Chapter 1 (part 2)

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This was something in Iris’s memory, which explains his current behavior, thinking of that I can’t help but get annoyed at his sentence.

I don’t want to get involved with this farce anymore.

Anyway, this is the part where Ed and his merry companions would try and vent their frustrations. The part where they justify her as the victim. If I don’t avoid that scenario, I won’t be able to escape being under house arrest… There’s already nothing left for me to do in this place.

The more important thing is whether or not I can avoid being imprisoned by the church… However, that has to be negotiated with Father. Once again, I repeat, there’s nothing left for me to do in this place.

“…From now onwards, I might not able to see you guys again, so I will take this opportunity to say goodbye. Thank you so far. I’m glad to know you and spend years in this school as a student. Farewell, everyone.”

I might not appear in a noble society in the future, so I will never return to this academy.

Therefore, I say goodbye.

“Iris, wait….!”

I leave with a good feeling, but Your Highness stopped me. He can’t read the atmosphere …why did i do it …… I wonder. How did “I” come to like this kind of man.

“Apologize to Yuri before you leave.” 

Seriously, for period of time, why on earth did I like this kind of man? Ah, I couldn’t stand it anymore… i think i’ve misheard it, but it seemed I heard something strange.

I, a daughter of a Duke, should apologize to a daughter of a Baron in front of everyone? I really want to question this out loud.

.. it’s not just my pride being trampled on that makes me angry.

I am a duke’s daughter, I am a part of the Ducal House.

My actions will have a great impact on the Ducal House and even the noble society.

In other words, my apology will be comparable to Ducal House bowing down to the Baron House. It has never happened before.

It does not only affect our House, but also the Houses of Marquises and Counts.

When a new aristocrat grows impudent, it is possible that a situation where the power balance of the aristocrats will collapse…

Ah, is his mind truly blinded by love?

Besides, you said that to your ex-fiancée? Please ask yourself and think carefully! 

… It seems that it is not just me, the students around me also have this kind of thought. The eyes of people who had been giving me a feeling as if i was sitting on pins and needles, are now starting to subside. I think they even sympathize with me. 

… I shouldn’t have missed this one. 

“… I won’t apologize. I act in accordance with my pride. Even if my end point is my destruction, I won’t distort myself.” 

I did those things mindfully, that is what I want to say.

“Miss Yuri, I wonder if you’re still going to continue to take everything from me? My fiance, my status …” 

At this moment, I tried to shed tears. With the mood of the tragic heroine. Oh, with the change of situation, pleasant feelings are directed towards me.

I was really a villain until a while ago, but now I am a victim.

“… However, the things that shape me into me belong only to me, and the pride in my heart is one of them. If I apologize, it will be the same as allowing myself to be trampled. Therefore, I will not apologize and I will not let you take away anything from me any further ” 

I said it decisively … Ah, it was so happy. 

I left that place with a refreshing feeling. 

It was only Ed’s expression was still dissatisfied, and the heroine at the center of the incident was surprised. 

After I left there, I went outside the academy. 

Although it might be a little odd, I entrusted my good younger brother to make preparations. As expected, he already contacted the house to have someone pick me up.

This is a luxurious carriage … The burgundy carriage with golden crest of the Duke Armelia, and i sat in alone. As for my luggage, the house will probably arrange for it to be brought back or disposed of.

So farewell school.

I will never come here again. 

According to the original story, besides being confined up and losing social status, there are also other results. Because my father wanted me to stay away from the school. 

Fuuh … I sighed. The farce was over. The story only reached up to this point. There is no outline for the future. 

And most importantly, I have to face-to-face meeting with my father who is equivalent to “Demon Lord”. Honestly, I feel more nervous than just now. 

As my mood grew heavier, the carriage slowly drove towards the Almeria residence in the capital.

Table of Content
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