29-Years-Old Bachelor Was… Brought to a Different World to Live Freely Light Novel Bahasa Indonesia | Cyborg-tl

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29-Years-Old Bachelor Was… Brought to a Different World to Live Freely Light Novel Bahasa Indonesia

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omfg, this is appalling tr*sh! If I could give this novel a negative five, I would! On the very first day, the chick colludes with the inn employees, drugs MC and r*pes him. After he wakes up, and this is literally in the f*cking novel, he says it’s pointless to be angry, she is super cute and his type, he doesn’t mind to be her puppet and marries her almost on the spot. And he keeps staying at that inn, where people schemed against him, without minding anything. And later we find out that it was the same f*cking god that summoned MC got this girl to drug him and r*pe him. The god says she a good girl and it took him a while to convince her. Yes, because only good people get others drugged and r*ped. If I was summoned to this damn world and was told I can be a hero or a villain or whatever I wanna be, I would go ahead and destroy everything, because why the heck not if everyone in there is a damn insane criminal, including the gods.

Then, in just a few chapters like a total moron, he exposes himself as an OP hero and then runs away from the city. The kingdom sent 30 assassins after him, who are then killed by MC, except for one chick, who MC tortures and brutally r*pes for information. Right after this, he goes right back to the city where he escaped from, meets with the king and starts f*cking work for the king who tried to kill him. And not only that, he saw the assassin chick in the s*ave shop and buys her because he feels responsible that he ruined her life. I cannot even make this sh*t up. Just what kind of mental patient wrote this novel?

And what happened next? The princess of the kingdom that tried to kill him tries to drug him and r*pe him, which he knowingly almost lets happen all the way through! And he goes and gets engaged with this princess right after that. And the first chick, who he married after she drugged and r*ped him got upset because just how is it possible for him to get engaged with a princess who almost drugged and r*ped him.

What the hell is this novel? This is MC is in the top 4 most s*upid MCs I’ve seen. All the while the s*upid sh*t happens, he doesn’t even do anything. This is the most pointless novel I’ve seen. The novels where MC just travels around or does random sh*t with seemingly no purpose have more plot than this novel. Not to mention, the atrocious translation that got way worse in later chapters. Every sentence is ungrammatical, spelling errors, all names are misspelled and usually written multiple ways in the same sentence. Hollly, shiit, this novel is so dumb..


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