59. Too much protection is a hassle.

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“Claudia-sama, how can I help you here?”

“Oh, there’s…”

 The two of them are talking in a friendly manner with each other, and they look so comfortable with each other. Seeing two good looking people talking with themselves seems so romantic. Because of their good looks, the scene looks like a prince and princess cuddling together in a fairy tale.

 For Violette, it is a scene she is already familiar with.

x x x x x x x x x x x x x

 It goes back to the morning before.

It was the same family reunion as usual, with only one person left behind. All of their senses were devoted to enjoying a delicious breakfast, leaving Violette like an abandoned kitten.

“By the way sister, is it true that you have study sessions after school?”

“……, yeah, well…”

The risotto she was about to swallow seemed to stuck on her windpipe when she was suddenly asked. Swallowing the risotto without chewing is not a problem for Violette. But the fact that Marijune is talking to her is probably what is upsettling her.

More than that, the is problem what she asked.

Marijune keeps talking seemingly unaware of Violette’s state of mind, “I’ve been studying in the library since I found out there was a test, but I’ve never seen you there sister. So I was wondering how were you doing and asked some of your classmates. Then, I heard a rumor the other day that sister was studying with Yulan, Prince Claudia and the others.”

“So, that’s what it was. ……”

Violette’s body turned cold and her sense of taste was lost instantly. She is sure her father would interfere in this matter saying he doesn’t like her meddling with the prince. He has always been against her decision and unwilling to accept her efforts. She have often wished she could cover her ears and stop those scornful words entering her mind, but she have never been able to do so.

The fact that she and the others are the subject of rumors was not particularly surprising.

Claudia was originally the center of attention at the school, and Violette is also a prominent figure. And the fact that Violette adores Claudia is also well known.

These two alone are conspicuous, and when Yulan, who normally would not be able to get along with Claudia, is added to the group, the imagination of …… onlookers will be greatly stimulated.

So, it’s not surprising if Marijune heard any rumors about them.

Not surprising, but …… she didn’t want to be talked about here and now.

“It’s fun to study with friends! We can teach each other what we don’t understand, and we can also chat during breaks!”

There was nothing personal what Marijune meant with those words. She just said it because she had heard rumors and thought it sounded really fun.

There was no greed or envy in her words. Her purity, which she grew up with like living in an enclosed garden, have said what she wanted because she thought it was good. She just speaks about her opinion without thinking that people may misunderstand her in a wrong way.

So Violette knows that when Marijune asked her about the study session, she did not meant about studying with them together or wanting to be a part of it. She meant that it sounds fun to her to study together with the friends.

What she didn’t know is that there are those who are willing to give her more protection and help than she wants.

“Marijune should join you today”.

“What? ……?”

“I’m sure you’ll make more progress if you were at home alone at your desk rather than studying together with friends. Prince Claudia is an excellent person, and you should ask him to help your sister.”

 …… Honestly, it was as Violette expected. She can clearly imagine without thinking what her overprotective and blind father would do based on Marijune’s statement.

Her father’s gaze on Marijune, who tilted her head in puzzlement, was soft and simply full of love. If people sees this part of him, they might think he is a good father who loves his daughter.

Except for one thing: he didn’t have anyone’s approval for everything he said.

“This is Marijune’s first test. You are her sister, but don’t want to help her?”

The eyes full of love that had been directed at Marijune turned to contempt and pierced through when it landed on Violette.

The world is so unfair that it is almost refreshing to see Violette is the only one who can’t tolerate being benefited in any way. When it comes to work, her father can be wise and objective, but when it comes to his family …… his wife and daughter Marijune, he becomes someone who takes decision on impulse. She has no doubt that they are the center of his world.

He doesn’t even try to hide the thought that Violette deserves to be sacrificed for Marijune’s happiness.

“Hasn’t I told you before that you need to let go of your selfish mentality?”

“……, yes.”

 Violette wonders if he said it. She doesn’t know if he did or not but she feels like she was told to give everything she has to Marijune.

She couldn’t help but clench her fist. Her veins could be seen on the back of her hand considering how tightly she was holding them. There was a feeling of something breaking off, but she didn’t care about that.

She felt as if the food she had just eaten would come out of her mouth. The nausea from the discomfort would probably make it impossible for her to eat any more. She felt bad about leaving the food that Marin and the others had prepared for her, but she didn’t have time to worry about that now.

“I’ll talk to Claudia-sama and the others.”

Even if he refuses to heed her reasoning, this man will not realize how unreasonable he is. He is good at finding reasons to make Violette look bad, but he doesn’t realize how selfish his actions are.

So he nodded and said, “Do it today.”

The man who looked down at Violette like that must have been tired of Violette’s presence. The mere fact that it would be good for Marijune makes him feel righteous.

What a conceited man.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t do it today.”

“…… what?”

The gaze that had once left her once again fell on Violette. Violette simply stared at him with cold eyes. Her disdain towards him faded and irritation thickened instead.

“I can’t just judge on my own,” Violette said. “I have to talk to the members who are studying with me and get their approval, …… because I can’t be the only one who thinks it’s a good idea.”

Just as it is rude to cancel a meeting without notice, it also rude to add a member to your group without prior notice. How can someone say that it is good to add a member but not speaking with them? It is said that the bigger, the better. But the difference is that a big group could also be considered bad if there is no harmony between the members.

Above all, since it’s a study group, it is not for Violette alone. It would be rude to neglect the things that should be shared and discussed in a single gathering.

The most important thing to remember is that the person who is making the decision is not the one who is in charge of the decision. ……


“I’m sorry, I’m not feeling well. I’ll excuse myself.”

 Violette felt her irritation turned to anger, schorching on her skin and so, she stood up before it swelled up and burst. Instead of greeting him, she just reported that she was leaving and turned away.

The behaviour could also be translated as- I’m not interested.

 She is not interested in the rest of what he had to say, because there is no way she can understand it, no matter what the counterargument is.

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