank you.”

 The way she smiles happily and wraps her arms around the watch conveys the importance of the gift even without words.

  The only people Violette can think of who would think and choose a gift for her are Marin and Yulan. Thinking back, the first time she received a gift as Violette was from Yulan. There are many opportunities for children to receive gifts like on Christmas and birthdays, but she had no chance to be a part of any of them.

“I wanted to get matching gifts, but I decided not to.”

“I think it’s a little small for you to use.”

“Yes, it is, but …… Let’s choose another one.”


 Violette’s pocket watch, while somewhat reminiscent of a marine’s design, is properly within Violette’s taste. And Violette also is not a big fan of ornate objects. Although the size and delicate design give the impression of being more feminine, it would not be out of place if a man were to use it. To begin with, Yulan does not have the nerve to worry about what others think of him, as long as it’s something that Violette gave him.

 He would have jumped at the chance to wear the same dress if he thought it would be attractive and Violette would have agreed to it with a smile.

 But this, this watch, was chosen by Marin just for Violette. He should not take advantage of the fact that she was only thinking of Violette. There is a certain etiquette that should be observed between people who care for Violette in the same way.

 If Yulan were in Marin’s shoes, he would not be angry if the gift he had chosen for Violette was used for Marin’s pleasure. He would have felt some discomfort, but not anger.

 Whether or not Marin, who lives a life of devotion, and Yulan, who immerses himself in devotion and adoration, share the same feelings, it is wise to stop if Violette is not comfortable with what is being done to her.

“There are many things that I think would look good on you, but I can’t seem to find one that I …… think is right for you.”

“The most important thing to remember is that you should never be afraid to ask for help.”

“I’m not saying that, but I’d prefer something that suits your taste anyway.”

 The the concept of likes and dislikes is not very common, many people either don’t understand or misunderstand Yulan’s tastes. Either way, they misunderstood Yulan. In a sense, Violette also misunderstands Yulan’s true taste, but she has a good enough grasp of his personality to know what he likes and dislikes. ……

 Right now, Violette’s head is filled with thoughts of Yulan. She is thinking only about him not herself.

 The fact that she is thinking about him makes Yulan’s heart burst with joy.

 It is moments like this that make him wish that time would stop.

“Yulan, are you listening to me?”

“I’m listening.”

“That’s why aren’t you answering? Do you like …… anything else?”

“Well, I’m all about ease of use, so if I had to choose a design, I’d go with …….”

 The sulking look changed to one of concern for him. Yulan knows that even if he wanted time to stop, it would never happen. In this store that sells time, Yulan’s wish is simply ludicrous.

 They don’t know how much time has passed, but Yulan would have to receive the fix that he had asked for. It would be unwise to take any more time.

 It would be better to give a good reason and leave the store without buying anything at this point. Violette would be satisfied if he told her he couldn’t choose, and he could use that as an excuse to go out with her again at a later date.

 No matter how good she is with calculations, as long as Yulan has her brother’s filter on him, Violette will accept it. With that wisdom in mind, he told her he was going to go home today.


“Violette, ……?”

 Violette suddenly looked away and took two or three steps forward as if she were being sucked in.

 The eyes, which had been probing, twinkled with a small joy when they were convinced of something.

“I knew it was …….”

“What’s wrong?”

“This watch is like my watch.”


 What does “my watch” mean? Violette, who was smiling with a mischievous expression on her face, would probably not answer his question.

 It didn’t take long for Yulan to understand what she is talking about. He looked at where she was looking and easily understood what she meant.

Violette picked the watch that caught her eyes. A pocket watch of the type known as a hunter’s case. A flower composed of unique petals of different sizes bloomed all over the lid of the watch. Pale purple gems that seemed to dissolve in water made a beautiful flower garden.

“I see……, it is indeed Vio-chan’s watch.”

 The violet flowers are decorated with violet gems. The color of the jewelry is also violet.

 It would certainly not be wrong to say that it is Violette’s watch,……, bearing Violette’s name and the colour violet. The name Violette was not given by her parents, but by her mother’s father, Violette’s grandfather, so he have never heard of its origin.

 Violette does not dislike her name, to the extent that she finds herself in the violet flower.

“I’m sorry for the suddenness of it, but it just caught my eye…….”

“No, don’t worry about it.”

 Although Violette just looked at it, today’s purpose was for Yulan, not for Violette’s search for a watch. She is well aware of Yulan’s motto “I’m not a fan of the newest and most popular but the most useful”.

 And Yulan’s would not want to use this design for a …… stone.

 Maybe it’s because the color is pale, or maybe it’s because the motif is violet, but even the flower garden that covers the entire lid doesn’t give a gaudy impression. The delicate beauty and loveliness of the design is elegant, but it is too lovely for men to use. Above all, delicate decorations are not Yulan’s forte.

 If that is the case, this is also not suitable as a gift for Yulan.

“I’ll take this one.”

 Before Violette can put it back, Yulan’s hand picks up the violet pocket watch. The chain is a bit long and can be put in a pocket or worn around the neck for convenience.

 The happy expression on his face as he looked at the chain, which was raised to eye level, was like a child looking at marbles through the sun. The air around Yulan became even sweeter.

“But this one……”

“I’d like this as my reward.”

 Violette was puzzled and so Yulan reminded her once again that the outing today was for them to choose a reward for him. He knows what she’s thinking, but Yulan’s true desire for this watch is unwavering and unyielding.

 He has found a connection with her. That alone makes it special to Yulan. And once it becomes special, he will not want to give it to anyone else.

 It is a feeling akin to possessiveness, but perhaps heavier and deeper.

“This will be my good luck charm.”

“I hope it will bring you good luck. ……”

“Yes, it will. I am confident that I will never lose it or forget it.”

“Isn’t that a good thing?”(Yulan)

“If you want it, I can’t help it.”(Violette)

She allowed it with her usual big sisterly smile. In Yulan’s words, she must have seen the extension of his adoration as being his sister.

 In truth, it’s not such a cute dimension, but …… Violette doesn’t need to know. She can believe what she wants to see and what she wants to think. It is Yulan’s mission and significance to make it true.

“If you like it, it’s the best thing.”

“Thank you!”

 Sharpen your weapon. Prepare for everything.

 Not hastily, but surely. A castle where she will be happy, a fortress where no one can hurt her. He must build a paradise just for Violette.

 Violette doesn’t need to know. She doesn’t need to know anything, she just needs to face the day. The only thing that makes him sick to his stomach is making Violette wait in that house (Violette’s home), but if he fails to do it in haste, everything will disappear in a bubble.

 Yulan will do whatever it takes. He will do whatever it takes and use whatever he can, to make sure that she can make a choice based solely on her own thoughts and feelings. To be able to reach out as she desires, without worry or intervention.

 Yulan will give everything that he has, including all his feelings.

 For Violette, he will sacrifice his happiness.

 Even if this feeling does not reach her and her love goes out of control. Even if the feelings he sacrificed to her die out without becoming anything, Yulan doesn’t care.

 The only thing that Yulan will never do is to hurt Violette.


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