66. The day I cut the cross in the depths of Hell

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66. The day I cut the cross in the depths o

 It is true that eyes speak louder than words.

 Looking at something or someone is a sign of interest, and the more often you look at them, the more you are interested in them, and the more you stare at them, the more you want to hold on to them. The feelings inside of that person are good or bad can’t be said, but the act of looking is based on the fact that one’s heart is in the other person.

(It’s easy to understand.)

 Yulan is well aware of the gaze that has been poured on him and …… Violette since a while ago, and who its owner is.

 Claudia usually had a look in his eyes whenever Yulan is in front of him, as if he wanted to say something.

 The only thing that is so annoying to …… Yulan this time is that Claudia’s gaze is not on him, but on Violette.

 Even if people glances at someone who they likes, they have to accept if it is good for them or not.

” I’m not sure if I’ll have time. We have to wait till the last day of the test.”

“Sounds good. It’ll be fun.”

 The irritating feeling that was about to overflow melted away as Violette smiled at him.

 The most important thing is that it’s him who is by her side now, not the other person.

“Let’s go somewhere for lunch,……, isn’t there anything Yulan wants to do?”

“I don’t ………… have anything in particular in mind, I guess.”


“Then think about where you want to go before the day of the event.”

“Vio-chan thinks better than me…”

“No, I can’t. This is a reward for your hard work.”

 Even if it is a reward for Yulan, it is complete when Violette is around. He is not a materialistic person in nature so couldn’t think what or how much he wants something.

 When Yulan himself wants something, Violette is in always the reason. Rather, Violette is indispensable to Yulan’s desires. Without her, Yulan would not even want to breathe.

Hmmm… ……

 This is a conundrum. Yulan doesn’t want to annoy Violette, but he doesn’t want to miss out on any of her rewards either. There is something he wants as a “reward”, but he isn’t sure if he should vocalised it.

 He is not sure how much more difficult this is than the test, although it is a pleasant problem.

“I’ll think something before the day of the last test. ……”

 The sound he squeezed out with a bitter face was unexpectedly unreliable.

  It was a baseless confidence, but he was sure he could do it. He had to put a lot of hope in his future self and think something pleasant, he was sure it would be all right.

“If you don’t like ……, you can say no.”

“It’s not like that.”

 Yulan quickly shook his head and denied. If he didn’t deny it, Violette was sure to misunderstand.

 Yulan can understand what Violette is thinking about his reaction as if he could see it in her face.

 Was he annoyed, or perhaps he really didn’t like it?

 How many people know that Violette is actually more sensitive than most people? Perhaps she herself is not aware of it, and in fact, she even thinks she is insensitive.

 But that is just because she
unconsciously pretends not to see or notice. Her ability to read the atmosphere is so sensitive that she can notice even the smallest change even if she is a little distracted. Her senses are so sharp that she can read the atomsphere easily. Still she pretends to not notice or see anything not because they aren’t worthy of her attention but because she is no longer able to make a choice.

 She was born and raised in a world where she could not live without it.

 That is why Yulan must not neglect to communicate.

“I’m very happy and I’m looking forward to it. I just can’t think of anything I want.”

“I’m…… sorry, I rushed you.”

“No, you didn’t. I didn’t think I was such a greedy person myself.”

It’s true that …… Yulan doesn’t say much about liking or wanting this or that.

 The person he wants to have even if he dies is right in front of him right now, but if he doesn’t take on this challenge with full preparation and timing, he is sure he will die of regret. It is said that failure is the pillar of success, but in this case, he only has one chance. If he fails, he will not be given another chance, and if he makes a wrong move, he will make not only lose her but also make Violette unhappy.

 Such an outcome must not be allowed to happen. He will not allow even the possibility. It would be wrong for Violette’s future not to be happy.

 She must be happy, no matter who else is unhappy.

(I will make them pay whoever makes her unhappy ……)

 Yes, even if it is Yulan himself.



“Hey, Vio-chan.”


 The big, round eyes are holding a mysterious color in Yulan’s eyes. They glittered and sparkled, and Yulan had no doubt that these eyes were precious like jewels. He had seen so many things since he was little. He has even seen real gems with his own eyes, and have accumulated a lot of knowledge.

 Even so, for Yulan, it is only these eyes that have value. They are beautiful just by being there, and even more beautiful when they smile.

 The most beautiful and precious thing in Yulan’s memory at any time is Violette’s existence.

 So, if Violette is happy, that’s all that matters to him.

“If you haven’t decided until the day of ……, we’ll go somewhere together.”

“Yes, of course, I’ll go out with you as much as you want.”

 (I’m in love. I want her to love me.)

 The way she smiles is so familiar to him. Even though he had been beaten down to the depths of hell, if Violette laughed, if she could be happy, then that would be enough for him.

 The day she fell in love, Yulan wished for her happiness while he being in hell.

 And when that wish was blown to smithereens, he vowed never to handle Violette’s happiness on anyone else ever again.

 Her love was too much for a man who did not care for Violette, for a fool who did not know the preciousness of the goddess like her. It was too late for him(Claudia) to be attracted by her beauty now, even though he(Claudia) had abandoned her as unwanted.

 He can haunt his past self in the depths of the same hell she had once experienced.

 With so many curses, with so much hatred, he had blinded his eyes – and pretended not to notice.

(Now, if I only knew how that man felt…)

 If he knew where Claudia’s eyes were following, he knew about his feelings for Violette too.

 What if the day comes when her wish to be loved comes true?

 Who will Violette choose?

 Who will make her happy?


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