60. The Shen Temple

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After school that day, Violette properly told Claudia and the others about Marijune joining their study session and received their approval.

If could could, she would have turned her father’s proposition down without asking Claudia and the others. But doing so would only have given him a reason to scold me, as well as create an awkward atomsphere at breakfast. And even though his father had made the decision on his own, to him, the only thing he would be aware of was the fact that Violette had made a mistake by not fulfilling her promise. So, the option of their refusing them did not exist in the first place.

Of course, if Claudia showed even the slightest sign of hesitation, she would have withdraw. But her father would disapprove, and it was too late for that. She had to be prepared for the lectures and complaints, but since she was the one who had brought this on herself in the first place, she was going to take it in bravely.

Fortunately, Claudia and the others were willing to accept it,……, but that’s a contradiction in terms of situation. If she refused, there was still trouble, but if she accepted, that would mean she would have to study with Marijune. Violette is afraid that she has to be accustomed to the fact that there is no benefit to her either way.

“Vio-chan, aren’t you tired? Let’s take a break.”

“I’m fine. I’m just getting started. …… Thanks.”

Perhaps because Claudia and Marijune are talking amicably in front of him, Yulan has been fidgeting anxiously ever since a few minutes ago.

Violette knows it’s for her own good to stay away from Claudia and Marijune. If she had been the person in the past, she would have at least yelled at Marijune for talking to Claudia and would have pulled them apart by standing in the middle.

Now that she knows what’s going to happen in the future, she knows the mistake of strangling herself with such a thoughtless action. Perhaps because her feelings for Claudia have changed, she doesn’t feel an ounce of jealousy.

“Excuse me, Mirania-sama. Is this correct?”

“Hmm? Which one …… ? ah, yes. It’s okay, it’s all right.”

“Thank you.”

Thanks to Milania’s presence, Violette doesn’t have to talk to Claudia for study questions at all. Of course, Claudia’s education quality is higher than Mirania in terms of ability, but Violette herself is also quite talented in her own way. Although she is branded as incompetent because of the presence of Marijune, who is a genius, she can still be considered as a smart girl.

After studying for a while Violette said, “I’m tired.”

“Yeah, …….”

“Let’s go get some fresh air, huh?”

“……I guess we don’t have a choice.”

“Ok. Let’s go.”

“What about you, Mira?

“I’m not going ……. I’ll tell Claudia and the others.”

All of them are in the same room, but Claudia and Marijune are so focused on their discussion that they don’t seem to have heard what the rest of them had said.

Like Claudia, Marijune is also a genius. Although they are different in age, they are able to exchange constructive opinions, like when talented people get together. It is an irrefutable fact that Violette is inferior to Marijune.

“Thank you ……. Let’s go, Violette.”

“Yeah, yeah. ……”

Violette is not sure what to expect, but she is sure she will be able to find something that will help her.

Studying in the same room as Marijune somehow took some of the strength from her shoulders. Whenever she is in the same space as MaryJean, she can’t help but be reminded of the scenery of the dinner table, and her feelings would sink. For Violette, Marijune reminds her of her father. She feels as if her father’s love always surrounds Marijune, even though it’s Violette who looks more like him.

“Oh my God,……, the rain is falling hard.”

 Violette looks at the sky from the outer corridor across the courtyard. The sky is darker than the black of night and gray, a shadow of the blue of clear skies could be seen behind them. The drops of rain that fall on the sky makes her vision hazy. Although she would normally be able to see far ahead, because the sky is now filled with grey clouds, the ground became blurry to see.

Violette thinks the sky looks like her hair.

She hates a cloudy and rainy day. It overlaps with the existence of her, Violette.

Rain, cloudy weather, she hates it.

But it’s a blessing in disguise.

Violette looks at the Yulan who is watching the rain falling with a fascination expression on his face. He smiled and caught a drop of rain in the palm of his hand. He didn’t seem to mind the rain slipping through the roof and soaking his bangs, and his childlike smile even looked like he was enjoying himself.

“Yulan, you like the rain, don’t you?

“Well, I haven’t thought about it,…… but I do like the slightly dark sky, the sounds and smells of a rainy day. I feel like the world is being washed away and made brand new. …… I hope we can see a rainbow together.”

Yulan is just talking about the rain. The reason why it sounds as if she is being affirmed is because Violette herself wants it to be so.

Is it because he is smiling so kindly that it makes her want to dream like that?

It doesn’t look like it’s going to rain for long.

“That makes me happy because it’s like we’re the only two people in the world.”

The sound of the pouring rain blocks out the distant sounds, and all Violette can hear is Yulan’s breathing next to her. There must be a lot of people still left in this large school building, but the rain makes the sounds disappear.

Only two people in the world is …… exactly what it sounds like.

A world where there is no one, not a single person to deny Violette. A world where only Yulan stands by her side. But still they would surely be very comfortable

But it is only a world for Violette.

It’s just too boring for her to be alone with him.

Yulan wonders if his feelings exist in a world where only Violette is at ease. Is this not a world where Yulan is sacrificed just to make herself feel at ease?

The hair on her downcast face is the color of the cloudy sky, the same as the world from his view. A small hand removes the hair that is darker in dark places and duller in bright places.

The feeling of loving her tickles his heart, as if he could see the sun if he just opens his eyes.

Yulan feels he is the happiest man in the world.

His eyes turned into half mooned shaped as he smiles happily. The smile was more beautiful and soft than the most prettier flower in the world, and it was the first time Violette had seen this side of Yulan.

The way he showed his happiness was both childlike and silly. He is like a child that knows dreams that cannot be grasped and at the same time knows enough about reality to be able to separate the ungraspable from the graspable.

Two people alone in the world is a dream that will never come true. It’s just an assumption, a wish that can never be true.

And yet, for Yulan, it is the most idealistic wish..

Her eyes, like rainwater that had fall on a leaf, widened in surprise. Perhaps because Yulan’s statement was so unexpected, she seemed to be unable to grasp the many meanings contained within it.

Her eyes were open wide in surprise, perhaps because she was so taken aback by Yulan’s comment.

He is trying to change his view on Violette, little by little. The end point is set, and for now, he would still act as a younger brother for her. But if he sticks to that, when the time comes, Violette will no longer accept Yulan’s heart how he wants.

He would mix his feelings of a man with those of a brother, little by little. A scheme that will not be noticed by Violette, a scheme that will be forgotten, leaving only a little discomfort.

He will pile it up and fill Violette’s heart.

And one day, when everything is ready. Yulan hopes that the thoughts in his heart, which have been piling up, will be running through Violette’s mind, too.

But, it is not that time yet.

Well, that happiness for now will dissolve when they would return to the salon.

The tone of voice is lightened and the facial expression is intentionally changed.

He pulls the hand that has been stretched upward. For Yulan, who is tall and long-legged, even furniture that is easy for the masses to use can feel a little cramped. He was not aware that he was growing rather fast, but the muscles in his body were more stiff than he thought.

“We should go back.,” he said. “I think you are going to catch a cold if we stay here too long.”

“Oh, ……, yeah, right.”

“But……I don’t want to go back yet? Should we go to the library or something?”

The first thing Yulan is worried about is Claudia and Marijune, who was with her. He is not sure if it is the pain of seeing them or Marijune alone, but if Violette still does not want to go back, Yulan knows what he has to do.

Here, the rain and wind can be a problem, but indoors there is nothing to worry about.

“Wrong, ……it’s wrong, ugh, not like that …….”


The library, the one closest to here and preferably farther from the student council chambers…… was interrupted by a voice that sounded somewhat impatient. Violette thought this might be the perfect moment. The perfect moment to show her gratitude towards Yulan who was always by her side and apologize for the mistakes she has done. She may never get another chance like this. So, she gathered her confidence and opens her mouth.

“Yulan…..I wanted to apologize to you….”


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