61. Constant supply of affection

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“…… hmm?”

 Apology, the feeling of apologizing for something. She knows why she wants to apologize, but Yulan has no idea what she is talking about.

 From the way she’s hesitating to say it, it seems that Violette herself is not thinking straight. Her gaze wanders around, her clenched fist and biting lips. This is unusual for her, who rarely loses her resolute attitude.

“Well, …… Why are you apologizing for?’

“I mean, …….”

 Unable to explain well, Violette regretted her statement the moment it left her mouth.

 What Violette wanted to apologize for was about Marijune joining the study session …… and also, her father’s comments the other day.

 What she felt that day was anger. She was angry that father wanted her to help Marijune to join the study session, even though it was Yulan who planned for her.

 Knowing the relationship between Yulan and Claudia, it is easy to imagine how uncomfortable Yulan must feel. No matter how much it was for Violette, there must have been a lot of conflict between them for him to ask Claudia for a favor. That is why she was happy and wanted to reward him for his thought.

 Violette wondered if that man would think Yulan’s feelings and Violette’s gratitude as nothing but childish emotion, and scorned them without a shred of consideration.

 She could have kept her mouth shut if he had said those words to me, but she couldn’t forgive him entirely. She felt as if he had disrespected not only herself, but also Yulan.

 The anger she felt at that time transformed into guilt in front of Yulan.

 Violette wanted to apologize. She wanted to apologize for making her father say those things, for involving him in my position with her sister, and for trampling on his heart.

 She wanted to apologize for her father’s rudeness, for not taking any responsibility for her words.

 But as soon as she said it, she regretted her lack of thought.

“Well, …… about Marijune, the thing is …….”

“Oh, ……, it’s okay. I’m not the one teaching her.”

“Oh, yeah. ……, right. …….”

 That’s what Yulan would say. It’s the answer she had imagined, but as long as Violette doesn’t apologize properly, she can’t be satisfied with it.

 Without thinking, she put her own guilt first, but Yulan has no business knowing what her father said in the first place. She assumes that her father’s words were 100% parental love and good intentions for Marijune. In fact, her father’s command were based on his overprotective love for Marijune, and his arrogance is such that he is unwilling to agree with others in order to do so.

 If Violette does not tell him, Yulan would know nothing about it. There is no need to go to the trouble of telling him and making him feel uncomfortable.

 It was too late for Violette to take back what she said, but fortunately, even though he had noticed something was wrong with Violette, he didn’t say anything.

 If she misrepresented it, he would surely not know about it.

“If it’s okay with Yulan, it’s fine. I’m just a little concerned about the sudden addition of people.”

 Violette wondered if she was smiling well. The corners of her mouth are up, but she can feel herself that it is far from a smile. Violette bowed her head down as much as possible so that Yulan could not see his expression completely. She is afraid that if Yulan just peeks through the gap in her bangs, her awkward smile would be seen.

“I’m sorry to keep you at waiting……. We should get back soon or we’ll end up taking a break too long.”

 How long had it been since they left the salon? If the leave their seat for a long time, the study session will be a waste of time. If Marijune suddenly started worry about her, she can imagine what kind of troublesome flags that kind half-sister will raise …….

 The most important thing to remember is that the best way to get the most out of her home is to be a good sister to Marijune.

Besides, she is not sure what to say more.

 Violette’s hand, which was about to move away, was held back by a warm hand that was one size larger than her own. The back of her head, which was bowed down, was touched by something hard but warm.

 The back of her head was pulled back by a light force, and before she could stumble forward something solid yet warm touched her head. A voice came to her above her head before she could look up.

“It’s okay ……, I’m fine.”


 The feeling is not like being hugged. Not with arms around herr waist, not pulling her close, not holding herr whole body close. It’s like he’s holding on to her but not at the same time.

 Just a slight touch. Just a slight exchange of body heat.

“I’m a lot thick-skinned than you think, Vio-chan. I’m a lot more unscathed than you think.”

 The young Yulan, who was once wounded by others, is no longer here. Since the day Violette saved him, Yulan’s heart has become much stronger. It is true that he was spoiled by Violette, who loved him like a little brother, but on the other hand, he has become brazen enough to be spoiled without thinking about the eyes of those around him.

 He doesn’t care about the impressions of the people around him or what they say.

 As long as Violette is okay with it, as long as she forgives him, as long as she accepts him, it doesn’t matter. Everything else doesn’t matter.

“I’m fine. Thanks for worrying about me.”

 Yulan didn’t have any clue about what Violette was thinking or worrying about. In fact, he had a hunch but he is not sure.

 The only thing he understood was that she felt some kind of guilt about her half-sister being here.

 Violette doesn’t have to worry about anything. She didn’t have to think about it. To Yulan, Marijune is as worthless as a pebble on the side of the road.

 Although he has a radical way of thinking that makes him want to erase even a piece of stone where Violette is walking, Yulan has no interest or concern for Marijune when Violette is removed from the road. Today, thanks to Marijune’s company, he does not have to face the situation of Violette and Claudia talking to each other while leaving him behind.

Marijune was just a tool for Violette. To Yulan, Violette doesn’t need to worry about her half-sister as long as he is with her. 

 Yulan huggedd her shoulder and returned to his place after he is done. He pulled his hand from her wrist and stood next to her without looking at her face, and they started walking without any prompting. They both walked at the same pace.

“……Yuran is strong, I know.”

“Well, I don’t know,…… I think I’m probably ten times more strong than Vio-chan thinks I’m.”

“Of course, you are thick-skinned enough not to feel bothered by the prince.”

“Why are you bringing him in?”

“I’m grateful, but it’s also true that it I was worried that you would feel uncomfortable.”

“I’m not sorry for worrying you, Vio-chan. ……”

“Why are you saying sorry?”

 The conversation between them is light and usual. The actuality that there is a trace of the closeness that was there earlier in the day is probably because of the relationship between the two. Violette receives without question what Yuran gives her.

 That’s fine. Nothing needs to change. The affection that Yuran pours into Violette is special and only for her, anyway.

 But even so, the anger and guilt that had been nestled in Violette’s heart had certainly faded.

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