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Almadianos Eiyuuden Light Novel Bahasa Indonesia

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I never imagined that I would one day write a review for this novel, but here I am! So anyway I am going to focus on the following elements in my review based on my reading from chapter 1 to the latest chapter released by the translator.

    1. The storyline
    2. World building
    3. The premise of the story
    4. Characters

The storyline is not really clear at this point since we are at the early stages of narration; there is not that much progress yet in terms of events or any indication of how future events will unfold. Yet, although vague, a general direction of the story can be glimpsed if the prologue is considered.
The world building does not receive much focus as this point; the events of the story appropriately lead the world building.
The premise of the story is unconventional, since from the first glance the MC of the story may strike one as

overpowered, but later in the story, this

proves to be much of a curse than a blessing.
The characters are a bit plain and typical since there personalities are not much developed at this point in the story. There is, however, much to wait for concerning character development since no more than 25 chapters are released so far.
The upshot is that the story is interesting and looks promising, and there are many things to look forward to considering the events and the developments so far.
So I recommend giving this a shot.

Table of Content

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