Chapter 1 (part 1)

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…. it hurts.

The first thing she felt was pain. Just a moment ago, she was still in her shallow sleep, and it was the pain that awaken “me” and her consciousness… but it would be nice if “i” could wake up earlier.

She was thrown into the ground in front of many people, and there are several men who were holding her down. Event if it’s not her, as long it was a girl, anyone would start to struggle.”Maybe a prince riding a white horse will come down to save me….” but what kind of sweet dream was she dreaming about, this place was “place of her condemnation.”

She’s not the perpetrator, but she’s seen as the perpetrator, so she can’t do anything.

Well, let me explain a little bit about my existence. This is also to allow me to sort out my current situation.

My name is Iris. Iris Lana Armelia. The first child of a Duke, Duke Armelia of Tasmeria Kingdom, a blooming young lady who’s currently 16 years age. Her father is the prime minister, and her mother is the daughter of a general, her parents are from the top pedigree of civil and military officials. She’s a young noble lady, and in this Kingdom, her lineage only comes second to the Royal Family.

As for why I have been speaking in third person perspective… that is because “I” am a different person. To be precise, right now, Iris’ personality and “mine” have fused together.

Iris and “that thing”… the other half of “I”, an ordinary woman who used to used to work in a country called “Japan” before dying at the age of 30.

“I” worked enthusiastically, worked late that day, died unexpectedly at the end of work, and that personality and memory suddenly awakened because of the pain just while ago …

There are often situations in the story where the main character remembers her past life when she had a fever. But I don’t feel that way. “I” and “I” naturally merge together and come to the present … that’s it…….

Maybe it’s just because of the current situation that I don’t have any extra mental fever. Well, “I” and “I” have merge, and I think of one thing after looking back to my past…. isn’t this situation looks exactly the same as the game I was playing in my previous life?!

That time, I was busy working every day, so how could I have the time to fall in love? Although I was such a person before, I still want to experience the feeling of heartbeat, this is the so-called girly heart.

In this way, I was deeply fascinated with the so-called Otome game in my previous life. I remember that heartfelt feeling gave me great comfort during the break time and night …

Oh, no, no. That is not what I want to say …This world has the same scenes as the game I used to play.

The title of the game was “You are my Princess [Kimi wa boku no Princess],” KimiPri for short.

The story took place in a world similar to Medieval Europe, with the female protagonist being the daughter of a noble at the bottom of the ladder of aristocracy, a Baron, in a school where the children of the aristocracy — including the upper echelon — gathers, and a Cinderella story unfolds… or so to say, it was something common.

The capture targets were the second prince, the son of the head of the knights, the son of the prime minister, and the son of the pope of Darryl.They have ego-type, cool type, hot-blooded type, and mysterious-type. In this kind of story, they can be called role models.

Well, in this kind of story, of course, a villainess role also exist. Her job is to prevent heroin’s love, and bullying her.And that character is the fiancée of the Second Prince, Edward Tom Tasmeria, also the daughter of a Duke, in other words, me.

If the player character, the daughter of a Baron, chooses Edward as her target, his fiancée, in the pursuit of interfering with their relationship, is spiteful towards her.

However, even though she is a noblewoman, she is just a little girl … she didn’t use the influence of her parents, all she did was humiliate heroine and harassment at school.

When I played the game that time, I used to hate her as a villainess character.

During the ending of the route, she was convicted and expelled from her family, and imprisoned under the influence of the Church of Darryl. I suddenly felt sympathy toward her, and said, “There is no need to go that far…”Because if you think about it, Isn’t it obvious that heroine was seducing a man who already has a fiancee?….If you think about it with common sense, isn’t the heroin doing bad things here? Anyone would hate that kind of person.

However, in this situation no one will listen to me or companies that I can rely on. I’m in a state of isolation and helplessness.Now I’m in the the messroom of the academy.

In this all-accommodation school, you basically eat at a restaurant. As it is a restaurant used by noble children, it is of course luxuriously built.

There are high ceilings, and large windows that allow light to pass through are arranged at equal intervals on the wall.

Crystal lamps hang down from several vaulted ceiling pillars, illuminating the neatly arranged long tables.

As long as someone is an academy student, everyone will come here, and I come here to face the ending of the game.

The people in front of me are the heroine and her capture targets. Then, there were many people watching on me … No, the all students in this academi are watching.

Speaking of me, I was being suppressed by one of the heroine’s targets, making a posture of squatting on the ground. The tiled floor made me feel really cold. After all, Isn’t it common for an incarnated character to remember her past life when she was a child? As for now, no matter how hard I try, the situation is irreversible.

“Iris, about your various actions of bullying Yuri, if you want to explain, I will listen to it.”

Ed’s voice echoed throughout the room. His eyes glared down at me. As a prince from this kingdom and the main capture targets, he is certainly a handsome man. If it wasn’t for this situation, people would think so.

Having red hair and black pupils …parts of it that made him look attractive, but now those parts makes him even more intimidating, very scary.

I ignored his words and spoke to the man who held me down. The son of Knight Leader, Dorsen Katabelia, is really strong, and the place on my shoulder where he was touching hurts.

Dorsen ignored my words and instead strengthened his grip.He was dumb, so I didn’t expect an answer from him.

However, I really felt pain, so I strongly hope that he stops.

“It hurts. Let me go…. Druna-sama is the Leader of the Knight who protects the weak, but you as his son are trying to supress a weak girl like me. Is that acceptable?”

At this point, his body shook. That’s a common teaching in Knight. He relaxed for a moment, and I twisted my body and stood up beside him.

“Pffff… You’re a weak girl? Please stop telling such jokes.”

The one who laughed and said that was my brother Berne Tashi Armelia. His chocolate brown hair and sharp-eyed eyes are distinctive, looks very similar to our father.

Currently, he was glaring at me coldly, at his own sister, and the corner of his lips went up in ridicule…. It’s really annoying.

Nevertheless, even though this situation is so hopeless, I will not let myself fall without doing anything.

“…. I admit it. I did bully the daughter of Baron Noir, Yuri Noir. I admit it.”..

“You sure did admit it quite readily, didn’t you?”

“It is right. Because it’s obvious everyone here was watching it. I spare your time. Your Highness. You can call this my good intentions.”

“…Why di you bully her…!”

That sentence really makes me angry.

“.. are you seriously asking me “why”?”

The voice that came out of my mouth was a little colder than usual. The man who once made my heart flutter, Your Highness, instantly showed cowardice….Why did I ever like such a man like this? He was completely fixed on heroine, and his mind was completely under the control of love.

Table of Content
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