I Swear I Won’t Bother You Again! – Chapter 52

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52. The scales tipping in one direction

He is a nice young man with a gentle, kind and soft smile.

There’s many people that have that impression of Yulan. Even Mirania, who knows Yulan inside and out, is sometimes fooled by his good natured smile.

Surely, without being in the position of Claudia’s best friend, Mirania would have never been aware of Yulan’s true nature.

Yulan’s expressionless face says he is in a bad mood. But he could mask it up so well that no one could tell a thing.

Mirania thinks of the days when Yulan was a bit more self-restrained. Although they aren’t considered friend, they can still be considered as acquaintances. Mirania has always seen Yulan behaving with people naturally. But it was around the time when Yulan was moving up to middle school.

It’s seems his emotions has gotten pretty messy……

“What is it? Can’t you stop spacing out and walk quickly?”

“You don’t want to go with me, do you?”

Mirania couldn’t interfere with Yulan and Claudia’s relationship. He can understand Yulan’s tough attitude towards him, Claudia’s friend. But he still wouldn’t do anything to ease the tension between them. If Claudia himself isn’t concerned about it, there is nothing those around him can do.

Above all, Yulan would not screw up in such a way that people around him would be aware of it. Even if Mirania and Gia, Yulan’s friend did find out about it, it wouldn’t create any problem for him. Yulan knows that Mirania and the others would not interfere in his personal life. As evidence, only a handful of people are aware of Yulan’s “dislike” of Claudia. The relationship itself is a well-known fact. So seeing them together is somewhat awkward, but that’s all about it.

They do not imagine that their thoughts and reality are actually divided by an abyss-like gulf.

“What good will it do to you if you behave nicely to Vio-chan?”

The question is more than doubtful. Yulan’s gaze towards Mirania was cold and almost icy, as if he is looking at mere trash or pests, not a human being. The look in his eyes was filled with contempt.

Yulan’s questioning gaze and icy glare looks more intimidating because of their height difference. The air is filled with murderous intent. If someone else was in the presence of Yulan right now other than Mirania, they might have been unable to speak without a shiver running down their spine and their back filled with cold sweats.

But for Mirania, it’s a level that can be handled with a wry smile. It was not because of the power of Yulan’s words or his threatening gaze, but because they were so like him.

“You are worried about Miss Violette again…you really haven’t changed.”

Normally, the most important thing for Yulan would be whether or not interacting with Claudia and Mirania would benefit him. But when it comes to Violette’s benefit, he can endure their presence even if he is displeased with them. Yulan’s top priority has always been Violette and it has not changed at all since the first time they have met.

In fact, Yulan would respond anyone with a gentle and kind smile. Even if the person is worthless or less than worthless in his eyes, as long as it benefits Violette by a small percent he would endure them. Nothing is more important than Violette in his eyes.

Perhaps the mention of Violette’s name touched a nerve because his already blackened face turns even more black.

Although it’s just her name, Mirania is sure that if he said anything bad about Violette, he will be reduced to dust, not even his bone will be spared from Yulan’s wrath. But surprisingly, Yulan doesn’t say anything to refute him. Maybe Yulan is aware of what is Mirania trying to imply. Yulan is not very forgiving person. But if the person who badmouthed Violette repents and doesn’t spared any rumours about her, he could forgive them. As long as Violette doesn’t hear anything about it, they would be spared. But if it reaches Violette’s ear and she becomes upset, that person would be unforgivable in Yulan’s eyes, no matter how noble-birthed they are.

“I’ll go back first if you just want to continue chatting. I came with you because Vio-chan told me to. But if you don’t want my help, I don’t have any obligation to help you either.”

The thoroughness of his statement is almost refreshing.

It reaffirms how important Violette is to Yulan. Mirania could understand him fully and that’s why he has a question that’s been bugging him.

“If you are so worried about her, then why did you let her get close to Claudia? Isn’t she so important to you? I don’t think you had any affection or trust for Claudia at all.”

Mirania choosed his words quite carefully, but his words implies Yulan’s dislike towards Claudia. Because as long as Mirania knows, Yulan hated Claudia very much. His hatred towards Claudia must be beyond loathing.

What kind of a stupid would he be if he brings Violette, whom he loves so dearly and devotes himself to, close to someone he hates?

Mirania can’t believe that Yulan would act in such a way to bring someone he cares about close to someone he hates, an act that is so out of character for Yulan, whose love for Violette has never been swept away.

“It doesn’t matter.”

Yulan’s answer implies that there is no point in explaining it to Mirania at all. He is not willing to explain to him either.

“It’s much more important to relieve Vio-chan’s worries than what or who I like or dislike.”

Yulan’s top priority has always been Violette. Violette’s likes and dislikes matters much more to him than his interests over his own feelings. There is nothing in Yulan’s world that weighs more heavily than Violette.

It is true that Yulan’s feelings for Claudia are complex and bizarre, but so what? They are no different than any other person in Violette’s presence.

“The reason I came to him was to prepare for Vio-chan’s test, and he was the most suitable person. No other reason is necessary.”

Milania’s eyes widens before he nods slowly. He gives Yulan a gaze that seems to say, ‘I understand’. They resume walking. It must be Mirania’s imagination but Yulan’s footsteps seems to have quickened.

When Yulan turned his back on him and left him behind, Mirania exhaled a breath that he didn’t know was holding and relax his shoulders unconsciously. How can he express his inner feelings of dismay and panic for the magnitude of the situation? Everything is so complicated and bizzare, is all he can say.

But Mirania never noticed that Yulan’s lips have moved as he walked ahead of him.

“I’m not going to make the mistake of giving her up to him ever.”

The voice, filled with extreme determination and possessiveness was low. It danced in the air and scattered on the ground, out of earshot of anyone.

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