62. Touch my heart

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It was an …… unexpected person who greeted Yulan and his friends when they returned to the salon.

“You’re back.”


 There’s only two tables inside the room that holds the study materials used by Violette and the others. The table behind the one Violette was using is the one where Marijune and Claudia was sitting. Although there is a bit of distance between them due to the large size of the room, both are in the view of each other.
Claudia, who should have been in the back before the break, is now sitting at the table they were using ……where Mirania was at.
Not only that, but the room is empty except for Claudia. Neither Mirania nor Marijune could be seen.

“That …… Mirania-sama and the others?”

“The library. Marijune is not familiar with the school’s classrooms, and the library has a better selection of materials than here.”

“Is that so ……?”

 Violette could understand what Claudia is saying. Things that people could not touch when they were a commoner are commonplace here.
If you are studying for a test, this is the place where past papers are available, but if you want to adapt to future classes, the library, where all kinds of knowledge is gathered, is the right place. She can understand that.

“I’m not sure why Claudia-sama is here ……?”

“If I’m gone too, you won’t be able to enter the room when you guys come back.”

“No, that’s not what I meant.”


 Claudia tilted his head in confusion, and it seemed that he couldn’t understand Violette’s meaning. The actuality that he can’t understand what Violette is trying to say is troubling her.
She is not sure if they are using different method of communication. Seeing that Claudia is unaware of her meaning brought a problem in Violette’s mind.

 Violette was surprised that Claudia didn’t follow Marijune and……stayed here.

 Violette understood that if Mirania was there with Marijune, she didn’t need to be worried. But, she didn’t understand why Claudia didn’t choose to leave with Marijune and left behind at that time.
What happened while she and Yulan were taking a break? When they were there, they were separated into two groups, but did Mirania join Marijune because he thought she became alone? If so, she doesn’t think it would have been Mirania that Marijune would choice.
The two of them are not very close, but they are both acquaintance with Claudia. She doesn’t think Marijune made a mistake.

She wondered if it was a good thing Claudia didn’t go with Marijune.

“Would you have preferred that …… Mira had stayed?”

“No, that’s not it. ……, but…”

It was Prince Claudia who taught Marijune, so she thought if there was someone who was going to follow her, it would be him rather than Mirania.

 The more you get, the more you want. Yulan’s facial muscles are stiffer than usual when he is in front of Claudia. The smile on his mouth is much more deliberate than usual. She is not sure about his eyes, the look in his eyes are much different than how he looks at Violette. Although, he doesn’t say anything, Violette is sure that he doesn’t want to stay in Claudia’s presence.
The most important thing is that Claudia’s impression towards Yulan is not good, and he does not have a good impression of Violette either. The fact that Claudia is waiting for the two of them seems very strange to her.

“I originally promised to help you in your studies.”

 Promise……, an important promise asked by Yulan.

“Marijune’s participation is what that Violette asked me to do, so …… I’ve taught her the basics, and I think that should be enough for her.”

 It was a flat explanation, with no special emotion. She has a smile that reminds us of her innocence, and people like Marijune just because of that. Violette now thinks that this is a wonderful advantage that comes from her atmosphere and personality.
It used to be an element that Violette hated more than anything else, but now she is willing to let that advantage grow to its fullest.

 She had thought that Claudia was also attracted to Marijune because of these advantages.

(Because they just met, ……? But even before, it was almost love at first sight.)

 Claudia chose her, not Violette…… and it may not be such a big deal, but it is a very shocking event for Violette.
 In her previous life, Claudia had tended to be a bit narrow-minded. It was because of her own awful behaviour toward Marijune, but she could also be said to be the type that is easily controlled by a single emotion.

 I used to hate her, hate her, hate her, and I really, really, really wanted her to die.

 One of the reasons for this hatred was Claudia’s unconditional love for Marijune.

Claudia hated Violette because of her hate for Marijune. Violette, wanting to win his heart, further increased her hatred for him.
 In such vicious circle, she couldn’t even touch Claudia’s heart after all.


“Violette ……? If you prefer Mira, I’ll go and inform him now.”

“No, no, no, I prefer ……! No, no, Its okay with you…… Claudia-sama.”

“……, that’s fine.”

 The fact that he chosed Violette and not Marijune is astonishing. Although Claudia’s behaviour is puzzling, whether this is because his feelings for Marijune have not still developed or because of his promise to Yulan, she does not know, but it is a moment that will last long in her memory.
If that is the case, Violette would like to take advantage of it just for now. After all, Claudia is good at teaching, and she is a smart person to begin with, so she can answer questions quickly.
It is certain that Mirania is also excellent, but if Claudia can teach her, she doesn’t feel the need to replace .

“Well, let’s get started. Where did you and Mira get to?”

“Ah, yes. ……”

 Violette walked past Yulan and take the seat she had been sitting in before the break. The arrangement is almost the same as when she left, and her notebooks, writing materials and her textbook are still at the same place.

“I finished up to this point before the break”.

“Then we’ll continue with this …… Did you have any problems understanding it?”

“No, I don’t think so, since Mirania-sama explained it to me.”

“Isn’t his explanation a bit too much to understand?”

“Is that so? I found it very easy to understand.”

 Yulan stares at them as they continue their natural conversation. Violette, whose back is turned, doesn’t notice, but Claudia, who is facing him, looks up and immediately sees the figure.
He glanced at the motionless figure with his eyes to stare at him before averting them.

He looks at Violette and says, “Yeah. …………?”

  There was no way Yulan would be friendly to Claudia, who was talking to Violette. In fact, there was an expression on his face that was far from favorable. The thing that is happening is nothing he had expected.

“Violet,” he said, “can you move away a little please? I can’t sit down.”

“Oh, I’m sorry.”

“I’m taking up all the space, so I’m sorry too.”

“No, Yulan’s a big boy. It’s okay.”

 Yulan is smiling, the kind of smile that most people like to see. Violette also has a much more comfortable expression on her face than when she is talking to Claudia.
 It is a relationship that Claudia knows well. The familiar banter between them is something that is often seen not only on campus, but also in social situations.
Yulan’s appearance is the same as usual. For a moment, he thought he had mistaken his previous unfriendly gaze at him. Though he was smiling so happily, Claudia feels like his smile is a little fake.

No, It is not his mistake. It’s not just his imagination. Just a moment ago, this man was…

 He looked as if he were about to cry, like a lost, wandering child.

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