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86 Light Novel Bahasa Indonesia

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“If used over a long time, who knows the effect it will have… one or two Eighty Sixers dead won’t matter, but what will happen if something bad happens to you?”
Lena instinctively gave a displeased look. She knew Arnett was simply worried about her, but she could not help herself.
“Don’t do that… that’s sleazy of you.”
Arnett finally waved her hand impatiently.
“Okay okay. You’re a curious one.”
An awkward silence soon filled both sides of the glass wall.
Suddenly, Arnett gave a smile, as though to purge the silence.
“Speaking of curiosity, Lena, want some Chiffon cake? Something new I made from eggs.”

What??? What’s sleazy? Why wave your hand impatiently? Why the awkward silence? What does curiosity have to do with cake? Lost in translation… WTF.


Table of Content

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