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A Rose Dedicated to You Light Novel Bahasa Indonesia

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Her conversation with the ML:

“I want you to say it again. I want you to tell me. You―――”

“Love you. I love you, ” I said without letting him finish his sentence, and he hugged me so tight that I couldn’t breathe.

He pressed his lips against my cheeks and kissed the tears that flowed down my cheeks.

“Let’s go home, Ophelia, ” Orpheus’s voice was so calm that I wanted to leave everything to him and immerse myself in his hug.

“Let’s go home together and start over from the beginning. We’ve solved our misunderstandings. I’m sure it’ll go well this time.”

If I nod now then we’ll probably be able to return to the starting point. We can hold hands and live happily ever after.

――― But is that fine?

“I… can’t.”

“….. Why?”

I twisted my body and tried to get out of his hug, but he held on tighter and pressed a hand against my back.

I pushed his arm away and tried to get away, but his thin body didn’t yield.

“I’ve… hurt you. I was a nuisance to a lot of people and sullied the Rosenstein House’s honour. You know this, don’t you? What people say about me in high society.”

“Then just don’t go out in public. You just have to stay in the mansion. I’ll give you whatever you want, and if you’re bored, then I’ll get people to talk to you. You can continue your friendship with His Highness Claudias. I’ll protect you.”

“That’s not the problem. That way is useless. No one will agree.”

I can’t act innocent and be protected by Orpheus. I’m not allowed to do that.

“Only you and I need to agree.”

“That’s no good. I have to make amends.”


Table of Content

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